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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
船旅[ふなたび, funatabi] (n) trip by boat; (P) [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
I am a poor sailor, so I don't like to travel by boat.私は船に弱いので、船旅は好きではない。
For their honeymoon they took a voyage around the world.新婚旅行には世界一周の船旅をした。
Some people cannot bear traveling by sea.船旅に耐えられない人もいる。
Traveling by sea is a lot of fun.船旅はとても楽しい。
It took years of saving, but their seagoing vacation come true at last.貯金するのに何年もかかったが、彼らの船旅での休暇はとうとう実現した。
The long voyage was a trial for us.長い船旅は私たちにとって試練であった。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
We go on riverboat-gambling trips. We make our own beef jerky.[CN] 我们一起上赌船旅行 我们自己做啤酒牛肉干 Step Brothers (2008)
- I knew a nice sea trip would change your mind.[JA] 素敵な船旅にでも 行ってきたら? Heartbreaker (2010)
My name's Ahab and I'm travelling in my boat.[CN] 288)}我叫Achab 288)}乘著小船旅 Capitaine Achab (2007)
- You were going on a cruise.[CN] -你不是要坐船旅行嘛, Chinaman (2005)
A fellow and his girl going to take a boat trip, they usually dress for it, don't they?[CN] 一男一个要去乘船旅行,通常要换衣服,对不? Raw Deal (1948)
Have you told her the story of your Alaskan cruise?[JA] 彼女にアラスカ船旅の話をした? 13 Sins (2014)
When I was a lad, a journey down the rivers of England was a truly blithe experience.[CN] 当我还是一个小孩子时 在英国乘船旅行 是一件相当愉快的事情 Frenzy (1972)
So when I didn't hear from you I decided to take an ocean cruise.[JA] だからちょっと船旅 What's Up, Tiger Lily? (1966)
And from there you can get any number of boat trips:[JA] そこでは、ありとあらゆる船旅が楽しめる The Railway Man (2013)
I had never made a sea voyage before.[CN] 我還沒試過坐船旅行呢 Voyager (1991)
My colleagues and I are hoping that you guys have a wonderful and safe trip.[JA] あなた方には楽しく かつ安全な船旅 The Sunshine State (2008)
Everyone is saying how well you planned this cruise.[CN] 每个人都在说你安排的邮船旅行多好。 {\cH00FFFF}{\3cH000000}Everyone is saying how well you planned this cruise. Dil Dhadakne Do (2015)
But his greatest dream was to construct... a luxury locomotive cruise line... connecting railways of the entire world into one.[JA] しかし、彼の最も素晴らしい夢は、 構想概念にあったのです 贅沢な機関車による船旅会社 全世界ひとつに結びつける鉄道 Snowpiercer (2013)
Nice night for a boat ride.[CN] 乘船旅行的良宵 The Cheap Detective (1978)
I mean, give him a job like a trip up the river or a fireworks party-[CN] 我是说,如果给他一个工作,象是坐船旅行或者烟火派对 John and Mary (1969)
We're on a ship here. You know, were all at sea with a bunch of strangers. It's very simple.[CN] 我們是群陌生人,一起遊船旅遊 除此以外沒別的了 Voyager (1991)
Take a cruise...[CN] 搭船旅游 -- Men in Black (1997)
We traveled by ship, and we were in England and Morocco... and all over the harbor.[CN] 爸爸,我们搭船旅行 到过英国跟摩洛哥 在海港那边,我还看到海豚 Nowhere in Africa (2001)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
船旅[ふなたび, funatabi] Schiffsreise, Seefahrt [Add to Longdo]

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