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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
[しんし, shinshi] สุภาพบุรุษ

Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[紳, shēn, ㄕㄣ] girdle, tie; gentry; to bend
Radical: Decomposition: 糹 (sī )  申 (shēn ㄕㄣ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] silk

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
貴顕[きけんしんし, kikenshinshi] (n) gentlemen of (high) eminence; notables; dignitaries [Add to Longdo]
貴顕[きけんしんしょう, kikenshinshou] (n) merchant prince [Add to Longdo]
[きしん, kishin] (n) noble; men of rank; notables [Add to Longdo]
[しんし, shinshi] (n) (See 婦人) gentleman; (P) [Add to Longdo]
士協定[しんしきょうてい, shinshikyoutei] (n) gentlemen's agreement; (P) [Add to Longdo]
士靴[しんしぐつ, shinshigutsu] (n) men's shoes [Add to Longdo]
士的[しんしてき, shinshiteki] (adj-na) gentlemanly [Add to Longdo]
士風[しんしふう, shinshifuu] (adj-no) gentlemanly; gentlemanlike; in the manner of a gentleman [Add to Longdo]
士服[しんしふく, shinshifuku] (n) suits for gentlemen; menswear [Add to Longdo]
士用[しんしよう, shinshiyou] (n) for men; male- [Add to Longdo]
士用装身具商人[しんしようそうしんぐしょうにん, shinshiyousoushingushounin] (n) haberdasher [Add to Longdo]
士録[しんしろく, shinshiroku] (n) (who's who) directory [Add to Longdo]
[しんしょう, shinshou] (n) a wealthy merchant [Add to Longdo]
[でんしん, denshin] (n) country gentleman [Add to Longdo]
[ろうしんし, roushinshi] (n) old gentleman; elderly gentleman [Add to Longdo]
;搢(oK)[しんしん, shinshin] (n) person of rank; person of status; ranked official [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[shēn, ㄕㄣ, / ] member of gentry [Add to Longdo]
绅士[shēn shì, ㄕㄣ ㄕˋ, / ] gentleman [Add to Longdo]
乡绅[xiāng shēn, ㄒㄧㄤ ㄕㄣ, / ] a scholar or government official living in one's village; a village gentleman; squire [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
Two gentlemen have been waiting to see you.2人の士があなたを待ち続けています。
Who is the gentleman all dressed in black?あの黒ずくめの士は誰ですか。
How did you come to know that gentleman?あの士とどのように知り合いになったのか。
That gentleman must be a doctor.あの士は医師にちがいない。
Who is that gentleman?あの士は誰ですか。
He cannot be a gentleman to say such a rude thing.あんな失礼なことを言うなんて、彼は士であるはずがない。
That store sells men's wear.あの店は士服を売っています。
This shop carries men's clothing.この店は士用品を扱っている。
Excuse me, but where is the men's shoes department?すみません士靴売り場はどこでしょう。
Sir Harold is a fine English gentleman.サー・ハロルドは立派な英国士です。
Such conduct does not become a gentleman.そのような行為は士に相応しくない。
One of the gentlemen who were present addressed the pupils.その場にいた士の1人が、生徒たちに話し掛けた。
He must be a gentleman to act that way.そのようにふるまうとは彼は士にちがいない。
I remember seeing the gentleman before.その士には以前あった覚えがある。
Tell me what the gentleman is like.その士はどんな人かおしえて下さい。
The gentleman is a very famous pianist.その士は大変有名なピアニストである。
Those old people manufacture men's cloths.その老人たちは士服を生産します。
The detective disguised himself as an old gentleman.その探偵は年老いた士に変装した。
Those old people manufacture men's clothes.その老人たちは士服を製造します。
Why don't you try to behave like a gentleman?どうして士らしくふるまおうとしないのか。
Mr Hawk is a kind gentleman.ホーク氏は親切な士だ。
The gentleman with his pipe in his mouth is a famous reviewer.パイプをくわえたその士は有名な評論家です。
The man I saw yesterday was a complete gentleman.昨日会った人はまったくの士だった。
Who is that gentleman in spectacles?めがねをかけたあの士はどなたですか。
Our teacher is a gentleman in the true sense of the word.われわれの先生は真の意味で士です。
I met a certain gentleman at the station.駅である士に会った。
Your conduct doesn't become a gentleman.君の行動は士らしくない。 [M]
The factory is keyed to produce men's wear.工場は士服をもっぱら生産している。
Please behave like an English gentleman.英国士のように振舞ってください。
He is far from being a gentleman.決して彼は士ではない。
I saw the old gentleman cross the street and enter a store on the corner.私はその老士が通りを横切って角の店に入るのを見た。
I remember seeing that gentleman somewhere.私はあの士にどこかで会った覚えがあります。
We had a friendly talk with the gentleman.私たちはその士と親しく話した。
I know the gentleman.私はその士を知っている。
He is anything but a gentleman.彼が士だなんてとんでもない。
A gentleman would not do such a thing.士であれば、そんなことはしないでしょう。
A gentleman would not spit on the street.士なら、道につばなど吐かないだろう。
A gentleman wouldn't do such a thing.士ならそんなことはしません。
A gentleman would not say such a thing.士ならそんなことは言わないだろう。
Any gentleman would not use such language.士なら誰もそんな言葉は使わないでしょう。
Like a gentleman, he rose and offered her his seat.士らしく彼は立って自分の席を彼女に勧めた。
It is not men's faults that ruin them so much as the manner in which they conduct themselves after the faults have been committed.生まれながらの士を特徴づけるのは、何を身につけているかということよりも、むしろどのようにそれを身につけているかということである。
Gentlemen first.士の人からお先にどうぞ。
A gentleman is always kind to others.士はいつも他人に親切である。
He is a real gentleman.彼こそ本物の士だ。
His manners were not those of a gentleman.彼の行儀は士のそれではなかった。
He is nothing of a gentleman.彼には士らしいところがまるでない。
Who is that gentleman to whom he is speaking?彼が話をしている士は誰ですか。
His dress is that of a gentleman but his speech and behavior are those of a clown.彼の身なりは士のそれだが、その言葉づかいと振る舞いはいないか者のそれである。
His manner are not those of gentleman.彼の態度は士の態度ではありません。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Okay, gents...[JA] 士各位... Colossal (2016)
Gentlemen in his position...[CN] 他這種地位的士... Jane Eyre (2011)
And surprisingly enough, all these gentlemen were arguing:[CN] 非常奇怪的是 這些士們一直在爭論 Inside Job (2010)
sh--they're pretty busy, 'cause they're a doctor here. But, um... you would love them.[CN] 不但是醫生 還是士呢 簡直是雙料美味 Sweet Surrender (2009)
Hey, hey, Saab. I don't know anything about anything, alright? I'm a PR guy.[CN] 寶先生,我啥都不知道 我只是個公關 State of Play (2009)
Now, he told me he had an altercation with, quote, "an elderly gentleman"[CN] 用他的話說 他跟一位急著下飛機的 "年長士"發生過口角 Keep Calm and Carry-On (2014)
His father is a fine gentleman in a premature retirement.[CN] 他爸爸是一個提前退休的 A Serbian Film (2010)
Ladies and gentlemen, the undisputed champion of all champions... the man who defies the laws of physics.[JA] 士淑女の皆さん すべてのチャンピオンの 議論の余地のないチャンピオン 物理学の法則に逆らう男 Kickboxer: Vengeance (2016)
All right, gents, subway time.[JA] ようし 士達 地下鉄の時間だ The Beach (2016)
The days of ladies and gentlemen are over.[JA] 士淑女の時代は終わった The Nice Guys (2016)
"Confident, handsome, slightly arrogant, but always with the leading lady's interest at heart."[JA] 〈"自信と外見と横柄さ"〉 〈"さらには士的で―"〉 Episode #1.2 (2016)
Point of sale puts that gentleman at the register. He paid cash.[JA] 士はレジでポイントを置き The Evil Twin (2015)
Ladies and gentlemen![JA] 士淑女の皆様 Dofus - Livre 1: Julith (2015)
What a gentleman.[CN] 多棒的 The Great Gatsby (2013)
It means I'm changing and evolving into a man Capable of greatness.[CN] 說明我正在改變 進化成高尚的 Daddy Issues (2011)
Who could be convinced by a body stabbed to death in the suit of an English gentleman?[CN] 誰會相信一個被刺死的 是穿著西裝的英國士? Memoria de mis putas tristes (2011)
A gentleman.[CN] 一個士。 Treasure Island (2012)
That was a real gentleman move.[JA] マジ士だった Simon (2015)
Is this what you've been reading to that dirty old man and those gentlemen?[JA] これはあなたが読んできたものですか? その汚い老人 それらの士? The Handmaiden (2016)
I thought Sung Min Woo had good manners but that's not the case.[CN] 我以為晟敏宇很士呢 Episode #1.11 (2010)
- Gentleman.[JA] - 士ね Moved to Tampa (2015)
- What a gentleman.[JA] - 士だな Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
Gentlemen.[JA]  Everyone Has a Cobblepot (2015)
Long live the gentleman Ahab! Something distances me from the sea.[CN] 288)}士Achab的生活才剛開始 288)}最近一段時間,我遠離大海 Capitaine Achab (2007)
A gentleman... wouldn't take advantage of a lady who's had more than her half of the bottle of Dom.[CN] 士... 不會占女士便宜 特別是在她已大半瓶酒下肚之后 Dirty Rotten Scandals (2012)
A gentleman should not spy.[CN] 作為士不應該窺視 Memoria de mis putas tristes (2011)
That's all right, Loretta. These gentlemen were on their way out.[JA] 大丈夫 ロレッタ この士諸君はちょうど帰るところだ Live by Night (2016)
Las Vegas police, ladies and gentlemen.[JA] ラスべガス警察です 士淑女の皆さん Jason Bourne (2016)
How noble![CN] 好士風度啊! Ironclad (2011)
Perhaps since I convinced the reading public that an unprincipled drug addict was some kind of gentleman hero.[JA] 薬を辞められない奴を 士的なヒーローだって 読者に信じ込ませたあたりから The Abominable Bride (2016)
He's a black gentleman. He's thin. Glasses.[CN] 黑人士 挺瘦的 戴眼鏡 Mandala (2009)
He wears very expensive suits.[CN] 他穿得很 Redemption (2013)
I'm well-versed in the art of pretending to be a gentleman.[JA] 士的なふりだって 出来るんだぞ A Whole World Out There (2015)
If you can't behave like a gentleman, show at least you're a man![CN] 如果你不能如一個士般行事,至少得有個男人樣! Memoria de mis putas tristes (2011)
- Yeah, so be a gent and fuck off.[CN] - 是啊,所以是一個士,他媽的關閉。 Filth and Wisdom (2008)
Toff-Toff Der Blaue Trecker.[JA] 士なトラクター A False Glimmer (2015)
Anyway, I met him on Saturday night... when he called for Eilis, and he is a gentleman.[CN] 反正我在週六晚上遇到了這個小夥子 那會他來找艾莉絲,他是個 Brooklyn (2015)
This here... a right big heart.[JA] ここだ 俺は士だ Waiting for the Man (2015)
Well, what does your cotillion training say is expected of a gentleman when three ladies ask him to escort them to a dance soiree?[CN] 好吧 你的沙龍舞訓練教你 當三位女士請一個士 護送她們去舞會時 他應該怎麼做? The Agreement Dissection (2011)
Good manners cost nothing, you know?[JA] 士としてのマナーを The Blind Fortune Teller (2015)
Every self-respecting gentleman should know how in case he comes across a damsel in distress by the side of the road.[JA] 本物の士は 捕らわれた姫君に 道路脇でいつ出くわしてもいいよう 色んなことを知っているのさ The Bachelor Party Corrosion (2015)
I don't know. I... I really tried to be a gentleman about all this.[CN] 我確實很想在這件事上 表現得士一點 Unaccompanied Minor (2011)
A man's pants.[JA] 士用... Look Who's Back (2015)
He says the war makes everyone smoke too much.[JA] 士はみんな吸うので... Allied (2016)
You know in victory, we should be gentlemen.[CN] 你知道勝利, 我們應該成為士。 G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)
Gentleman or highwayman, his beauty lies in his power.[CN] 無論士抑或強盜 男性魅力都源於力量 Jane Eyre (2011)
They're going to take Lee's body away and the military police are going to come back through that door and they're going to throw you ass in jail or worse.[CN] 他們要把李信的屍體移走 憲兵會再回來這裡 把你帶走後關起來,或許更糟 Formosa Betrayed (2009)
Even though Paul Doyle was a gentleman?[CN] Paul Doyle那麼士都不行? Bad Dad (2013)
Because I'm a gentleman[CN] 我是個士啊 Legacy: Part 6 (2015)
Ladies and gentlemen, please stop what you are doing.[JA] 士淑女の皆さん! 作業を止めてください The Mummy (2017)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[しん, shin] HERR [Add to Longdo]
[しんし, shinshi] -Herr, Gentleman [Add to Longdo]
士協定[しんしきょうてい, shinshikyoutei] "gentlemen's agreement", Kavaliersabkommen [Add to Longdo]
士服[しんしふく, shinshifuku] Herrenanzug [Add to Longdo]
士用[しんしよう, shinshiyou] fuer_Herren, Herren- [Add to Longdo]

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