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English-Thai: NECTEC's Lexitron-2 Dictionary [with local updates]
polecat[N] สัตว์คล้ายแมวเลี้ยงลูกด้วยนมจำพวก Mustaia puturius

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But Julia brings out the best in a polecat.แต่จูเลียยิ่งทำให้พวกเขาแสดงความน่ารักลึกๆออกมาได้อีก Julie & Julia (2009)
You smell like a pack of polecats.กลิ่นเธอนี่อย่างกับ พังพอนซักฝูงเลย The Axeman Cometh (2013)
You ketchum Polecat far and squar.แมวน้ำของนาย / ไปไกลแล้ว The Notebook (2004)
I'm actually allergic to any and every member of the polecat family.ที่จริง ฉันเป็นโรคภูมิแพ้ สัตว์กระกูลแมวอะ Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer (2008)
This is the final game that pits the Southeastern champion, Cougars, against the finalist from the Southwestern conference, the Polecats:Da ist das Entscheidungsspiel zwischen den Champions, den Cougars, und den Champions aus dem Südwesten, den Polecats. Spaceball (1980)
We're waiting now for the Southwest champions, the Polecats: : : Hey, here they come right now:Wir warten nun auf die Polecats... die jetzt auch kommen. Spaceball (1980)
Stepping in the box now for the Polecats is their leadoff batter, Wellington:Für die Polecats nun: Wellington. Spaceball (1980)
The Polecats have taken the field, and here is the leadoff batter for the Cougars, little Frankie Lupo:Die Polecats sind am Schlag, und hier ist der erste der Cougars, der kleine Frankie Lupo. Spaceball (1980)
Oh, my, this could be a long afternoon for the Polecats:Oh, das kann ein langer Nachmittag für die Polecats werden. Spaceball (1980)
They should have called you guys the Scaredy Cats instead of the Polecats.Sie können euch Angsthasen anstatt Polecats nennen sollen. Spaceball (1980)
At the end of six innings, the Cougars have a commanding 6-0 lead over the Polecats:Nach sechs Innings, führen die Cougars 6:0 gegen die Polecats. Spaceball (1980)
Right, Polecats?Klar, Polecats? Spaceball (1980)
COMMENTATOR: Polecats coming to bat now:Die Polecats jetzt am Schlag. Spaceball (1980)
The Polecats trying to make a comeback:Die Polecats versuchen ein Comeback. Spaceball (1980)
It is a home run for the Polecats:Ein Homerun für die Polecats. Spaceball (1980)
COMMENTATOR: The Polecats are closing the gap:Die Polecats holen auf. Spaceball (1980)
There's a base hit, and a run is scored:Punkt für die Polecats. Spaceball (1980)
Another base hit for the Polecats:Und noch ein Punkt für die Polecats. Spaceball (1980)
The Polecats, until now, have been playing like they had their head in the clouds:Bis vorhin haben die Polecats gespielt als wären sie mit den Gedanken woanders. Spaceball (1980)
The Polecats have taken the field, and as we all know, defense is the weakest part of their game:Die Polecats haben jetzt das Feld, aber die Verteidigung ist der schwächste Punkt in ihrem Spiel. Spaceball (1980)
The leftfielder leaps high into the air: It's caught:Der linke Außenspieler der Polecats springt in die Luft und fängt ihn! Spaceball (1980)
And the Polecats win it!Und die Polecats gewinnen! Spaceball (1980)
And the final score, the Polecats beat the Cougars nine to eight:Der Endstand: Polecats schlagen die Cougars 9:8. Spaceball (1980)

CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
polecat    (n) (p ou1 l k a t)
polecats    (n) (p ou1 l k a t s)

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Iltis {m} [zool.] | Iltisse {m}polecat | polecats [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
毛長鼬[けながいたち;ケナガイタチ, kenagaitachi ; kenagaitachi] (n) polecat; fitch [Add to Longdo]
鼬;鼬鼠[いたち;イタチ, itachi ; itachi] (n) (1) (uk) weasel (esp. the Japanese weasel, Mustela itatsi); (2) mustelid (any other member of the weasel family, inc. badgers, martens, minks, ferrets, otters, polecats, stoats, skunks, etc.) [Add to Longdo]

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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

  Polecat \Pole"cat`\, n. [Probably fr. F. poule hen, and
     originally, a poultry cat, because it feeds on poultry. See
     {Poultry}.] (Zool.)
        (a) A small European carnivore of the Weasel family
            ({Putorius f[oe]tidus}). Its scent glands secrete a
            substance of an exceedingly disagreeable odor. Called
            also {fitchet}, {foulmart}, and {European ferret}.
        (b) The zorilla. The name is also applied to other allied
            [1913 Webster]

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