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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[蒙, méng, ㄇㄥˊ] to cover; to deceive; Mongolia
Radical: Decomposition: 艹 (cǎo ㄘㄠˇ)  冡 (méng ㄇㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] plant,  Rank: 1,039
[朦, méng, ㄇㄥˊ] dim, obscure; the condition of the moon
Radical: Decomposition: 月 (yuè ㄩㄝˋ)  蒙 (méng ㄇㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] moon,  Rank: 2,826
[檬, méng, ㄇㄥˊ] a type of locust tree
Radical: Decomposition: 木 (mù ㄇㄨˋ)  蒙 (méng ㄇㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] tree,  Rank: 3,939
[蠓, měng, ㄇㄥˇ] midge, sandfly
Radical: Decomposition: 虫 (chóng ㄔㄨㄥˊ)  蒙 (méng ㄇㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] insect,  Rank: 5,165
[矇, méng, ㄇㄥˊ] stupid, ignorant; blind
Radical: Decomposition: 目 (mù ㄇㄨˋ)  蒙 (méng ㄇㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] eye,  Rank: 5,971
[艨, méng, ㄇㄥˊ] a long narrow war-boat
Radical: Decomposition: 舟 (zhōu ㄓㄡ)  蒙 (méng ㄇㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] boat,  Rank: 6,252
[礞, méng, ㄇㄥˊ] a kind of mineral
Radical: Decomposition: 石 (shí ㄕˊ)  蒙 (méng ㄇㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] mineral,  Rank: 7,088
[懞, méng, ㄇㄥˊ] to cover; to deceive; Mongolia
Radical: Decomposition: 忄 (xīn ㄒㄧㄣ)  蒙 (méng ㄇㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] heart
[曚, méng, ㄇㄥˊ] twilight before dawn
Radical: Decomposition: 日 (rì ㄖˋ)  蒙 (méng ㄇㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] sun
[濛, méng, ㄇㄥˊ] drizzling, misty, raining
Radical: Decomposition: 氵 (shuǐ ㄕㄨㄟˇ)  蒙 (méng ㄇㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] water

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
恩恵を被る;恩恵を[おんけいをこうむる, onkeiwokoumuru] (exp,v5r) to share in the benefit [Add to Longdo]
[がいもうこ;そともうこ, gaimouko ; sotomouko] (n) Outer Mongolia [Add to Longdo]
[けいもう, keimou] (n,vs) enlightenment; instruction; (P) [Add to Longdo]
運動[けいもううんどう, keimouundou] (n) enlightenment movement; the Enlightenment [Add to Longdo]
活動[けいもうかつどう, keimoukatsudou] (n) information campaign; awareness program [Add to Longdo]
思想[けいもうしそう, keimoushisou] (n) the philosophy of the European Enlightenment [Add to Longdo]
思潮[けいもうしちょう, keimoushichou] (n) enlightenment movement; the Enlightenment [Add to Longdo]
主義[けいもうしゅぎ, keimoushugi] (n) illuminism; enlightenment [Add to Longdo]
[けいもうしょ, keimousho] (n) book for novices; general introduction to a subject [Add to Longdo]
絶対君主[けいもうぜったいくんしゅ, keimouzettaikunshu] (n) (arch) (See 啓専制君主) enlightened absolutist [Add to Longdo]
専制君主[けいもうせんせいくんしゅ, keimousenseikunshu] (n) enlightened despot [Add to Longdo]
[けいもうてき, keimouteki] (adj-na) enlightening [Add to Longdo]
御免を[ごめんをこうむる, gomenwokoumuru] (exp,v5r) (1) to receive permission; (2) (See 御免る・2) to leave (with someone's permission); to retire; (3) (See 御免る・3) to refuse; to beg off doing [Add to Longdo]
御免る;御免被る;ご免被る;ご免こうむる[ごめんこうむる, gomenkoumuru] (exp,v5r) (1) (See 御免をる・1) to receive permission; (2) to leave (with someone's permission); to retire; (3) to refuse; to beg off doing [Add to Longdo]
損害を被る;損害を[そんがいをこうむる, songaiwokoumuru] (exp,v5r) to suffer a loss [Add to Longdo]
[ないもう, naimou] (n) Inner Mongolia [Add to Longdo]
被る;[こうむる, koumuru] (v5r,vt) to suffer; to receive; to sustain [Add to Longdo]
[まんもう, manmou] (n) Manchuria and Mongolia [Add to Longdo]
無知[むちもうまい, muchimoumai] (adj-na,n) unenlightened; in the darkest ignorance [Add to Longdo]
[もう, mou] (n) ignorance [Add to Longdo]
を啓く[もうをひらく, mouwohiraku] (exp,v5k) to enlighten [Add to Longdo]
[もうこ, mouko] (n) Mongolia [Add to Longdo]
古語[もうこご, moukogo] (n) Mongolian (language) [Add to Longdo]
古症[もうこしょう, moukoshou] (n) (sens) mongolism; Down's Syndrome [Add to Longdo]
古人種[もうこじんしゅ, moukojinshu] (n) the Mongoloid race [Add to Longdo]
古斑[もうこはん, moukohan] (n) Mongolian spot; blue spot or mark [Add to Longdo]
古襞[もうこひだ, moukohida] (n) epicanthus [Add to Longdo]
昧;矇昧(oK);曚昧(oK)[もうまい, moumai] (adj-na,n) ignorance; (lack of) enlightenment or civilization (civilisation); unenlightened; uncivilized; uncivilised [Add to Longdo]
昧主義[もうまいしゅぎ, moumaishugi] (n,adj-no) obscurantism [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[mēng, ㄇㄥ, / ] (knocked) unconscious; to deceive; to cheat; to hoodwink, #3,158 [Add to Longdo]
[méng, ㄇㄥˊ, / ] dim sighted; ignorant, #3,158 [Add to Longdo]
[Méng, ㄇㄥˊ, / ] surname Meng, #3,158 [Add to Longdo]
[Měng, ㄇㄥˇ, ] Mongolia; cover, #3,158 [Add to Longdo]
[Nèi měng gǔ, ㄋㄟˋ ㄇㄥˇ ㄍㄨˇ, / ] Inner Mongolia; abbr. for Inner Mongolia autonomous region 內古自治區|内古自治区, #6,419 [Add to Longdo]
[Měng gǔ, ㄇㄥˇ ㄍㄨˇ, ] Mongolia, #7,103 [Add to Longdo]
[qǐ méng, ㄑㄧˇ ㄇㄥˊ, / ] to impart rudimentary knowledge to beginners; to initiate; to awake sb from ignorance; to free sb from prejudice or superstition; enlightened; the Enlightenment; in China, refers esp. to Western learning from the late Qing, #15,821 [Add to Longdo]
[méng miàn, ㄇㄥˊ ㄇㄧㄢˋ, ] masked; covered face, #18,883 [Add to Longdo]
古自治区[Nèi Méng gǔ zì zhì qū, ㄋㄟˋ ㄇㄥˊ ㄍㄨˇ ㄗˋ ㄓˋ ㄑㄩ, / ] Inner Mongolia autonomous region, abbr. 内古, capital Hohhot 呼和浩特市, #20,031 [Add to Longdo]
[Nèi méng, ㄋㄟˋ ㄇㄥˊ, / ] Inner Mongolia, #21,925 [Add to Longdo]
[méng bì, ㄇㄥˊ ㄅㄧˋ, ] deceive; hoodwink, #22,280 [Add to Longdo]
[méng shòu, ㄇㄥˊ ㄕㄡˋ, ] suffer; sustain (a loss), #23,346 [Add to Longdo]
荷尔[hé ěr méng, ㄏㄜˊ ㄦˇ ㄇㄥˊ, / ] hormone (loan word); also called 激素, #24,103 [Add to Longdo]
[méng méng, ㄇㄥˊ ㄇㄥˊ, ] drizzle (of rain or snow), #24,631 [Add to Longdo]
古族[Měng gǔ zú, ㄇㄥˇ ㄍㄨˇ ㄗㄨˊ, ] Mongol people (race); Mongol nationality, #27,814 [Add to Longdo]
特利尔[Méng tè lì ěr, ㄇㄥˊ ㄊㄜˋ ㄌㄧˋ ㄦˇ, / ] Montreal city in Quebec, Canada, #30,623 [Add to Longdo]
[mēng piàn, ㄇㄥ ㄆㄧㄢˋ, / ] to hoodwink; to deceive; to dupe sb, #35,566 [Add to Longdo]
哥马利[Méng gē mǎ lì, ㄇㄥˊ ㄍㄜ ㄇㄚˇ ㄌㄧˋ, / ] Montgomery, #40,092 [Add to Longdo]
多特[Duō tè méng dé, ㄉㄨㄛ ㄊㄜˋ ㄇㄥˊ ㄉㄜˊ, ] Dortmund, #41,597 [Add to Longdo]
在鼓里[méng zài gǔ lǐ, ㄇㄥˊ ㄗㄞˋ ㄍㄨˇ ㄌㄧˇ, / ] lit. kept hoodwinked inside a drum (成语 saw); completely in the dark, #41,641 [Add to Longdo]
[chéng méng, ㄔㄥˊ ㄇㄥˊ, / ] to be indebted (to sb), #42,264 [Add to Longdo]
[mí méng, ㄇㄧˊ ㄇㄥˊ, / ] misty, #44,112 [Add to Longdo]
[mēng mēng liàng, ㄇㄥ ㄇㄥ ㄌㄧㄤˋ, / ] dawn; the first glimmer of light, #50,155 [Add to Longdo]
娜丽莎[Méng nà Lì shā, ㄇㄥˊ ㄋㄚˋ ㄌㄧˋ ㄕㄚ, / ] Mona Lisa, #50,851 [Add to Longdo]
代尔[mēng dài ěr, ㄇㄥ ㄉㄞˋ ㄦˇ, / ] Walter Mondale, former US vice-president and ambassador to Japan, #51,198 [Add to Longdo]
特卡洛[Méng tè kǎ luò, ㄇㄥˊ ㄊㄜˋ ㄎㄚˇ ㄌㄨㄛˋ, / ] Monte-Carlo (Monaco), #52,036 [Add to Longdo]
古包[méng gǔ bāo, ㄇㄥˊ ㄍㄨˇ ㄅㄠ, ] yurt, #52,264 [Add to Longdo]
[Méng zì, ㄇㄥˊ ㄗˋ, ] (N) Mengzi (place in Yunnan), #53,421 [Add to Longdo]
[Lǚ Méng, ㄌㄩˇ ㄇㄥˊ, / ] Lü Meng (178-219), general of the southern state of Wu, #56,448 [Add to Longdo]
[léi méng dé, ㄌㄟˊ ㄇㄥˊ ㄉㄜˊ, ] (name) Raymond, #57,459 [Add to Longdo]
太奇[méng tài qí, ㄇㄥˊ ㄊㄞˋ ㄑㄧˊ, ] montage (film), #57,782 [Add to Longdo]
[Méng Tián, ㄇㄥˊ ㄊㄧㄢˊ, ] Qin general Meng Tian (-210 BC), involved in 215 BC in fighting the Northern Xiongnu 匈奴 and building the great wall, #59,858 [Add to Longdo]
[Méng shān, ㄇㄥˊ ㄕㄢ, ] (N) Mengshan (place in Guangxi), #61,307 [Add to Longdo]
[méng mèi, ㄇㄥˊ ㄇㄟˋ, ] uncultured; uncivilized; God-forsaken; ignorant; illiterate, #63,324 [Add to Longdo]
[Méng chéng, ㄇㄥˊ ㄔㄥˊ, ] (N) Mengcheng (place in Anhui), #67,621 [Add to Longdo]
古大学[Nèi Méng gǔ Dà xué, ㄋㄟˋ ㄇㄥˊ ㄍㄨˇ ㄉㄚˋ ㄒㄩㄝˊ, / ] Inner Mongolia University, #72,937 [Add to Longdo]
[ā méng, ㄚ ㄇㄥˊ, ] Amun, deity in Egyptian mythology, also spelled Amon, Amoun, Amen, and rarely Imen, #75,112 [Add to Longdo]
得维的亚[méng dé wéi dì yà, ㄇㄥˊ ㄉㄜˊ ㄨㄟˊ ㄉㄧˋ ㄧㄚˋ, / ] Montevideo (capital of Uruguay), #81,771 [Add to Longdo]
罗维亚[Méng luó wéi yà, ㄇㄥˊ ㄌㄨㄛˊ ㄨㄟˊ ㄧㄚˋ, / ] Monrovia (capital of Liberia), #84,574 [Add to Longdo]
[méng nàn, ㄇㄥˊ ㄋㄢˋ, / ] to meet with disaster; killed; in the clutches of the enemy; to fall foul of; in danger, #86,102 [Add to Longdo]
[Wài Méng gǔ, ㄨㄞˋ ㄇㄥˊ ㄍㄨˇ, ] Outer Mongolia, #89,451 [Add to Longdo]
[Méng yīn, ㄇㄥˊ , / ] (N) Mengyin (place in Shandong), #99,879 [Add to Longdo]
特州[Fó méng tè zhōu, ㄈㄛˊ ㄇㄥˊ ㄊㄜˋ ㄓㄡ, ] Vermont, US state, #100,580 [Add to Longdo]
巴顿[Méng bā dùn, ㄇㄥˊ ㄅㄚ ㄉㄨㄣˋ, / ] Mountbatten (name, Anglicization of German Battenburg); Lord Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma (1900-1979), British commander in Southeast Asia during WWII, presided over the partition of India in 1947, murdered by the IRA., #101,658 [Add to Longdo]
巴音郭楞古自治州[Bā yīn guō léng měng gǔ zì zhì zhōu, ㄅㄚ ㄍㄨㄛ ㄌㄥˊ ㄇㄥˇ ㄍㄨˇ ㄗˋ ㄓˋ ㄓㄡ, ] Bayinguoleng Mongol autonomous prefecture of Xinjiang, #105,239 [Add to Longdo]
大拿州[Méng dà ná zhōu, ㄇㄥˊ ㄉㄚˋ ㄋㄚˊ ㄓㄡ, ] Montana, US state, #106,038 [Add to Longdo]
巴萨[Méng bā sà, ㄇㄥˊ ㄅㄚ ㄙㄚˋ, / ] Mombasa (city in Kenya), #115,222 [Add to Longdo]
埃德[Āi dé méng dùn, ㄞ ㄉㄜˊ ㄇㄥˊ ㄉㄨㄣˋ, / ] Edmonton, #119,511 [Add to Longdo]
海西古族藏族自治州[Hǎi xī Měng gǔ zú Zàng zú zì zhì zhōu, ㄏㄞˇ ㄒㄧ ㄇㄥˇ ㄍㄨˇ ㄗㄨˊ ㄗㄤˋ ㄗㄨˊ ㄗˋ ㄓˋ ㄓㄡ, 西] Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Qinghai, #123,677 [Add to Longdo]
大拿[Méng dà ná, ㄇㄥˊ ㄉㄚˋ ㄋㄚˊ, ] Montana, US state, #127,550 [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
He will never get over his huge business losses.彼は仕事でった莫大な損失から立ち直れないだろう。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Literally paid him not to fight, and promised him another fight if he didn't fight this fight.[CN] -谢谢你 阿尔海 CounterPunch (2017)
You don't have the happiness and willingness to do stuff, create stuff, be creative.[CN] 所以我非常自豪我是一个古人 Barbecue (2017)
Germany and German physics are under threat.[CN] 不要让以前的过节蔽了双眼 Einstein: Chapter One (2017)
You have a lovely home.[JA] すてきな Vampire (2011)
Think of The Wizard of Oz, he's that guy behind the curtains.[CN] 阿尔海不想让他跟科罗博夫打 CounterPunch (2017)
I'm looking for an answer.[CN] 不过紧接着莫尔看到了他们 你也看到了他们 The Queen's Justice (2017)
I realized I might've been giving people the wrong impression.[CN] 最后是 阿达先生 And, finally, Mr. Mohada. Imminent Risk (2017)
The evacuation of key government officials continuing.[JA] 国家に奉仕する者達の 絶えざる消耗をりました Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
How about we go to my place?[JA] 私のに行かなL丶 ? Vampire (2011)
I don't know. When I get home, I take off my bra...[CN] 如果我可以接受我是个女人 没有女性荷尔 也没有丰臀 对我来说都是可行的 那我为何还需要乳房?  ()
The real world will not wait for these bureau-fucking-cratic idiocies.[JA] こんな官僚的昧主義は 現実から掛け離れてる The Good Soldier (2011)
And do they still define a champion?[CN] 阿尔海很开心 他上次放弃金腰带表了忠心 CounterPunch (2017)
I don't know.[CN] 西·罗布雷多斯 Skins (2017)
Criminals deserve no mercy.[JA] 悪に慈悲がられることはない Suicide Squad (2016)
Paid him half a million dollars because he didn't want to take a chance on losing.[CN] -阿尔海 CounterPunch (2017)
Let's go.[CN] 你尝到了吗 西 这就是吃屎的滋味 You taste that, Simon? The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (2017)
Really? Well, perhaps Mr. Zarek could enlighten us.[JA] では、ザレックさんが 啓してくださるでしょう Colonial Day (2005)
He was my father.[CN] 乔拉・莫尔爵士 Eastwatch (2017)
Fuck the glory?[CN] "我听从我最信任的顾问 阿尔海的建议 CounterPunch (2017)
And he's signing a lot of the best fighters... but Haymon rarely does business with competing promoters and their fighters.[CN] 他听阿尔海的话 他们会商量 CounterPunch (2017)
He gave up the belt because he was told to.[CN] 我儿子出生时 阿尔海 CounterPunch (2017)
Those were murderers.[CN] 如果塞古收这笔钱真是为了这个用途 And if that's what the money was for and Sekou took it, 那就实话告诉我和西 tell Simone and tell me, and we'll listen. The Man in the Basement (2017)
Secret compartments have been a part of cabinet-making since the Age of Enlightenment.[JA] 18世紀の啓時代以来 秘密の隠し場所は キャビネットの一部に作られてきた Dirty Laundry (2013)
Okay, I am sending it... now.[CN] 西 你知道他在哪儿吗 Simone, do you know where he is? The Man in the Basement (2017)
- What do you mean?[CN] 西也在场 她都听到了 Simone was there, too. The Covenant (2017)
I wouldn't be here if I hadn't.[CN] 琼恩・雪诺 这是乔拉・莫尔爵士 一个老朋友 Eastwatch (2017)
It's not.[CN] 贝卢蒂水坝事件 怎么说?  ()
No, I can't say I have.[CN] 莫尔 Mormont? Stormborn (2017)
Enlightenment comes through education.[JA] 教えをもって啓するのだ Second Wave (2013)
- If she's busy, I can wait.[CN] 埃斯先生 抱歉给您带来不便 Mr. The Return (2017)
Madam President, can you tell us where you've been the last two days?[CN] 很显然 是埃斯先生 Mr. Emmons, apparently. The Return (2017)
Achieving enlightenment.[JA] 啓を成し遂げるには A Whole World Out There (2015)
I'm afraid not, ma'am.[CN] 埃斯在吗 Is Emmons here? The Return (2017)
Gonna show this world that the new superstar is on his way.[CN] 听说利尔B霍普签了第一份 职业拳击合约时 你不会感到惊讶 他跟阿尔海签了 CounterPunch (2017)
I hope he can justify his absence. Otherwise there would be heavy consequences to deal with.[JA] 門限破り 無断外曰は 厳罰ガ決まり Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (2011)
It began with an impoverished Ronin requesting permission to enter the house of Fujishima.[JA] こnら躙l輩軍幟晨殿の 屋敷を諒ねし 貝士に姶まるもの Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (2011)
- That is not so awesome.[CN] 西说你们帮我把工作争取回来了 So Simone told me you got me my job back. A Flash of Light (2017)
"The works on the fortress which have begun without my permission are considered to be a crime against the code of the Samurai and thereby deemed illegitimate.[JA] J槍 (便者の寅) 葛尾 広晨域畳請のこど 聯法蘆に あ凵背ガるるの肝 J槍 〈雙置と "曲事に 壺し召さォ苳堡ところ・・・" Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (2011)
Purity. Enlightenment.[JA] 純粋さ 啓 Pandorum (2009)
Al Haymon gets him the next fight, close to the same amount of money...[CN] 阿尔海让巧克力小子重返拳击台 对抗爱尔兰拳击手安迪李 他碰巧赢得了WBO中量级金腰带 CounterPunch (2017)
What about your family?[CN] 我被自己的感情蔽 贝尔塔让我看清现状 Einstein: Chapter Six (2017)
Yes, ma'am.[CN] 我是雷德·盖斯特副领事 Einstein: Chapter One (2017)
Mengniu moon milk.[JA] ムーンミルク。 Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)
The Tartars didn't dare crossing our western borders.[JA] "古人がロシアを 侵略しましたが―" "彼らも この大地を 占領することはできずに" The Mirror (1975)
You are not dying today, Ser Jorah.[CN] 你是乔拉·莫尔 You're Jorah Mormont, 杰奥·莫尔的独子 the only son of Jeor Mormont. Stormborn (2017)
I have assigned Omodaka Hikukoro as your second.[JA] (沢潟)"拌箇こ 毒ぃ沢櫑声螂 Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (2011)
Wait.[CN] 罗博·埃斯 Rob Emmons -- Casus Belli (2017)
You were the love of Tim's life, you know that.[CN] 你是否透过雷德·塔斯克的公司 向克莱顿·韦斯特收取过政治献金? Chapter 54 (2017)
If you wanna do things the right way, you always have to get the right opponents.[CN] 阿尔海大手笔地花钱 好极了 CounterPunch (2017)
And the new WBO middleweight champion of the world,[CN] 彼得奎林 巧克力小子 是当今最炙手可热的拳击手之一 (山姆沃特森 海拳击) CounterPunch (2017)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[けいもう, keimou] Aufklaerung, Erziehung [Add to Longdo]

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