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矽藻[xī zǎo, ㄒㄧ ㄗㄠˇ, ] diatom [Add to Longdo]

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If there aren't any diatoms, then we know the cause of death was something else.[CN] 如果没有矽藻 那说明死因是别的 Friday the 13th (2013)
I test the water for diatoms, and if we find diatoms in the bone marrow...[CN] 我得查水里有没有矽藻 如果骨髓里有矽藻... Friday the 13th (2013)
The warrant says they're searching for blood traces, a sledgehammer and diatomaceous earth.[CN] 搜查令上写他们在找血迹 一个长柄大锤和矽藻 Pilot (2005)
Cranial fragmentation suggests a 20-pound hammer striking four to five times while the victim's head rested on a cement floor containing traces of diatomaceous earth.[CN] 头盖骨的破碎意味着 是用一个20磅重的锤子 敲击了4到5次 而这时候受害人的头部 被放在含有矽藻土痕迹的 Pilot (2005)
He knows we're looking for diatomaceous earth![CN] 他知道我们正在找矽藻土! Pilot (2005)
Diatomaceous earth common or not, it's a clue.[CN] 矽藻土 -- 不管它常不常见 都是条线索 Pilot (2005)
Also, there's cement and diatomaceous earth.[CN] 很有可能是一把长柄大锤上面的 而且上面还找到了 水泥和含矽藻的泥土 Pilot (2005)
Cleo Eller was killed on a cement floor sprinkled with diatomaceous earth.[CN] Cleo Eller是在一块撒满了矽藻土 的水泥地板上被杀死的 Pilot (2005)
Yeah, but no blood, no diatomaceous earth.[CN] 是的, 可是没有血迹 也没有矽藻 Pilot (2005)
You said that diatomaceous earth could be used as a filtering agent.[CN] 你说过矽藻土 可以用来做过滤剂 Pilot (2005)
I'll check later. If the diatoms match, we know the person drowned.[CN] 那我等下检查 如果矽藻吻合 说明这人是溺死的 Friday the 13th (2013)

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