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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
餓鬼[わるがき, warugaki] (n) brat [Add to Longdo]
餓鬼[がき;ガキ, gaki ; gaki] (n) (1) (uk) brat; kids; (2) {Buddh} preta (hungry ghost); ghoul [Add to Longdo]
餓鬼[がきども, gakidomo] (exp) those damn kids [Add to Longdo]
餓鬼大将[がきだいしょう, gakidaishou] (n) boss of the children (in the neighbourhood) (neighborhood); bully [Add to Longdo]
餓鬼[がきどう, gakidou] (n) {Buddh} (See 六道) hungry ghost (preta) realm [Add to Longdo]
餓鬼[せがき, segaki] (n) {Buddh} service for the benefit of suffering spirits [Add to Longdo]
川施餓鬼[かわせがき, kawasegaki] (n) Buddhist services in memory of those drowned in a river; offering to suffering spirits at the river [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Be you big, small, greedy, wronged, stupid, naughty, sleazy or whatever.[CN] 大頭鬼,小頭鬼 冤鬼、餓鬼、賭鬼 爛鬼、吊靴鬼,屁眼鬼,衰鬼,色鬼 膽小鬼,你們全部出來 Spiritual Kung Fu (1978)
You're hungry. aren't you?[CN] 死餓鬼,別老是只會吃呀 Xiong xie (1981)
Ethan, who's a brown-nosing snot and Roger, who's a cocky little shit.[JA] ますイーサン 生意気な優等生だ それと ロジャーって生意気な餓鬼 Space Cowboys (2000)
Ass-holes![JA] クソ餓鬼! Learning to Drive (2014)
Damn kids.[JA] くそ餓鬼 A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)
Damn kids![JA] クソ餓鬼め! 13 Hours (2016)
Construction is proceeding nicely but that brat continues to be a nuisance.[JA] 幸いな事に工事の方が順調に進んでるがな まだ例の餓鬼に手こずってる Tekkonkinkreet (2006)
Only children and fools fight for honor.[JA] 手柄目当てに戦うなど 餓鬼か馬鹿だ Troy (2004)
I was starving.[JA] 餓鬼状態だった Evil Handmade Instrument (2015)
Ass-holes![JA] クソ餓鬼! 黙れ! Learning to Drive (2014)
Likes the taste of blood.[JA] 道徳を知らず血を好む餓鬼 Tekkonkinkreet (2006)
But I'm not hunting them to avenge you.[JA] だが何もあなたの仇討つために餓鬼を始末するのではないのです Tekkonkinkreet (2006)
I heard of him. Got a head like a cow.[JA] 知ってるよ 頭が牛とかいう「餓鬼」だろ Tekkonkinkreet (2006)
You give me that, you fucked-up little hippy.[JA] 寄越しなさい これでお終いよ、チビ餓鬼 The Nice Guys (2016)
Bitch.[JA] クソ餓鬼 Pilot (2005)
Gonna kick the Cats out and rule Treasure Town.[JA] この宝町仕切ってるネコって餓鬼の頭割って この街手に入れるさ Tekkonkinkreet (2006)
Some brat in Treasure Town.[JA] 宝町には餓鬼がいる Tekkonkinkreet (2006)
Delinquents who rule Treasure Town.[JA] 親兄弟を持たねえ この宝町に住み着く餓鬼 Tekkonkinkreet (2006)
You don't believe in the Minotaur?[JA] 知らねーの? 伝説の「餓鬼」ぞ Tekkonkinkreet (2006)
This boy is next![JA] 次はこの餓鬼 On-Bak 2 (2008)
What is the house of Rohan but a thatched barn where brigands drink in the reek and their brats roll on the floor with the dogs?[JA] 何がローハン家だ... 悪臭を放つ山賊どもが 飲んだくれ... 床で餓鬼どもが犬と 転げ回るあばら屋だろうが? The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
Come on, lads. Work to be done.[JA] 行くぞ 餓鬼ども もう用はねえ Straw Dogs (1971)
He's just a kid.[JA] たかが餓鬼一匹の事じゃねーか Tekkonkinkreet (2006)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
餓鬼[がき, gaki] Hungergestalt, kleiner_Schelm, Teufelsbraten [Add to Longdo]

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