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You guys are a couple of sentimental softies. Really?Ihr 2 seid ein paar echt sentimentale SoftiesHome Is Where the Hurt Is (1995)
All these movies take place in this small town called Shermer, Illinois where all the honeys are top-shelf but all the dudes are whiny pussies.Die ganzen Filme spielen in Shermer, Illinois. Alle Frauen sind erste Klasse, die Typen weinerliche SoftiesDogma (1999)
Very intense. Not the warm, fuzzy type.Keiner von diesen SoftiesSight Unseen (2007)
We're not huggers.Wir sind doch keine SoftiesLove & Other Drugs (2010)
Cos you roll with man like that!Solche Softies anzuschleppen. Ill Manors (2012)
Softies are fine as long as I'm not expected to be one.Softies sind okay, solange ich selbst keiner sein muss. Rollemodellen (2013)
- If only you could love a soft one.Ach, würdest du doch Softies mögen. The Gunman (2015)
We're just a bunch of softies, sir.- Wir sind alle Softies, Sir. Is There a Doctor in the House? (1968)
Well, Americans are just softies, sir.Amerikaner sind halt Softies, Sir. Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan (1969)

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
softies    (n) (s o1 f t i z)

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