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You think you're so fucking smart, don't you?[JA] 利口のつもりか? The Monster (2016)
Thank you.[CN] 我想你们想要一杯冰爵利口酒。 Anthropoid (2016)
-A "creme de cassis, s'iI vous plaît."[CN] - 利口酒 - 威士忌加苏打 Appointment with Death (1988)
How kind ofyou. Mother's ruin. I can't possibly accept.[CN] 鸡蛋利口酒 老太太爱喝的,我真的不能接受这个 Spur der Steine (1966)
That doesn't make up for speaking with an Austrian accent.[CN] 这也不能弥补他古怪的奥地利口音 That doesn't make up for speaking with an Austrian accent. The Grand Design (1986)
If he was smart, he'd stay inside the walls of Winterfell and wait us out.[JA] 奴が利口ならウィンターフェルに籠城するだろうな Battle of the Bastards (2016)
I'll have another zima.[CN] 我再来一杯ZIMA(樱桃味利口酒) I Never... (2015)
When other helpers fail[CN] 我不确定利口酒会不会脏 Scenes from a Marriage (1973)
Especially Wrigley's chewing gum, Bayer aspirin, and cars.[CN] 特别是瑞格利口香糖,贝尔阿斯匹林和汽车 The Last Emperor (1987)
He's been hard to control, but... very, very smart... and very...[JA] 抑制するのが大変だったけど... とても利口な子よ Lion (2016)
Crème de Menthe?[CN] 薄荷利口酒? Full Measure (2010)
I grew smarter and stronger.[JA] もっと利口でもっと強くなった Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
利口[りこう, rikou] klug, verstaendig, schlau [Add to Longdo]

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