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病灶[bìng zào, ㄅㄧㄥˋ ㄗㄠˋ, ] focus (of infection) [Add to Longdo]

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I have syndromes.[CN] 事情一旦成真 就成了我的病灶 Cosmopolis (2012)
I got called in because of some lesions on her arm.[CN] 我被叫过来是因为她的手臂上的病灶 Histories (2005)
- Antibodies could be attacking the nerves. Multifocal motor neuropathy.[CN] - "多病灶引起的运动神经病" 抗体可能破坏了神经. DNR (2005)
Now... I want you to keep your eyes on the field And do exactly as I say.[CN] 現在你看著病灶 按我說的做 New History (2009)
That's not mets.[CN] 那不是病灶轉移 Invasion (2009)
It's a lesion.[CN] 病灶 Pilot (2004)
It means I can't get at it.[CN] 意味著不能直取病灶 Holidaze (2009)
Oh, right. Because you diagnosed a tumor, now it's a met.[CN] 對 你說是腫瘤 所以是病灶轉移 Invasion (2009)
The doctor found vertical lesions and gave him six months to live.[CN] 医生发现了纵向病灶 说他只能再活6个月 The Book of Shadows (2014)
Homeless always means no roof. Leads to too much sun. No, the lesions were noncancerous.[CN] 无家可归通常就是住在没遮的地方 导致晒了过多的太阳 不 这些病灶不是癌症 Histories (2005)
Well, I thought I had some normal skin here, but it's already starting to grow.[CN] - 但裡面已經開始出現病灶 - 什麼意思 Superfreak (2010)
Given the latest symptoms, it's clearly growing deeper into the brain stem.[CN] 从最新的症状来看 病灶明显影响着脑部的更多组织 Pilot (2004)
She will begin searching for some new way to treat him... in the hopes of penetrating his unique malady.[CN] 在這 以希望洞察出 他那獨一無二的病灶 Zelig (1983)
"It's a peculiar case. Might be a malignant thing.[CN] 摘取的特异病灶 有恶性危险 Tomie: Replay (2000)
I don't see any tears or lesions.[CN] -我看不出任何伤口或者病灶 Kids (2005)
Without the lesions, we can't be sure.[CN] 没有病灶 我们无法确定 Paternity (2004)
The immune system wakes up, attacks the worm, and everything starts to swell.[CN] 免疫系统激活 攻击虫子 然后病灶就开始肿胀 Pilot (2004)
The I.V.I.G. made him worse, which means multifocal motor neuropathy was a bad diagnosis.[CN] 是免疫球蛋白造成的, 说明不是 "多病灶引起的运动神经病". DNR (2005)
There's only one lesion, and it's nowhere near her bowel.[CN] 现在只有一处病灶 而且根本不在肠子里 Pilot (2004)

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