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His name is Boothby.Er heißt BoothbyFinal Mission (1990)
The first week I was there, I went and met Boothby.In meiner ersten Woche dort suchte ich Boothby auf. The Game (1991)
How is old Boothby?Wie geht's dem alten BoothbyThe Game (1991)
Boothby said he caught you carving them into his prized elm tree.Boothby sagte, Sie ritzten das in seine prämierte Ulme. The Game (1991)
Boothby?BoothbyThe First Duty (1992)
Boothby?BoothbyThe First Duty (1992)
Yes, there is. I just wanted to, while I was here...Hören Sie, Boothby,... ..ich wollte Ihnen nur danken, da ich zufällig hier bin... The First Duty (1992)
Boothby, tell me some more about Nova Squadron.Boothby, erzählen Sie mir etwas über das Nova-Geschwader. The First Duty (1992)
Boothby. Boothby is the name.Ich heiße BoothbyIn the Flesh (1998)
That's Boothby.- Das ist BoothbyIn the Flesh (1998)
It's safe to assume this individual is not Boothby.Dieser Mann ist wohl nicht BoothbyIn the Flesh (1998)
She didn't think you were going to show up.- BoothbyIn the Flesh (1998)
You'll be fine. Thank you, Boothby.Danke, BoothbyIn the Flesh (1998)
Oh. So, what did Boothby say?Was hat Boothby dazu gesagt? In the Flesh (1998)
I was sparring with a Terrellian... and Boothby was there.Ich sparrte mit einem Terellianer. Boothby war da. The Fight (1999)
I looked over at Boothby...Ich blickte rüber zu BoothbyThe Fight (1999)
Boothby, where are you?- Boothby, wo bist du? The Fight (1999)

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