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钩子[gōu zi, ㄍㄡ ㄗ˙, / ] hook [Add to Longdo]

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Which kills us sending guys down to hook the chassis and winch the car.[CN] 让人用钩子钩住底盘再把汽车拉上来 which kills us sending guys down 的确会出事 to hook the chassis and winch the car. Postcards from the Edge (2015)
Maybe Dearduff the Hooker ordered it.[CN] 或许是钩子手Dearduff点的 No Questions Asked (2013)
By hook or crook I'll kill you and become a martyr...[CN] 用钩子和利爪杀掉你 成为烈士... Eega (2012)
Uh... a hook would be more practical.[CN] 一个钩子会比较实用吧 Two Swords (2014)
Some say you can still hear the thump of his peg and the scrape of his hook.[CN] 也有人说可以听见 他的木桩的重击声 还有钩子的刮擦声 No Questions Asked (2013)
Tone Hangers, you're up.[CN] 音调钩子 轮到你们了 轮到你们了 Tone Hangers, you're up. Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
Some deserts are so arid, they appear totally devoid of all vegetation.[CN] 就像屠夫用钩子挂肉 这只小型鸣禽利用这些刺 将肢解完的食物悬挂起来 Deserts (2016)
I think two of these hooks are broken.[CN] 后面有两个钩子坏了 I Give It a Year (2013)
So how do you feel about being handcuffed to this hook here?[CN] 那么,你如何感受是 铐在这个钩子在这里? Do You Like My Basement (2012)
Hook's on the other side. Keep your legs up![CN] 钩子在另一头 把腿抬高 Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)
I'm no expert, but I think the hook has to go through the worm.[CN] 我不在行 但是我想钩子应该穿过去 The Fish Guts Displacement (2012)
Well, I'm not paying for room service the Hooker ordered![CN] 我才不会给钩子手点的客房服务付钱呢! No Questions Asked (2013)
Ironically that hook would prove Dearduff's own undoing one wintry night in room 13 of the Farhampton Inn.[CN] 讽刺的是 也是这把钩子 在Farhampton酒店13号房间 一个冬夜里 No Questions Asked (2013)
We have the Tone Hangers![CN] 以及音调钩子合唱团! We have the Tone Hangers! Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
Dubbed "Dearduff the Hooker," he murdered dozens of unwary travelers with his sharpened hook.[CN] 四处潜行 江湖人称 "钩子手Dearduff" 他用尖利的钩子 杀害了十几名大意的游人 No Questions Asked (2013)
A washed-up sitcom star dangling from a hook?[CN] 一个过气的喜剧明星被吊在钩子上? Need to Know (2013)
We got more, but no motor.[CN] 我们找到了钩子,但没找到马达 Mud (2012)
In a bizarre twist, the body was found hanging from the hook of a construction crane.[CN] - 现场相当惊悚 尸体被发现 - 吊在工地吊车的钩子 Need to Know (2013)
That would be such a cool image because we could use it. We could use it, like, as a loop.[CN] 将是一个很大的图片, 我们可以把它作为一个钩子 sxtape (2013)
I have Kevin Garvey's prints on the hook, but not on the brick that went through the window, not on the wall.[CN] 我有凯文·加维的指纹在钩子上, 但是墙上没有,那块砖也没有. Protection: Part 2 (2015)
Wiping your bum with a hook for a hand is really hard.[CN] 用你的钩子手来擦屁股才叫困难 The Lego Movie (2014)
The cause is obvious. He plummeted off the roof and landed on the hook.[CN] 死因很明显 他从屋顶跳下 掉到钩子上了 Need to Know (2013)
The American Stickseed attaches itself to the fur or skin of passing animals with hooks or barb spikes.[CN] 美洲鹤虱种子 靠钩子和刺附着在 路过动物的皮毛上 Survival (2012)
Just jab a hook in his face.[CN] 只管拿钩子戳它就好了 The Fish Guts Displacement (2012)
If the chief is using you as bait... he should at least ask if you mind having a hook in your ass.[CN] 如果警长利用你当诱饵 他至少应该说一下 万一你介意屁股上有个钩子 Odd Thomas (2013)
- There is hope. - Gone! - Gone?[CN] - 撑住,上面有钩子 No One Lives (2012)
Just don't get too close. The guy has two hook hands.[CN] 别离太近,那人手上有俩钩子 We're the Millers (2013)
Like hooks.[CN] 就像钩子 {\3cH000000}Like hooks. Apéritif (2013)
Tone Hangers, you gone![CN] 音调钩子 Tone Hangers, 出局! YOU gone! Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
Pistol, sword...[CN] 手枪 剑 钩子... A Tale of Two Sisters (2014)
Get the hook and get her down![CN] 拿那钩子 给她拽下来 Get the hook and get her down! Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014)
It attacks its prey by impaling them on a large hook in its mouth and then sucking them dry.[CN] 它用嘴里的大钩子 勾住刺穿它的猎物 然后将其吸干 Solving the Secrets (2012)
So if you want to part ways with that hand and get this back, there's only one way I'll help.[CN] 所以如果你想摆脱那只手 要回钩子 只有一种方式我会帮忙 The Apprentice (2014)
- I'm not leavin' without Hoag.[CN] 得把那个钩子处理掉 No One Lives (2012)
And as the sun bakes the grass, the termites face new danger.[CN] 六十厘米长的舌头 上面布满极小的钩子 Grasslands (2016)
You got the hook over there.[CN] 那里有钩子 The Lifeguard (2013)
I want to see your hook inside his body.[CN] 我要看到你的钩子插入他的身体 Good Form (2013)
I think it can work pretty well if we attach the hook to ...[CN] 我想这应该很好用 如果装个钩子在 ... Ragnarok (2013)
Others say Dearduff the Hooker was just a popular male prostitute who murdered no one and died of syphilis in 1848.[CN] 还有人说钩子手Dearduff 不过是个受欢迎的男妓 他没杀过人 并且是在1848年死于梅毒 No Questions Asked (2013)
Um, you know, I'd have to go get a hook and nails and a hammer and...[CN] 这个嘛 我还得去找个钩子 Um, you know, I'd have to go get a hook 还有钉子锤子啥的 and nails and a hammer and... -没问题 The Rothman Disintegration (2012)
I hate to say it, but I'm with Hook.[CN] - 我不想说 但我同意钩子 The Heart of the Truest Believer (2013)
The hooks are moving.[CN] 钩子在动 Ghosts of the Past (2013)
Fucking sling your hook![CN] 他妈的吊你的钩子 Svengali (2013)
You'd think you'd have learned the first time you buried that Hook in me...[CN] 你自以为吸取了第一次 用钩子插我的经验... The Apprentice (2014)
Yeah, I just... I think this hook is caught.[CN] 是的 我觉得这个钩子卡住了 I Give It a Year (2013)
Well, given he was pushed off a roof and landed on a hook,[CN] 好吧 考虑到他被推下楼掉到钩子 Need to Know (2013)
That you're onna rip a hook out of my mouth and throw me back?[CN] 是要你把我嘴里的钩子弄出来 再把我扔回河里去吗 Sleepwalk with Me (2012)
That's a very nice hook.[CN] 这只钩子不赖嘛 That's a very nice HOOK. The Pirate Fairy (2014)
Can you pull prints off the hook?[CN] ~ 你能取证钩子的指纹吗? Protection: Part 2 (2015)
Get the hooks.[CN] 去拿钩子 Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

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