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ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Now, we'll be right back with travel after this short break.[JA] CMを挟んで番組は続きます The Secret of Sales (2017)
So I pieced together Kagame's voice using archive fragments and your CMR.[JA] CMRにあった カガミの声を集めたんだ Second Guess (2013)
This had been the ultimate commercial break.[JA] これが最後の CMタイムだった Deadpool (2016)
This sounds serious. Is Paul Young suing us about the ad?[JA] ポール・ヤングが CMを訴えた? The Secret of Sales (2017)
Okay, cue up the Veep gaffe for when we're back.[JA] よし CM明けに副大統領の失言 If It Bleeds, It Leads (2012)
- Tripledent gum - will make you smile did I ask for the gum commercial?[JA] またガムのCMか? Inside Out (2015)
Somehow your CMR just linked to Travis's.[JA] CMRがリンクしたんだ Second Wave (2013)
Oh, I don't know, maybe because I'm playing second fiddle to a Paul Young sound-a-like jingle for my shithead, soon-to-be ex-husband's business.[JA] 分からない もうすぐ別れる夫の会社の ポール・ヤングそっくりの CM優先だからかも The Secret of Sales (2017)
- She said my CMR was military.[JA] - CMRが軍用だって Second Wave (2013)
Not really. -A commercial...[JA] してないね (勇気)CMの話 Bye Bye Terrace House in the City (2016)
Life is an endless series of train-wrecks... with only brief, commercial-like breaks of happiness.[JA] 人生とは幸福という短いCMを挟んだ 終わりなき破壊の連鎖のようだ Deadpool (2016)
Well, some of the code used by the hackers reminds me of the viruses that Lucas wrote in order to hijack your CMR.[JA] ルーカスが君のCMRに ウィルスを使った事があったろ? Second Guess (2013)
You invented it, or will, and now you're gonna make my CMR work with that.[JA] どのみち 考案する 今 CMRを作ろうとしてるだろ Second Last (2013)
And I think right now, we're going to take a quick break.[JA] 一旦 CM Nightcrawler (2014)
I'm going to need to surge you in order to recharge them, so once I turn them back on there's going to be a burst of power flowing through your CMR.[JA] 再充電するところだ それには CMRを介して 再充電する必要がある Second Wave (2013)
Maybe you'll find a way to reconnect my CMR.[JA] CMRの再接続方法を 見つけられるかもね Minute to Win It (2014)
Your CMR?[JA] CMRに? Second Time (2013)
Just like a commercial. -True.[JA] (YOU) そのまま CMになりそうな Eenie Meenie Miney Mo (2015)
Now, patch it into my CMR.[JA] じゃ 私のCMRに接続して The Politics of Time (2012)
It did a real number on my gear, and my CMR is still glitching.[JA] 私の装備には実態があるけど CMRは まだ誤動作がある Minute to Win It (2014)
He must have had a military CMR implanted when he was in the Super Soldier program.[JA] スーパー兵士用の 軍用CMRを埋め込まれたのよ Second Wave (2013)
Three, two, one. Fade to black. Roll your break.[JA] CMに切り替え Nightcrawler (2014)
Ready to break in five, four...[JA] CMまで5秒... Nightcrawler (2014)
We're going to commercial, then cutting to Joel and a police statement.[JA] CMの後 警察の声明 Nightcrawler (2014)
You know, you look like one of the Campbell's soup kids who grew up and became an alcoholic.[JA] キャンベルスープの CMのガキみたいだ 大人になって アルコール中毒になった奴 The Heat (2013)
It takes getting used to but with A CMR hardwired into your cortex, you become a passive recorder of all that you see, hear and smell.[JA] 直に馴れるが CMRは大脳皮質に直結していて 視覚 臭覚 聴覚 全ての対象を 記憶出来るようになる Fast Times (2012)
Well, maybe we can use this tech to patch your CMR problem.[JA] この技術でCMRを 補修できるかも Minute to Win It (2014)
SUPPORTERS OF BERLIN CM Damn Germany.[JA] SUPPORTERS OF BERLIN CM ( ベルリンのサポーター達 CM ) "くそったれドイツ ナチを殲滅しろ" Look Who's Back (2015)
Then you could feed the information through my CMR and we could simulate the LIDAR function on my suit.[JA] CMRに情報を送ってくれれば スーツ上でシュミレート出来るわ The Politics of Time (2012)
If I say it's a beer commercial it's a bloody beer commercial.[JA] ビールなら... クソッタレ・ビールの CM Pixels (2015)
You'll dump your CMR there.[JA] CMR処理はそこだ Fast Times (2012)
Connecting your CMR to the suit is going to require a hard reset.[JA] スーツとCMRをリセットする Second Last (2013)
For commercial shoots... and other little jobs.[JA] CMしたりとか 何か ちょいちょい させてもらってて Bye Bye Terrace House in the City (2016)
I promoted Lavender to head of marketing and gave him an unlimited budget to blow on an obscenely expensive radio ad.[JA] ラベンダーに与えたのは 営業部長のポストと ラジオCMの制作費だ The Secret of Sales (2017)
My CMR is for business only.[JA] CMRは仕事仕様なの Fast Times (2012)
I've been commissioned to do a commercial for Netflix.[JA] ちょっと CMのほうに 行かしていただきまして New It-Girl in the City (2016)
It feels like something went wrong with my CMR.[JA] CMRに異常があるのかも Second Time (2013)
Your CMR is functioning just the way it should.[JA] CMRは機能してる筈だが Second Guess (2013)
♪ Don't look loved and adored ♪[JA] 僕のラジオCMだ あなたの窓とドアが ステキじゃないなら The Secret of Sales (2017)
- Tripledent gum - will make you smile the song from the gum commercial?[JA] トリプルデント... ガムのCM Inside Out (2015)
Now they're worried about heat damage to your CMRs, so they're doing a diagnostic...[JA] 今や CMRをも標的となし その影響を調べ始めている Minute Changes (2014)
Not this again![JA] ガムのCM Inside Out (2015)
That radio campaign's top-notch, by the way.[JA] ラジオCMは最高だった The Secret of Sales (2017)
Stand by master control, we're going to come to a break.[JA] そろそろCM Nightcrawler (2014)
Wait, wait, wait, is that a song? That's not a song, that's an ad.[JA] それは歌じゃなくてCM Storks (2016)
At this rate, she'll be doing Mirando commercials.[JA] 〈ミジャはミランドの CMに出られるぞ〉 Okja (2017)
The CMR records our memories.[JA] CMRの記憶だけど Second Guess (2013)
Yeah, I guess activating his CMR did more than just locate him.[JA] CMRを活性化してしまった Second Wave (2013)
- Yeah. TV commercial.[JA] CMでね Pain & Gain (2013)
You activated my CMR.[JA] CMRを起動させたろ Second Last (2013)

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
ฟุต[n.] (fut) EN: foot (measurement – 12 inches)   FR: pied (30,48 cm) [m]
การบำรุงรักษาแบบแก้ไข[n. exp.] (kān bamrungraksā baēp kaēkhai) EN: corrective maintenance (CM)   
คืบ[n.] (kheūp) EN: palm span ; [Thai unit of linear measure equal to 25 cm]   FR: empan [m] ; [unité de longueur de 25 cm]
ค.ร.น.[n.] (khø.rø.nø.) EN: least common multiple ; lowest common multiple   FR: PPCM
คูณร่วมน้อย[n. exp.] (khūn ruam nøi) EN: least common multiple ; lowest common multiple ; l.c.m.   FR: plus petit commun multiple [m] ; P.P.C.M. = PPCM [m]
มาตรจอดรถ[n. exp.] (māt jøt rot) EN: parking meter   FR: parcmètre [m] ; parcomètre (Québ.) [m]
รัง[n.] (rang) EN: ingrin ; Pentacme suavis   
สุดยอด[n.] (sutyøt) EN: topmost ; zenith ; summit ; acme   FR: summum [m] ; sommet [m] ; zénith [m] ; comble [m] ; pinacle [m]
ตัวคูณร่วมน้อย[n. exp.] (tūakhūn ruam nøi) EN: least common multiple ; lowest common multiple ; LCM   FR: plus petit commun multiple [m] ; PPCM = P.P.C.M. [m] (sigle)
ค.ร.น. (คูณร่วมน้อย)[] (khø.rø.nø. (khūn ruam nøi)) EN: l.c.m. (Least Common Multiple)   FR: PPCM (plus petit commun multiple)

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