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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
臭虫[chòu chóng, ㄔㄡˋ ㄔㄨㄥˊ, ] bedbug (Cimex lectularius) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Doing what Bugsy did. We want his job.[CN] 做臭虫原来做的事情 我们会取代他 Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
We'll get that no-good worm when we come back.[CN] 再抓那只臭虫 The Fox and the Hound (1981)
This little bugger was sitting behind us in the cinema...[CN] 这个小臭虫在电影院里坐在我们后边... Deep End (1970)
- Don't let the bed bugs bite. - Coming, Simon?[CN] 当心别喂臭虫 走啊,赛蒙 Death on the Nile (1978)
- What's Bugsy want?[CN] -臭虫怎么说? Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
had become the curator of my bug collection.[CN] 成了我收集的臭虫的 监护人 Léolo (1992)
You useless, ungrateful maggot![CN] 你这只没有用的臭虫 Antz (1998)
Bedbugs.[CN] - 有臭虫 10 Rillington Place (1971)
Well, good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.[CN] 晚安,好好睡,别被臭虫咬了 Stuart Little (1999)
Come on, dig, guys, or we're going to be smashed flat![CN] 不然就会像臭虫一样被辗死 Goryachiy sneg (1972)
We have no bugs.[CN] 没有臭虫,没有跳蚤 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (1958)
Now, I don't know whose idea it was to hang a shingle on Hillsboro spelling "horse-and-buggy".[CN] 我也不知道这是谁的想法 在希尔斯伯勒上挂了一条标签 写着"只有马和臭虫" Inherit the Wind (1960)
One of these days, the worm is gonna churn and nip you all right in the butt![CN] 总有一天臭虫会咬掉你们的屁股 My Name Is Nobody (1973)
Well, hey, you. Don't let the bedbugs bite.[CN] 好吧,你别给臭虫咬了 Ghostbusters II (1989)
So why does Bugsy pay you?[CN] 臭虫为什么要付你钱? Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
Bugsy'll flatten you.[CN] 臭虫会揍扁你们的 Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
And yellow and black folk are only stains on it.[CN] 黄色和黑都只是臭虫 Love Collage (2003)
Bugs, dirt, twigs.[CN] 臭虫 烂泥 树枝 The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton (2000)
Bugsy.[CN] 臭虫 Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
Buffy?[CN] Buffy? 丑陋的臭虫"这个词让它们自卑 The words "bug Teacher's Pet (1997)
Eyes open all the time. Understood?[CN] 卫星图像没有捕捉到任何散热特征 这并不意味着树上没有爬满那些爱啃鲜肉的臭虫 Isle of the Dead (2016)
First, no bugs.[CN] 第一,没有臭虫 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (1958)
Bedbugs here up the wazoo![CN] 臭虫都走出来了! Khrustalyov, My Car! (1998)
-Don't let the bedbugs bite.[CN] -别让臭虫咬了 Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)
Bugsy's coming![CN] 臭虫来了! Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.[CN] 睡个好觉 别被臭虫咬到 Graduation Day (1981)
First it'll just be the bugs eating at you.[CN] 首先臭虫会来咬你 A Time to Kill (1996)
You're connecting my computer bug with one you might've had and some religious hogwash.[CN] 你遇到了我也遇到的计算机臭虫和一些虔诚的笨蛋 Pi (1998)
How can I sleep with all the bugs in my bed?[CN] 臭虫多得能把人抬起 怎么能睡得着了 Chat sup yee ga fong hak (1973)
Samantha, bring in a fly swatter. There's a bug in my office.[CN] 萨曼塔,把苍蝇拍拿来 我办公室里有一只臭虫 Episode #2.10 (1990)
I'm serious about those bedbugs. Keep an eye open.[CN] 我可不是开玩笑的 真的有臭虫,小心点 Stuart Little (1999)
£­ Hey, come on. £­ What are you doing? Mom's making herself tea.[CN] 臭虫没什么可怕的,你们很安全 Ray Home Alone (1999)
Wretched, slummy bedbug![CN] 粗鄙肮脏的臭虫 A Clockwork Orange (1971)
I'm so sorry.[CN] 妈妈 玛莉叫我"臭虫" Einstein: Chapter One (2017)
Blend--blend in.[CN] 融入,融入他们 嘿,小臭虫... 别叫他,他身上可能有跳蚤 A Bug's Life (1998)
Bugsy said we could take the dollar or we could roll the drunk.[CN] 臭虫说我们可以拿一块钱 或者抢个醉鬼 Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
I got bitten by bugs at night[CN] 晚上的时候,被臭虫咬得要死 A Time to Live and a Time to Die (1985)
What's wrong with all of you? Ya wanna die here?[CN] oh 你们都是怎么了 我的上帝 你们都想死在这里 被臭虫吃掉? Death in the Garden (1956)
Paul![CN] 旁边去 你这个臭虫 Einstein: Chapter One (2017)
- Bugsy's got a job for us.[CN] -臭虫有活给咱干 Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
Noodles was telling me about Bugsy.[CN] 面条跟我说过一个叫臭虫的人 Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
Just like you did for Bugsy.[CN] 就像你对臭虫所做的 Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
Bye, Squeeks. Bye.[CN] 再见了 小臭虫 The Fox and the Hound (1981)
Why don't you talk to them, bug to bug?[CN] 为何你不跟它们谈 臭虫臭虫 Lost in Space (1998)
Don't let the bedbugs bite.[CN] 别让臭虫咬了 Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)
You watch yourself 'cause we're cleaning up the dirt around here.[CN] 你最好自个当心点,我们要把这带的臭虫都清理出去 King of the Hill (1993)
Fuck off, you dirty cunt.[CN] 去你妈的,你这个臭虫 Naked (1993)
On your knees, you worm![CN] 跪下 你这个臭虫 Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future (1973)
£­ Because in the neighborhood£­£­ £­ Yeah, we know![CN] 盖好辈子,别让臭虫咬了 Ray Home Alone (1999)
Hey, it's him, it's him. Squeeks.[CN] 是他 小臭虫 The Fox and the Hound (1981)

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