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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
频繁[pín fán, ㄆㄧㄣˊ ㄈㄢˊ, / ] frequently; often [Add to Longdo]

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And underestimates them.[CN] 她认为女性是弱者。 - 和看到他们频繁  ()
Stalking usually begins with a benign crush or a fixation, and it escalates into something that becomes more frequent.[CN] 跟踪通常始于一段温和的爱慕 或者迷恋 逐步升级成 一种更频繁的行为 Whatever Happened to Baby James? (2014)
We're seeing a lot of each other, Eli.[CN] 咱们见面很频繁啊,Eli The One Percent (2014)
And one name kept coming up.[CN] 有一个名字频繁出现 The Mystery of the Art Ace (2014)
We're just going to have you eat much more frequent meals throughout the day, get you some iron supplements.[CN] 我们只是要你 吃多了更频繁的饭菜 全天 让你 一些铁补充剂。 The Brittany Murphy Story (2014)
Since Simmons left, he's only getting worse, talking to himself more and more.[CN] 西门斯走后 他情况更严重 自言自语的愈发频繁 Heavy Is the Head (2014)
People get moved around a lot, and space is tight.[CN] 时刻在变 人员变动很频繁 地方很紧 Whatever Happened to Baby James? (2014)
It happens more times than you think.[CN] -比你想象得频繁多了 Love Hurts (2014)
Rock slides often start with small seismic shifts at ground level.[CN] 泥石流频繁启动 小地震位移在地电平。 Dominoes (2014)
You R.N.C. chairmen... you come and go so frequently, I can never remember your names, and so I make up cute nicknames for you.[CN] - 我怎么说你再这么叫我来着? 你们这些共和党全国委员主席 -- 你们来来去去太频繁 Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia (2014)
What that's done to you, how you've coped, the hotel rooms... your paranoia is understandable, but I'm worried it could become a problem.[CN] 你身上发生的 你所努力适应的 你频繁转换的旅馆 你的妄想是可以理解的 但我担心这可能成为一个问题 Dr. James Covington (No. 89) (2014)
But even more often, but even more often,[CN] 莎剧"李尔王"中的李尔王三女儿 戈达尔本人在1987年也执导过电影"李尔王 但甚至更为频繁地 但甚至更为频繁 Khan Khanne (2014)

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