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which is every detail of his and his wife's body described in ecstatic union and communion and inside out and every which way, and not only that, he insists on reading it to us.[CN] 这是每一个细节 他和他的妻子的尸体 欣喜若狂联盟中描述 与共融 内而外 各种方式, Big Sur (2013)
And having the ability to know it indeed is true was just sheer delight, exuberance.[CN] 而终于能够确认这真的是真的了 and having the ability to know it indeed is true 绝对是天大的快乐 was just sheer delight. 欣喜若狂 Exuberance. Stories We Tell (2012)
- Ecstatic.[CN] - 欣喜若狂 High Society (1956)
[ Together ] Ecstatic spiritual visions to follow shortly.[CN] [在一起] 欣喜若狂的精神愿景 到接踵而至。 Don Peyote (2014)
They're smiling, ecstatic, triumphant.[CN] 笑靨如花 欣喜若狂 得意洋洋 Push (2010)

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