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凝聚力[níng jù lì, ㄋㄧㄥˊ ㄐㄩˋ ㄌㄧˋ, ] cohesion; cohesiveness; cohesive [Add to Longdo]

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Or perhaps the ancient communal traditions which increase trust and cohesiveness in society - which have now been hijacked by acquisitive materialistic values where now we annually exchange useless crap a few times a year.[CN] 或是一些老社区为增加信任 和社会凝聚力的传统 也已被贪婪的物质主义价值观劫持 每年把一些没用的东西当礼物交换着 Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011)
that it lacks cohesion because of me because of my managerial style.[CN] 我的管渚导致团队缺乏凝聚力 Family Affair (2009)
Isee that we-- Mr. And Mrs. Olchin?[CN] 事实证明,我们的凝聚力... The Yards (2000)
Now, the thing we need to value more than anything at this firm is cohesion.[CN] 你要自立门户 有一样东西 我们需要比任何东西都珍视 那就是凝聚力 Great Firewall (2011)
As belligerent as they can be, these fascinating dolphins will remain in a tight-knit social structure enjoying strength in numbers.[CN] 它们非常好斗 这些迷人的海豚将继续 在绵密的社会结构 享受凝聚力 Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes of the Ocean (2008)
Whether you can row a boat well depends on how united your village is.[CN] 所以一條船划得好不好 就看你村的凝聚力夠不夠了 Dragon Boat (2011)
The labels have never been cohesive enough to create their own future distribution systems.[CN] 标签从来没有 足够的凝聚力创造 自己的未来 分配系统。 Artifact (2012)
It's time to come together.[CN] 凝聚力量的时候到了 Home (2009)
It's a great opportunity for the class to bond[CN] 这是难得的增强班级凝聚力的好机会 Love for Beginners (2012)
But we lost the group spirit.[CN] 但凝聚力就沒有了 Dragon Boat (2011)
We got a lot Of provisions.[CN] 我们的凝聚力 Infected (2013)
What a well-behaved production team.[CN] 你们这支摄影组还很有凝聚力 8½ (1963)

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