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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
花板[はないた, hanaita] (n) superior chef (Japanese cuisine) [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
花板[tiān huā bǎn, ㄊㄧㄢ ㄏㄨㄚ ㄅㄢˇ, ] ceiling [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
We found fingerprints and semen in the ceiling's crawlspace of Kate's old apartment.[CN] 我们在Kate公寓的天花板夹层里 发现了你的指纹和精液 Pilot (2014)
But what are you going to do?[CN] {\fnMicrosoft YaHei}我不会对Fredrick他们家的天花板怎样的 {\fnMicrosoft YaHei}你得赶紧给他们找个真正的水管工 Manchester by the Sea (2016)
Yeah, I heard at the last scene, he scrawled Russell's daughter's name on the walls and ceiling.[CN] 对 我听说在最后一个现场 他在墙壁和天花板上 涂满了Russell女儿的名字 那个我不知道 The CSI Effect (2014)
- Who told you this?[CN] 你知道人们在搜索什么 就知道一切 他们的希望 恐惧 他们半夜盯着天花板 Chapter 45 (2016)
Brains are still hanging off the ceiling.[CN] 他的腦子還掛在天花板上呢 The Ten Commandments Killer (2015)
It's impossible to infiltrate.[CN] 无论是地板 墙壁还是天花板 One Piece Film: Gold (2016)
The wall near the ceiling.[CN] 触摸靠近天花板的墙 Champion (2016)
And then, ABC News' studio collapsed.[CN] 然而,ABC演播室的天花板倒塌了 Best of Enemies: Buckley vs. Vidal (2015)
In it were two centuries of ghosts, all the Presidents and First Ladies before them.[CN] 这是一片布置精致的无人之地 丝绒地毯和高悬的天花板隔开了两间卧房 Chapter 47 (2016)
So the sewage is still pouring through the ceiling?[CN] 所以天花板還在滲髒水嗎 Brooklyn (2015)
Tragically, we can now confirm that one of the victims was an undercover police officer killed in the line of duty.[CN] 警方在某幢正在翻修的建筑物天花板顶上 The police have identified three shooting victims 发现了三个枪击受害者 found behind the sheetrock of an apartment building 身份已经得到证实 that's undergoing a remodel. I Am Wrath (2016)
Dude, this is a good example of someone being so invested in what they want.[CN] 讲真 要是刚刚把天花板冲破了 就有好戏看了 Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)
There's so much space.[CN] 我还有点紧张 大概是因为天花板 Who Will Survive? (2015)
Let's get out of here.[CN] 往上看天花板 - 好的 Tunnel (2016)
The ceiling's clean.[CN] 天花板是干净的 The ceiling's clean. Other Lives (2015)
Well, you have a lot on your shoulders.[CN] 我就算躺床上也只会盯着天花板发呆 Chapter 51 (2016)
Get up and stand on this ceiling like a man.[CN] 像男人一样站在天花板 What We Do in the Shadows (2014)
- Is that my phone?[CN] 小心脚步,我刚涂完天花板 Rings (2017)
- Stay away from the blue wires that run through the ceiling.[CN] 我去看看 离穿过天花板的蓝线远一点 Contents Under Pressure (2014)
You say she lives in the ceiling?[CN] 那女人住在... -她住在天花板上? The woman who lives... Why Him? (2016)
You told me that woman was flying around your ceiling.[CN] 你跟我说那个女人 在你的天花板上飞来飞去 Pay the Ghost (2015)
Shoot the roof.[CN] 注意天花板 Close Range (2015)
Pieces of the ceiling start flying, and then all of a sudden, the whole thing started giving away.[CN] 天花板上的装饰板开始掉落 然后突然一下子整个天花板崩塌了 Best of Enemies: Buckley vs. Vidal (2015)
You know, just big 10,000-gallon tanks of cold water, dropped from the ceiling.[CN] 知道吧 一萬加侖[3.8萬升左右]的大罐子 裝滿冷水 從天花板往下倒 Steve Jobs (2015)
Everything's consistent, except for... castoff patterns on the ceiling and on the floor to the south there.[CN] 一切都吻合 除了... 南面那边天花板和地上的抛甩状血迹 它们与谋杀场景根本不符 The CSI Effect (2014)
HIPS UP TO THE CEILING,[CN] 臀部到天花板 My Boyfriends' Dogs (2014)
It's a crawlspace.[CN] 天花板的夹层 Pilot (2014)
There are many explanations for hearing marble noises from the ceiling.[CN] 关于天花板上的弹珠声 有很多种说法 The Great Hypnotist (2014)
Can we switch?[CN] 我的头会撞到天花板 好痛 New Boys, New Girls, New City (2015)
The planets and stuff on your ceiling.[CN] 天花板上的行星 If the Shoe Fits (2014)
Jamie installed a spy camera in the ceiling of the bathroom, and he made a video of you.[CN] 杰米安装了间谍相机 在浴室的天花板上, 和他做你的视频。 Summer of Blood (2014)
Mmm, in a very, like, "Huh. A ceiling tile" sort of way.[CN] 嗯 完全就是"哈 一块天花板瓷砖啊" 这个样子 The End of the Tour (2015)
It's a kind of strainer that hangs from the roof of their mouth.[CN] 它像是一种筛网... 从鲸嘴的天花板上挂下来 Humpback Whales (2015)
The vault door isn't that old, messing with it runs the risk of a fail-safe... unless we want to hire professionals safe crackers...[CN] 好吧,我刚才说了,从天花板进去。 The Trust (2016)
This part of the ceiling's about to collapse.[CN] 这部分天花板的快要崩溃了。 Dominoes (2014)
To the right, way to the right.[CN] 靠近天花板的墙 Champion (2016)
Who puts a roof on a scooter![CN] 谁把天花板上的自行车吗? 你觉得教皇? Spy (2015)
Great.[CN] {\fnMicrosoft YaHei}因为如果水是从你上面的楼层来的 {\fnMicrosoft YaHei}你的天花板或墙壁都会被水浸坏 而他们现在都是干的 Manchester by the Sea (2016)
To the ceiling.[CN] 在天花板上。 Reach Me (2014)
You're going to crash into the ceiling![CN] 鸣人 要撞到天花板 The Last: Naruto the Movie (2014)
Right here. Come on, baby. Where's the bathroom?[CN] 本來在地上的擺設都在天花板上了 真酷 #MurphysLaw (2015)
That's right.[CN] 你刚才说我们从 天花板钻下去。 The Trust (2016)
- Oh. I should warn you...[CN] 天花板还要加固定 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)
You need to increase your spider intake, so he'll be able to climb ceilings properly.[CN] 你要多吃点蜘蛛 You need to increase your spider intake, 这样他才能爬上天花板 so he'll be able to climb ceilings properly. Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)
In fact, the only time I feel like myself is when I'm running.[CN] 这就是为什麽我会彻夜不眠,盯着天花板 The Girl on the Train (2016)
How'd a water stain get there?[CN] 天花板怎么会有水渍? How'd a water stain get there? Night Finds You (2015)
Take that, glass ceiling.[CN] 听见了吗 玻璃天花板 The Champagne Reflection (2014)
An overweight girl dangling from the ceiling.[CN] 一个超重的姑娘从天花板上垂吊而下 An overweight girl dangling from the ceiling. Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
- Hanging on a rope from the ceiling.[CN] - 从用绳子吊在天花板上。 Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)
Sounds good.[CN] 好 我明天来 我们从天花板开始 The Purge: Election Year (2016)

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