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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
鎖骨[さこつ, sakotsu] (n,adj-no) collarbone; clavicle [Add to Longdo]
鎖骨下動脈[さこつかどうみゃく, sakotsukadoumyaku] (n) subclavian artery [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
锁骨[suǒ gǔ, ㄙㄨㄛˇ ㄍㄨˇ, / ] collarbone; clavicle, #19,752 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
- Oh, you know, broken collar bone, got his bell rung pretty good.[JA] - ええ、 鎖骨を折ったんですけど、そんなに悪くないようです。 The Crocodile's Dilemma (2014)
Your left clavicle and three ribs are shattered.[JA] 左の鎖骨と 3本の肋骨が粉砕 Jessabelle (2014)
That looks like a hematoma on the right clavicle.[JA] 右の鎖骨に 血腫が見られる Neither Here Nor There (2011)
Yes,well,while Hanson was definitely mauled,there was a puncture mark on his collarbone that troubled me.[JA] ハンソンは確実に犬に襲われてるが 鎖骨に不明な傷跡が Dog Tags (2008)
Broken collarbone, just, I mean, cuts.[JA] 鎖骨が折れ切り傷を負った Flight (2012)
The right clavicle has been trisected.[JA] 右鎖骨が等分されています The Mystery in the Meat (2013)
Just the injuries to the C3 and the clavicle.[JA] C3と鎖骨の傷よ The Nail in the Coffin (2014)
It's mostly tissue damage, which is good.[JA] ほとんど組織の損傷で済んだが 鎖骨が砕けてる Heat (1995)
Good job on the clavicle thing.[JA] 鎖骨の件はお手柄だ The Mystery in the Meat (2013)
Then I noticed a fracture to the superior aspect of the left clavicle.[JA] 左の鎖骨に奇妙な骨折が あるのに気づいたの The High in the Low (2014)
And your clavicles.[JA] 鎖骨 The Fourth Man in the Fire (2008)
Ms. Fremont has a subclavian catheter for access.[CN] 現在Fremont女士通過鎖骨導管透析 Invasion (2009)
As on the clavicle here.[JA] 鎖骨にも跡がある Dog Tags (2008)
I was just going over the body. Lucas noted fractures in the right clavicle and radius.[JA] ルーカスは 鎖骨と手首の骨折を The Night in Question (2015)
Admitted April 7, 1985, with fractures of the wrist and collarbone.[JA] 1985年4月7日に 手首と鎖骨の骨折ですね The Night in Question (2015)
The angle at which the weapon splintered the humerus would have caused a laceration to the subclavian artery.[JA] 上腕骨が裂けた角度から 鎖骨下動脈の裂傷を 起こしたでしょうね The Geek in the Guck (2014)
There are clean incisions in the third costal cartilage as well as the clavicle.[JA] きれいな切り口 第三肋軟骨と鎖骨にある The Nail in the Coffin (2014)
Lacerated spinal column, cracked sternum, shattered collarbone, perforated liver, and one hell of a headache.[JA] 脊髄の裂傷、 胸骨にひび、 鎖骨は粉々、 Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
Perhaps you chose the wrong man to duel with.[JA] いまだに残っていますよ へそから鎖骨のところに 決闘の相手を 間違えたな Lord Snow (2011)
Maya's got a chipped collarbone and possible internal bleeding.[JA] 鎖骨骨折と 内出血 Blood Brothers (2013)
It got wedged in his right subclavian artery.[JA] 右鎖骨下の動脈に留まってて Tremors (2013)
Second rib. Mid clavicular.[JA] 2番目の肋骨 鎖骨の間 Kilo Two Bravo (2014)
His clavicle's fractured. Can you rest?[CN] 他的鎖骨受損,可以讓他歇息嗎? Heat (1995)
My clavicle look all right to you?[JA] また、鎖骨がやられたみたいに 見えるか? Zombie Road (2015)
Oliver made an error on the microsil cast of the victim's clavicle.[JA] オリバーは被害者の鎖骨の マイクロキャストで エラーをした The Mystery in the Meat (2013)
Flynn's clavicle was fractured by a bullet, surgically repaired, then a pin was inserted after it started to set.[JA] フリンの鎖骨は銃弾で折れた ところを手術で修復し その後ピンが挿入されてる The Sense in the Sacrifice (2013)
They were able to remove the bullet, but it nicked his subclavian artery or something.[CN] 子彈取出來了 They were able to remove the bullet, 但傷到了他的鎖骨下動脈 but it nicked his subclavian artery or something. The Woods (2015)
If she was wearing her seatbelt, then there would have been abrasions to the lateral anterior aspect of the clavicle, wouldn't there?[CN] -例如... 要是她有系安全帶 那就應該會在... 鎖骨的側後方造成擦傷 Irregular Around the Margins (2004)
Before ultimately coming into contact with the left-side clavicle and creating the V-shaped cleft.[JA] その前に 左側の鎖骨とあたって V時の傷を作った 全て そろったわね The High in the Low (2014)
The collarbones are very easy to break.[CN] 鎖骨是很容易折斷 現在注意看 The Devil's Brigade (1968)
As you'll recall, the lampreys left significant abrasion marks on the clavicles, the scapula, the mandible and the maxilla.[JA] ウナギが傷とは違うものです 鎖骨に大きな擦り傷が 肩甲骨、下顎と上顎もです The Source in the Sludge (2014)
The extensive number of fractures evident on these X-rays indicate blunt force trauma as cause of death. Yeah, lots of blunt force and lots of trauma, by the looks of it.[JA] X線から死因は明らかに 鈍的外傷によるものです 鈍い力の外傷ね たくさんあるわ 鎖骨の骨化が 完了していることから The Cheat in the Retreat (2013)
Collarbone is rebroken, shoulder's dislocated, causing pressure on the lungs.[JA] 鎖骨がまた折れてる。 肩は脱臼してる、 肺に圧力が掛かった。 Victor Frankenstein (2015)
I imagine you just broke your clavicle.[CN] 我猜你剛剛撞碎了你的鎖骨 Fifty Shades of Grayson (2013)
A blood clot got wedged in his right subclavian artery, obstructed the blood flow to his arm for about 30 minutes.[JA] 血栓が右鎖骨下の動脈に留まってて 30分ほど腕への血流を塞いでた Internal Audit (2013)
Because the sub-clavian artery comes directly from the aorta, the blood pressure would have been intense.[JA] 鎖骨下動脈の 大動脈から出血したなら 血圧は強烈だったでしょう The Mystery in the Meat (2013)
This victim has remodeled fractures on the third and fourth left ribs and both clavicles. Come on, come on, come on.[JA] 第3、第4左肋骨と 鎖骨の骨折が違ってる 早く出てくれ The Sense in the Sacrifice (2013)
This is the sharp force injury to the victim's clavicle at 400 times magnification.[JA] 被害者の鎖骨に鋭い傷が これは400倍です The Mystery in the Meat (2013)
It'll draw the stinger out at her left clavicle.[CN] 能把刺從她左邊鎖骨吸出來 Queen for a Day (2011)
The reason I ask is that the fracture to Belinda's collarbone is consistent with a car crash.[JA] ベリンダの鎖骨の骨折は 交通事故が原因だし The Night in Question (2015)
Uh, she broke her arm a year ago and her collarbone sometime before that.[JA] あー、彼女は、 1年前に腕を折った、 そして、その後、 鎖骨を。 Victor Frankenstein (2015)
Don't let your hair fall forward.[JA] 髪は鎖骨にかからないように してちょうだい Oitsumerarete (2015)
Collar bone and rotator cuff.[JA] 鎖骨と腱板 Fin del camino (2007)
He broke my collarbone![JA] 鎖骨が折れた! Django Unchained (2012)
I don't want to die by the roadside in the dirt with a jacked up clavicle![JA] くそ、汚い道端で 死にたくはないぞ 鎖骨整形男とは! Zombie Road (2015)
The clavicle.[JA] この鎖骨ですが The 200th in the 10th (2014)
Wishbone, hail Mary, buttonhook...[JA] 鎖骨 スポーツグッズ ボタンフック... Those Kinds of Things (2011)
That's why there are also scratches on the clavicle and left scapula.[JA] 鎖骨と肩甲骨に 傷があった理由ね The Conspiracy in the Corpse (2014)
Also a comminuted fracture on the left clavicle.[JA] 左の鎖骨にも粉砕骨折よ The Repo Man in the Septic Tank (2014)
His sternum, clavicles, true ribs... have all been swapped out for silicon nanofibers.[JA] 胸骨、鎖骨、肋骨... 全てシリコンファイバーです The Machine (2013)

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