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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
纹理[wén lǐ, ㄨㄣˊ ㄌㄧˇ, / ] vein lines (in marble or fingerprint); grain (in wood etc) [Add to Longdo]

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Look at the rich texture, the dimensions.[CN] 看那饱满的纹理,尺寸 Who Pooped the Bed? (2008)
The name 'waved albatross' comes from the delicate pattern of their feathers[CN] 它们的别名"波浪信天翁" 来自于羽毛上细致的波浪型纹理 Born of Fire (2006)
It can be... a skin fold by the lips or an emotion in the eyes.[CN] 可以是... 嘴唇的皮肤纹理 或者是眼睛的神采 Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)
Look at the thread on the tyre, still good huh, we are in business.[CN] 看看轮胎的纹理, 还不错吧,我们有赞助商了 Drive (2011)
And he's sitting next to me and they had to roll the veins so they didn't like get knotted or anything.[CN] 他坐在我的旁边 他们必须转动这些纹理 那样他们就不会像 是打结或者其他什么 Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010)
You still are.[CN] 但是我看到了你的纹理 A Moment to Remember (2004)
The veins of leaves.[CN] 树叶的纹理 Wings of Desire (1987)
Texture, not the color. Certainly comes in many colors...[CN] 纹理 而不是颜色 当然有很多颜色... Wrong (2012)
Your destiny is not in your palm lines. It's in your might.[CN] 命运不是看手相纹理, 而是靠你的拳头 Chandni Chowk to China (2009)
I don't know about this grain.[CN] 这纹理我就不懂了 You're Next (2011)
And I have to have the seven-tiered... white chocolate-curl torte, enrobed in marzipan with edible pearls and flourishes.[CN] 我要有七层的白巧克力蛋糕 上面撒杏仁软糖 还要花瓣和纹理 Bride Wars (2009)
By doing that, men destroyed the natural structure of the land.[CN] 同时 却也切断了山坡原本自然的纹理和结构 Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above (2013)
Here, on the lighter side, there are little veins and a very fine down...[CN] 这里,叶子的背面 有细致的纹理和纤细的绒毛... ... The Double Life of Véronique (1991)
That becomes a texture rather than words and spaces.[CN] 这成为一个纹理 而不是单词和空格。 Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013)
It's found in Japanese blue bark textured glass, which is used in making tiles, statuary and objets d'art.[CN] 常见于日系蓝色树皮纹理的玻璃 用在制造瓷砖 塑像 或是艺术品 The Twin Paradox (2014)
The human heart is a dense and powerful muscle much like the organic equivalent of mahogany.[CN] 人类心脏... 是一群密集的强劲肌肉... 看起来有如一块有纹理的桃花芯木. From Hell (2001)
Well, judging by the state of rigor, the condition of the wounds, and the texture of the blood,[CN] 好了, 通过严谨的状态判断, 伤口的情况下, 和血液中的纹理 Lizzie Borden Took an Ax (2014)
That each has its own internal markings, rings and knots... and its own external markings from the machinery used to mill the raw timber... and these that mark the tools used to build the ladder.[CN] 每种木材都有自己独特的内部纹理 年轮和栀... 还有独特的外在纹理 是机器打磨原木的时候形成的 这些说明了制造梯子的工具 J. Edgar (2011)
- It's got no texture, no energy. It's all flat. - That's the way I see it![CN] 结果没有纹理,没有活力,完全没有层次 这正是我看到的样子! Lust for Life (1956)
It's the perfect color and so hip[CN] 色泽纹理需耐看 Suited for Success (2011)
I mean, look at the grain in this hardwood floor.[CN] 我的意思是,看看这硬木地板的纹理 Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves! (1997)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre was like one of those 16-millimeter accident films... they'd show you in school... the grain of it and the saturated color of it.[CN] 《德州电锯杀人狂》应该是 一部16毫米的事故电影... 发生在学校里... 它的纹理和深沉的颜色 American Movie (1999)
TEXTURAL QUALITY.[CN] 并呈现出一些纹理质感 Side by Side (2012)
- Grain looks nice, doesn't it?[CN] -纹理还不错吧 You're Next (2011)
It's important, even with different styles and textures.[CN] 包括不同的纹理和花纹 Made of Honor (2008)
A touch, a texture, a scent may put a note in my head.[CN] 触觉 纹理和气味都会在我脑中形成文字 A touch, a texture, a scent may put a note in my head. The Locked Room (2014)
But each textured pebble, each grain of white sand... was transported and reassembled here exactly in place... by a team of some of our more obsessive patients.[CN] 每一块纹理鹅卵石 每一粒白色的沙子 都被空运过来 并按原样组装 由我们医院的一群强迫症病患完成 Inherent Vice (2014)
The fabric of reality is pulled aside like a veil for me to see through.[CN] 现实的纹理像薄纱一样被揭开 使我看清一切 The Physician (2013)
The flavors are there, the texture's there, but it's just, sadly, your clumsiest plate.[CN] 味道很足 纹理也很细 不过很遗憾 摆盘太乱 Top 3 Compete (2014)
And the marbling on this piece is consistent with human musculature.[CN] - 这块肉上的肌肉纹理和人的肌肉组织相符 The Mystery in the Meat (2013)
We could use one of these textures. They've got the rattan.[CN] 我们可以这种纹理中的一种 他们是用藤条做的. 9½ Weeks (1986)
- This is like, really really boring.[CN] - 纹理很细致 20th Century Women (2016)
- You're losing the grain on the jerseys![CN] - 你这样会破坏毛线衫的纹理 Save the Tiger (1973)
Your destiny isn't in your palm lines. It's in your might.[CN] 命运不是看手相纹理, 而是靠你的拳头 Chandni Chowk to China (2009)
Designating texture.[CN] 设定结构纹理 Cloud Atlas (2012)
I need a microscope to know for sure, but the texture appears accurate.[CN] 我需要用显微镜确定一下 不过纹理是对的 The Perfect Mark (2013)
Look at the veins of the wood.[CN] 看木的纹理 The Son (2002)
This powder's so coarse, I can't see the ridges and characteristics clearly.[CN] 这个粉末质量太低劣 我看不太清楚这个纹理和特点 The Lodger (1944)
Since the shape and grain of each piece is unique, they`re impossible to forge.[CN] 因为每个球形状和纹理都不同 所以不可能被伪造 Minority Report (2002)
We were interested in how to get the textures and fuzz-tones and how to sound like[CN] 我们非常有兴趣 在如何让纹理 和模糊色调以及如何听起来像 Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (2012)
Let's wait for Mr Shavile the cause and effect of it is very simple it seems not so compact.[CN] 来龙去脉很简单 这不紧凑.我没有纹理 Fanfan (2003)
IT GIVES YOU A VARIETY OF[CN] 我热爱颗粒感和纹理 Side by Side (2012)
A worthy addition to any ludus.[CN] 紧凑的肌肉纹理 Beneath the Mask (2011)
I DON'T KNOW, THE TEXTURE IS JUST LIKE, YOU KNOW.[CN] ... 我不知道 知道,纹理只是喜欢, 你知道的。 The Silent Thief (2012)

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