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-That's a real osmosis.Das ist eine echte Osmose. Ja... Riens du tout (1992)
Let's find osmosis.Suchen wir die OsmoseRiens du tout (1992)
It is a real osmosis.Ich, ich, ich, ich... Die OsmoseRiens du tout (1992)
We were in a state of osmosis.Es war, als ob wir durch eine Art von Osmose kommunizierten. The Jodorowsky Constellation (1994)
Just like reverse osmosis.Es istwiedieUmkehr-OsmoseTanguy (2001)
You resorting to the osmosis theory of learning?Wendest du die Regeln der Osmose aufs Lernen an? P.S. I Lo... (2001)
- By osmosis.- Durch OsmoseSkin Deep (2006)
I learn by osmosis.Ich lerne durch OsmoseThe Homecoming (2007)
- I find osmosis gives me a better buzz.- Ich finde, Osmose gibt mir mehr Kick. Forever Until Now (2007)
Ideas can be absorbed through osmosis.Ideen können durch Osmose aufgenommen werden. The Arrival (2008)
Don't mention osmosis.Und auch auf keinen Fall OsmoseDefinitely, Maybe (2008)
MRS. BOSWELL: Okay. Define osmosis.Also dann, was ist OsmoseThe Blind Side (2009)
The woman is incapable of relationships. Osmosis, perhaps.Zu Osmose vielleicht, aber nicht zu Beziehungen. Three Act Tragedy (2010)
TONY No worries, it just happens by osmosis, you know.Keine Sorge, das passiert einfach durch OsmoseSpider and the Fly (2010)
And to not having to watch Sheldon demonstrate his reverse osmosis machine that converts urine into drinking water.Und darauf, Sheldon nicht bei der Demonstration seiner Umkehrosmosemaschine zusehen zu müssen,... die Urin in Trinkwasser umwandelt. The Friendship Contraction (2012)
Get her off of me. I'm getting dumb through osmosis.Ich werde durch Osmose dumm. ClosetCon '13 (2013)
I don't have osmosis.Ich habe keine OsmoseClosetCon '13 (2013)
Are you familiar with desalinization through reverse osmosis?Sagt dir Entsalzung durch Umkehrosmose was? The Overnight (2015)
Surely just being around me makes you cleverer by osmosis?Schon meine Anwesenheit, müsste Sie durch Osmose klüger machen. Under the Lake (2015)
I don't know if that's an osmosis thing or if it's just a symbol of,Weiß nicht, ob das mit Osmose zu tun hat oder ein Symbol ist für: The T Word (2016)
Correct!-Korrekt. Was ist OsmoseChapter V (2017)
I filter the water using osmosis and boil it, so everything's reused.Das Wasser leite ich durch einen Osmosefilter, dann wird es aufgekocht. Alles ist recyclebar. Styx (2017)
And thus we see that the function of the respiratory system is to transmit oxygen into the bloodstream, which is called osmosis...Wir sehen also, dass die Atmung die Funktion hat, das Blut mit Sauerstoff zu versorgen. Dieser Vorgang heißt Osmose ... Horse Feathers (1932)
Well, Dr. Noymann says that it absorbs energy from the things it destroys, including humans, sort of a molecular osmosis.Nun, Dr. Noymann sagte, dass er Energie aufnimmt von den Dingen, die er zerstört, dazu zählen auch wir Menschen. Eine Art molekulare OsmoseThe Giant Claw (1957)
You will take our knowledge by osmosis, out of time.Du wirst unser Wissen durch Osmose außerhalb der Zeit gewinnen. Zardoz (1974)

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Osmose {f} [biol.]osmosis [Add to Longdo]
Umkehrosmose {f}reverse osmosis [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
浸透[しんとう, shintou] Infiltration, Osmose [Add to Longdo]

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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

  Osmose \Os"mose\ ([o^]z"m[=o]s), n. [Gr. ?, equiv. to ? impulse,
     fr. ? to push.] (Chemical Physics)
     (a) The tendency in fluids to mix, or become equably
         diffused, when in contact. Same as {osmosis}, which see.
         [1913 Webster +PJC]
     {Electric osmose}, or {Electric endosmose} (Elec.), the
        transportation of a liquid through a porous septum by the
        action of an electric current.
        [1913 Webster]

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

  osmosis \os*mo"sis\ ([o^]z*m[=o]"s[i^]s), n. [NL., fr. Gr.
     'wsmo`s, equiv. to 'w^sis impulse, fr. 'wqei^n to push.]
     (Chemical Physics)
     (a) The tendency in fluids to mix, or become equably
         diffused, when in contact. It was first observed between
         fluids of differing densities, and as taking place
         through a membrane or an intervening porous structure. An
         older term for the phenomenon was {Osmose}.
     Note: The more rapid flow from the thinner to the thicker
           fluid was then called {endosmosis} (formerly
           {endosmose}), and the opposite, slower current,
           {exosmosis} (formerly {exosmose}). Both are, however,
           results of the same force. Osmosis may be regarded as a
           form of molecular attraction, allied to that of
           adhesion. See also {osmotic pressure}.
     (b) The action produced by this tendency.
         [1913 Webster]

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