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自夸[zì kuā, ㄗˋ ㄎㄨㄚ, / ] boast [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Idon'twantto be tooboastfuleither, Mr.Kinnick, but you're talking to the only chaperone in all of Nevada.[CN] 我也不想太自夸,金尼克先生 但是你跟内华达州的唯一一个 "监护人"说话 Wild Card (2015)
Iovers of money... boastful... proud... having a form of godliness, but denying its power.[CN] 爱钱... ... 自夸... Girls Gone Dead (2012)
Not to brag... but did I make us a delicious anniversary meal?[CN] 不是自夸 可这算不算一顿美味的周年纪念餐 Sex and the City 2 (2010)
I'm not being arrogant, but I know my mother best.[CN] 不是我,来自夸,我最了解是我妈 The Great Magician (2011)
Now, that is impressive if I do say so myself. Huh?[CN] 真是令人叹为观止,不是我自夸 TRON: Legacy (2010)
Toby: Is that arm a little sore Arroyo:[CN] 自夸自擂嘴巴不累吗 Is that arm a little sore from patting yourself on the back? Going South (2015)
"I don't believe Sir Boast-a-lot's stories.[CN] "我不相信自夸骑士的故事" The Reichenbach Fall (2012)
Rather a clever one, if I do say so myself.[CN] 恕我自夸 远不止此 Shadow Box (2012)
Sometimes, you brag.[CN] 说的不对么? 你有时候就是喜欢自夸 Welcome to Paradise (2014)
You're just complimenting yourself.[CN] 你这叫自夸 The Gang Dines Out (2012)
But that wasn't the end of Sir Boast-a-lot's problem.[CN] 但自夸骑士的最终问题还不是这个 The Reichenbach Fall (2012)
I'd like to take credit, but Gabriella picked it out.[CN] 我想自夸 但这是盖比瑞拉选的 High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
That's the self-indulgent, self-entitled, optimistic pink hurricane[CN] 那就是我通过镜头看到的 自负自夸 Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure (2011)
And soon they began to wonder, "Are Sir Boast-a-lot's stories even true?"[CN] 很快他们就开始怀疑 自夸爵士的故事究竟是不是真的 The Reichenbach Fall (2012)
Now, the winners will get epic bragging rights![CN] 胜出的队伍可以得到 Now, the winners will get 史诗级的自夸权利! epic bragging rights! Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
See, I'm a considerable gambler, if that isn't being too boastful and safety means much to me.[CN] 你看,我是个比较嗜赌的人 说句很自夸的话 安全因素对我是很重要的 Wild Card (2015)
People with nothing to hide don't usually feel the need to say so.[CN] 没隐瞒事情的人 通常不会自卖自夸 Say the Word (2012)
Before we start patting ourselves on the back, can we talk about what we're doing to Jesse?[CN] - 对极了 在我们开始自夸前 能说说我们对Jesse在做什么吗? Blind Spot (2010)
See, that's what I like about you, Halder - no showing off, no bragging, just a quiet determination.[CN] 看,这正是我喜欢您的地方,哈尔德 - 不炫耀,不自夸 只是安静果敢 Good (2008)
False is the vaunt of the victor,[CN] 胜利的自夸是虚伪 Basilone (2010)
Everyone in politics likes to brag that they're a person of faith.[CN] 圣经 政治界的每个人 都喜欢自夸有某种信仰 Religulous (2008)
This is the story of Sir Boast-a-lot.[CN] 这是自夸骑士的故事 The Reichenbach Fall (2012)
Han, not cool to brag about yourself.[CN] Han 自夸是不行的 And the DJ Face (2014)
And enough with wisecracks! The place's deserted.[CN] 不是自夸,这一带只有干枯的沙漠 Redline (2009)
But given the Chief Minister's boast that he'll win this election by a record margin, you think your political reputation is at stake here?[CN] 但是首席部长自夸 他会创纪录的赢得选举 你认为你的政治声望有危险吗 Peepli (Live) (2010)
I don't want to seem pretentious but... even in tough times, I can assure you that you'll want for nothing.[CN] 不是我自夸 尽管时局动荡 我也可以让你衣食无忧 La negociación (2012)
With the risk of being too clever for myself, social inheritance is an irrefutable fact.[CN] 我不想自夸 但是,P 的基因 是个不可否认的事实 Nymphomaniac: Vol. II (2013)
I'm not trying to boast, but I feel a great sense of pride in what we do.[CN] 我不是要自夸 但我非常以我们的职责为荣 Never Let Me Go (2010)
It does not boast.[CN] 它不自夸 What If... (2010)
-But, Donny...[CN] 但是唐尼 我可不是自夸 That's My Boy (2012)
- Pretty smurfy, if I do say so myself.[CN] 不是我自夸真的很漂亮 The Smurfs (2011)
No matter how much the Columba boast of their speed and mobility, the Brigas' mighty warships and armored forces remain as great a threat as ever.[CN] 无论Columba多么自夸 他们的速度和移动性, 在Brigas威武的军舰和装甲部队前 Garm Wars: The Last Druid (2014)
So, all you phonies out there, the next time you think about calling yourself a hero, think again, 'cause Bud the Imposter Hunter is out there looking for you.[CN] 所以 所有还在逍遥法外的骗子给我听着 下一次当你想自夸自擂的时候 小心一点 因为骗子猎手Bud Stolen Valor (2014)
But did I mention that it's world-famous?[CN] 9美元,不过我有自夸闻名世界吗? The Raven (2012)
Mexicans have never been lauded for their intelligence.[CN] 墨西哥人 不会自夸他们的能耐 Sweetwater (2013)
Now I'm bragging, but it's very nice having a second income.[CN] 我不想自夸,不过能赚外快真好 The Heat (2013)
If they do, they don't brag about it as loudly.[CN] 即使她们做了 也不会自夸 While You Were Sleeping (2014)
Well, who else would I talk about?[CN] 只有你会把一桩惨案 变成自夸的理由 St. Lucifer (2016)
That's a great line coming from the guy selling the sticks.[CN] 听着更像王婆卖瓜,自卖自夸 Iron Man (2008)
And you did brag.[CN] 而且你确实自夸 Sex and the City 2 (2010)
Found his SUV parked on the highway near a foreclosure sign them Calvin Co shoes he always boasted about in the road.[CN] 在取消赎回权的告示牌附近 发现他的休旅车被停放在公路上 他总是自夸的凯尔文公司鞋 被遗留在路上 Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009)
A hero doesn't brag, he deflects.[CN] 英雄不自夸,而是赞扬别人 The Deep Web (2014)
Wonder, sir, how you found the time to hone such delicacy in your steps.[CN] 凯瑟琳夫人亲自夸过我的轻盈舞步 Lady Catherine herself has praised me on my lightness of foot. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)
The best way to get him to leak intel is to get him bragging.[CN] 让他吐露机密最好的方式就是让他开始自夸 A Fractured House (2014)
Sir Boast-a-lot was the bravest and cleverest knight at the round table.[CN] 自夸骑士是圆桌骑士中 最勇敢 也是最聪明的骑士 The Reichenbach Fall (2012)
You did your best to write it, right, Michi?[CN] 虽然是在自卖自夸 Appeal (2017)
What? Digging your own grave?[CN] 那我就自卖自夸 Genomu hazâdo: Aru tensai kagakusha no 5-kakan (2013)
I don't mean to brag, but I'm great at sports.[CN] 虽然有自夸的嫌疑 体育全能 成绩嘛 For Love's Sake (2012)
Last night at the Best-Of, a guy from Castellane boasted about shooting Charly.[CN] 昨晚在Best -Of, 一个来自卡斯特拉的家伙自夸是他杀了查尔斯. 22 Bullets (2010)
You bragged about how much money you saved up for your grandson, right?[CN] 你常常自夸为乖孙存了很多钱 Villain (2010)

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