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义务[yì wù, ㄧˋ ˋ, / ] volunteer; voluntary; duty; obligation [Add to Longdo]

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I spread them.[CN] 这是王宫主管的义务 甜头也都被他尝了 Isabel, la reina (2011)
Don't we have a moral obligation to say something?[CN] 我们有道德上的义务说点什么吧 Blind Spot (2011)
Our obligation is to stop the next attack on America.[CN] 我们的义务是阻止下次针对美国的袭击 Blind Spot (2011)
It's your duty to represent your House when your father can't.[CN] 他不在时 你有义务代表整个家族 A Golden Crown (2011)
Your "obligation."[CN] 你有你的义务 Mission Creep (2011)
The message of a dying man is that the duty of the living...?[CN] 接收死者的讯息 是生存者的义务 The Wings of the Kirin (2011)
And when they have their last message to deliver we living persons have a duty to listen.[CN] 接收传递这些人的心愿 是还活着的人该做的义务 The Wings of the Kirin (2011)
I have a duty to serve my homeland![CN] 有着向祖国应尽的义务 Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops: ~Winged Angels~ (2011)
Well, it's more than concern, it's my legal obligation.[CN] 这不仅仅是关切的问题 我有法律义务 Family Recipe (2011)
For a workplace accident where more than 4 days off it is requested to write a report.[CN] 原本因劳动伤害休息超过四天的情形 就有义务必须向劳保局提出申请 The Wings of the Kirin (2011)
Why am I supposed to support your son's family?[CN] 那我 什么就有义务 扶持你的乖儿子的家人呢 Elena (2011)
FYI, part of your responsibilities as roommate pro tem will be to drive me to and from work, the comic book store, the barbershop and the park for one hour every other Sunday for fresh air.[CN] 顺便一提 身为临时室友 你有义务送我上班和回家 去漫画店 理发店 还有每两个周日 去一小时的公园呼吸新鲜空气 The Roommate Transmogrification (2011)

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