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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
流行歌[りゅうこうか, ryuukouka] (n) popular song; hit song; (P) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
What?[JA] 流行歌 Kin-dza-dza! (1986)
I don't even follow that top-of-the-pops shit, and I've heard of "True Blue."[CN] 我不常听流行歌曲排行榜 但是我听过"真实的忧郁" Reservoir Dogs (1992)
We weren't particularly interested in each other.[CN] 我猜玛丽安会认为我很自大 那时乔安正跟一个 流行歌手高调拍拖 Scenes from a Marriage (1973)
The pop-singer R has been missing since August 29th of this year.[CN] 流行歌星R于今年8月29日失踪 The Fan (1982)
I want to work in videos, but I want to be my own star in the video, because I want to be a pop singer, a rock singer, and write my own songs.[CN] 我想在影视公司上班 但是我想成为我自己影视公司的明星 因为我想做流行歌手 摇滚歌手 自己写歌自已演绎 Coming to America (1988)
It's not your fault. Your mother wants you to be a songwriter.[CN] 不是你的错 是你妈想让你写流行歌 Bye Bye Birdie (1963)
"Johnny Lake, pop singer. Mr. Pou-Pou." Now, who on earth is Mr. Pou-Pou?[CN] "约翰尼莱克,流行歌手 普普先生"普普先生究竟是谁? The V.I.P.s (1963)
- What's left?[CN] 还剩下什么了? 我还有什么? 韵律 (流行歌曲名)? Open Government (1980)
There were many popular songs... inspired by Leonard Zelig, tunes that swept the nation.[CN] 有許多流行歌曲... ...唱的都是倫納德·澤 Zelig (1983)
A musical show with the popular singing star EmanueIa...[CN] 一部流行歌星依曼纽的音乐秀... A musical show with the popular singing star EmanueIa... Loaf and Camouflage (1984)
Is Kabuki still in fashion?[CN] 现在还流行歌舞伎吗? {\cH00FFFF}{\3cH000000}Is Kabuki still in fashion? Nomad (1982)
Yοu like Taiwanese music?[CN] 你喜欢台湾的流行歌曲啊? The Wedding Banquet (1993)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
流行歌[りゅうこうか, ryuukouka] Schlager [Add to Longdo]

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