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English-Thai: NECTEC's Lexitron-2 Dictionary [with local updates]
office girl    [N] เด็กสาวที่จ้างให้ทำงานง่ายๆ ในสำนักงาน, See also: เด็กออฟฟิศ, Syn. errand runner

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
office girlAn office girl was robbed of the envelope containing 100,000 yen on her way back from the bank.
office girlShe looked down on the office girls she had worked with.
office girlShe works as an office girl/lady.

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
OG[オージー, o-ji-] (n) (1) (See OB) old girl; former female student; (2) office girl [Add to Longdo]
オフィスガール[, ofisuga-ru] (n) office girl [Add to Longdo]
給仕[きゅうじ, kyuuji] (n,vs) (1) waiting on a table; serving (at dinner); (n) (2) waiter; waitress; waitperson; server; cabin boy; bellboy; page; pageboy; (3) office boy; office girl [Add to Longdo]

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