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Nice seeing you again, Sa5m-the-5-is-silent.[CN] 期望很快能再见到你 萨姆 Bandslam (2009)
So, what's up with you and Sa5m?[CN] 那么 你跟萨姆怎么样了 Bandslam (2009)
I want back in, for starters.[CN] for starters. -萨姆 The End (2009)
Oh, Shia LaBeouf![CN] 希亚·拉博夫! (《变形金刚》系列电影中的小子,现实生活中 和男朋友安迪·萨姆伯格以性爱大胆著称) Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)
Commit everything I do and say to memory.[CN] 记住我教你的事情 然后去应付萨姆 Bandslam (2009)
Wait. Don't tell me you're the world-famous Sa5m-the-5-is-silent.[CN] 等等 别告诉我你就是有名的萨姆 Bandslam (2009)
Your father, Samson, was one of the three kids who murdered Victor Crowley.[CN] 你的父亲萨姆森 是那三个谋杀了维克多的孩子中的一个 Hatchet II (2010)
Samson?[CN] 萨姆森? Hatchet II (2010)
And, cut. That was a good one.[CN] 萨姆 停 这次的不错 This Is It (2009)
All right, best for last. Sa5m, Will?[CN] 好了 最后也是最好的 萨姆 威尔 向我们展示一下 Bandslam (2009)
- Where's Sam?[CN] -萨姆呢? Good God, Y'All (2009)
I've shown the journals to Father Simeon.[CN] 我给萨姆神父看了科学日志 Angels & Demons (2009)

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