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Pregnancies are prohibited. We can not have kindergarten.[JA] 妊娠は禁じられている 幼児の要求をここでは満たせない Defiance (2008)
Taylor - - Taylor was abducted when he was a kid.[JA] ...テイラーは 幼児の時誘拐された Prisoners (2013)
- Never get behind people with infants.[JA] - 幼児を連れた客の後ろに並ぶな Up in the Air (2009)
- She's an infantile schizophrenic.[JA] - 幼児精神分裂病です Temple Grandin (2010)
The only one they had left was for toddlers.[JA] 残ってたのが 幼児向けだけだった Yes Man (2008)
You know, I wanted to play the guitar learned this in childhood.[JA] あなた知っていてください。 私はギターを演奏したかったです 幼児期にこれを学びました。 Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)
I think there's something to this, the pattern, the child abuse, that's what I... that's what I remember.[JA] 私はパターンがあると思うの 幼児虐待とか─ それを記憶してるの Second Truths (2013)
Disappoint me again and you'll be curating finger-painting exhibitions for preschoolers.[JA] また失望させたら 幼児絵画教室へ格下げよ The Art of Murder (2014)
Nazca Indians used to bind their infants' heads with rope to elongate the skull like that.[JA] ナスカの原住民は... 頭蓋骨が長くなるように... 幼児の頭をロープで縛るんだ。 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
It's every parent's nightmare.[JA] 今後 全ての親は 幼児のベッドに― Nightcrawler (2014)
Tell me, muse, of the storyteller... who has been thrust to the edge of the world... both an infant and an ancient... and through him reveal everyman.[JA] 語れ 詩の女神よ 世界の果てに流れついた- 幼児にして老人- Wings of Desire (1987)
He was the murderer of little children, Fenton.[JA] 奴は子供殺しだったんだぞ 幼児ばかりだ Frailty (2001)

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