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Dagwood sandwich[N] แซนด์วิชชิ้นโตที่มีเนื้อ เนยแข็งและส่วนผสมหลายชนิด

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Dagwood!Dagwood! Halt! Special Delivery (1994)
Looks to me like I'm the only one that's doing any rescuing so I don't think a couple Dagwood sandwiches is too much to ask for.ดูเหมือนว่าฉันคนเดียวที่ค่อยช่วยเหลือพวกนายน่ะ ฉันไม่คิดว่าแค่แซนวิสอันเดียว ฉันต้องขอพวกนาย Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)
A Dagwood! I'll help.Ein Dagwood-Sandwich! Steele at Your Service (1986)
You. You mean all those complaints about you know who, --Für wen hältst du mich, Dagwood Bumstead? Some Enchanted Evening (1987)
Hey, Dagwood. Yes, sir?- Hey, DagwoodBy Any Other Name (1994)
Sir, you can call me Dagwood.Sir, Sie können mich Dagwood nennen. Daggers (1994)
Like a joke, Dagwood the Dagger.Witzig, oder: Dagwood, der Dagger. Daggers (1994)
That's Dagwood.- Das ist DagwoodDaggers (1994)
Dagwood is a brother now.- Dagwood jetzt ein Bruder. Daggers (1994)
Hold on, Dagwood.Festhalten, DagwoodDead End (1994)
You don't want Dagwood to work here anymore?Soll Dagwood nicht mehr hier arbeiten? Doch, nur nicht das. Daggers (1994)
Dagwood has to go twice, right?Dagwood muss zweimal gehen, richtig? Special Delivery (1994)
I didn't know he had to do this.- Dagwood ist der Nächste. - Er auch? Special Delivery (1994)
Dagwood, you have to take the stand.Dagwood, nehmen Sie jetzt den Zeugenstand ein. Special Delivery (1994)
Dagwood, if you didn't do it, now is the time to say that.Dagwood, wenn du es nicht getan hast, dann sag es jetzt. Special Delivery (1994)
Do you think Dagwood did it, sir, Captain?Glauben Sie, dass es Dagwood war, Captain? Special Delivery (1994)
You look fine.- Sieht Dagwood besser aus? Special Delivery (1994)
A dress? It's a suit.Dagwood sieht gut aus. Special Delivery (1994)
Dagwood is saying that I am a different man.Dagwood sagt, dass ich ein anderer Mann bin. Special Delivery (1994)
Piccolo, I thought you liked Dagwood.Piccolo, ich dachte, du magst DagwoodSpecial Delivery (1994)
I do, but if Dagwood was a new car, come on, he'd have been recalled to the dealer.Das tue ich, aber wäre Dagwood ein Auto, würde es eine Rückrufaktion geben. Special Delivery (1994)
It doesn't matter. Dagwood's going to the House of Many Doors for life.Dagwood muss für den Rest seines Lebens hinter Gitter. Special Delivery (1994)
Dagwood is learning to count to learn how long to be criminally insane.Dagwood lernt zählen, um zu wissen, wie lange er Geisteskranker sein wird. Special Delivery (1994)
Dagwood has always been in jail.Dagwood war schon immer im Gefängnis. Special Delivery (1994)
I mean, Dagwood is going to jail, and you want me to talk about whether or not I ever wet the bed?Dagwood geht in den Knast und Sie wollen wissen, ob ich Bettnässer war? Special Delivery (1994)
Dagwood different.Dagwood anders. Special Delivery (1994)
Sometimes different Dagwoods.Manchmal andere Dagwoods. Special Delivery (1994)
Is this where Dagwood is going to live now?Ist das der Ort, wo Dagwood jetzt leben soll? Special Delivery (1994)
Dagwood, is there anything you've ever really wanted to do?Dagwood, gibt es etwas, das du schon immer tun wolltest? Special Delivery (1994)
Nothing is something that Dagwood has already done.Nichts ist etwas, das Dagwood schon getan hat. Special Delivery (1994)
Go easy. Dagwood is driving.- Dagwood fährt Auto. Special Delivery (1994)
You're welcome, Dagwood. This stinks.- Keine Ursache, DagwoodSpecial Delivery (1994)
Maybe Dagwood will get kissed in the can.Vielleicht wird Dagwood im Knast geküsst. Special Delivery (1994)
Hello, Dagwood. Oh.Hallo DagwoodSpecial Delivery (1994)
Dagwood?DagwoodSpecial Delivery (1994)
Oh, God.DagwoodSpecial Delivery (1994)
Who?- DagwoodSpecial Delivery (1994)
But Dagwood's never had a life, and we thought...Aber Dagwood hat nie richtig gelebt und wir dachten Sie dachten was? Special Delivery (1994)
Well, I did a scan on Dagwood, and the only thing I got was a frightened child.Ich habe Dagwood gescannt, aber ich sah nur ein verängstigtes Kind. Special Delivery (1994)
Only Dagwood can help Dagwood!Nur Dagwood kann Dagwood helfen! Special Delivery (1994)
Two Dagwoods?- Zwei Dagwoods? Special Delivery (1994)
Dagwood?DagwoodWhen We Dead Awaken (1994)
Dagwood remembers.Dagwood erinnert sich. Special Delivery (1994)
He was really upset about Dagwood, sir.Er war sehr verärgert wegen DagwoodSpecial Delivery (1994)
Dagwood.Dagwood. Gott sei Dank. Special Delivery (1994)
Dagwood, I'm your friend.Dagwood, ich bin dein Freund. Special Delivery (1994)
Lucas doesn't like Dagwood anymore?- Mag Lucas Dagwood nicht mehr? Special Delivery (1994)
The Dagwood that is me.Der Dagwood, das bin ich. Special Delivery (1994)
Dagwood!- DagwoodSpecial Delivery (1994)
She taught Dagwood how to dance.Sie zeigte Dagwood, wie man tanzt. Special Delivery (1994)

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