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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
滞留[たいりゅう, tairyuu] (n,vs) staying; stagnating; sojourn [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
滞留[zhì liú, ㄓˋ ㄌㄧㄡˊ, / ] be detained [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
She made a tour of America, stopping in six cities.彼女は6つの都市に滞留してアメリカを観光旅行した。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Uh, loitering does not usually make it to my bench.[CN] 呃 街头滞留罪通常不至于送到我庭上 Communication Breakdown (2014)
Now that both your parents are deceased will you be remaining in the residence or return at the housing for credit?[JA] 今、両方のご両親は、 死亡していることをあなたが残ります 信用のための住宅での滞留や戻り_中? Minute Man (2014)
It records all of the data coming in and holds it up for nine tenths of a second before playing it on down the line.[CN] 他可以记录进入的所有数据 并且可以把这些数据在 下线播放前滞留0.9秒 The Con Is Off (2012)
I'm sorry. Another company put a lien on you.[CN] 抱歉 另一个公司行使了滞留 The Fury in the Jury (2013)
There was an unrelated security delay at Dulles last night.[CN] 昨晚在杜勒斯国际机场 出现了与此案无关的旅客滞留 There was an unrelated security delay at Dulles last night. Choke Hold (2014)
Dad's flight took off late, when what should appear but a Thanksgiving miracle![CN] 我还以为会孤独落寞地滞留在机场呢 when they announced Dad's flight took off late, 结果感恩节奇迹发生了 when what should appear but a Thanksgiving miracle! Grounded (2014)
State versus Li Lin for loitering.[CN] -46A 州政府以街头滞留罪起诉Li Lin Communication Breakdown (2014)
And the bastards are still there.[CN] 而那群混蛋滞留在那边 Redirected (2014)
We hafta keep her here as long as we can![CN] 尽量让它在这里多滞留一段时间 Female Titan: The 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, Part 1 (2013)
I've now got five stranded people and no way off this rock, this is where I need to be.[CN] 这里有五名滞留居民 我才不离开 这才是我该待的地方 Proteus (2013)
Panic buying of gas, water and food continue to escalate and federal authorities have temporarily lifted all caps on overtime for law enforcement.[CN] 边境被关闭 大量航班停飞 造成数百上千万旅客滞留 Borders are closed and flights have been grounded, stranding millions of travelers. Arrival (2016)
My children are stranded in paris corporal, I need to get to them.[CN] 我的孩子们滞留在巴黎 下士,我需要得到他们。 100 Degrees Below Zero (2013)
So I'm a little behind, being stuck on that island for four days, but I think I'm on top of everything.[CN] 虽然我滞留在岛上四天 信息有点落后 So I'm a little behind, being stuck on that island for four days, 但我觉得我都考虑到了 but I think I'm on top of everything. Proof of Concept (2014)
Any idea what she did in Chicago during that layover?[CN] 知道她在芝加哥临时滞留期间都做过什么吗? Contagion (2011)
It was full of energy, creativeness and always, always trying to push the envelope and in "'Stranded in Canton," we definitely did.[CN] 它是充满活力的, 创造力和往常一样, 总是试图推动信封 而在"滞留在广州, 我们绝对做到了。 Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (2012)
- The plane has stopped.[CN] -飞机已经长期滞留 The Assault (2010)
And the big fish would come out of the cold water and they eat them.[CN] 小鱼会滞留在暖流边上 Inferno (2016)
I'm stranded in hostile territory, under constant attack, without any food or water.[CN] 我滞留在敌方领土 受到不断攻击 没有任何食物或水 The Dead (2010)
Or settled?[JA] もしくは滞留してる? Home (2013)
You lose him in the system long enough to build a case against bail.[CN] 你让他在系统中滞留 使得足以立案反对保释 SEAL Hunter (2014)
Any more delay will be taken as a declaration of war.[CN] 如今殿下滞留白城 恐置我朝于无义无信 引发两国纷端呐 Painted Skin: The Resurrection (2012)
It's still loitering, Your Honor.[CN] - 这仍旧是街头滞留 法官大人 - 唉 Communication Breakdown (2014)
Since Sekou and his sister are American citizens, they remained in the country with their mom.[CN] 那个伊玛目说他父亲逾签证期限滞留 His dad overstayed his visa, according to the imam. Fair Game (2016)
We're here to make a deal, but we need to be here temporarily.[CN] 我们是来做交易的 不过需要临时滞留一段时间 Pay-Off (2013)
I was stranded in Canton.[CN] 我被滞留在广州。 Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (2012)
You're stuck here for the next 6 months.[CN] 未来的6个月,你被滞留在这里 Antarctica: A Year on Ice (2013)
It holds it up long enough for us to analyse it and identify any major shifts, trends or movements, before playing it on to the stock exchange boards.[CN] - 正是 滞留时间已足够我们 在证券交易板播放前 分析并发现任何主要的 The Con Is Off (2012)
And all of that debris got trapped in rings around the planet.[CN] 瓦砾就此滞留在围绕行星的环内 Planets (2010)
It sounds like a strand of Ukrainian syphilis to me.[CN] 这听起来像乌克兰 我滞留 3 Geezers! (2013)
You're hereby ordered to pay back $11,000 to the Mildred Drummond Foundation no later than June first, otherwise to incur penalties of interest.[CN] 根据条例 你必须于6月份之前 归还米尔德里德·蒙德基金11000美元 延期将支付滞留利息 The Master (2012)
Oral fixation?[CN] 口欲滞留还是史泰龙粉? 因为"天使"咬着火柴,而龙哥经常在大银幕上咬着一根鸡尾酒棍 Deadpool (2016)
The name stuck.[CN] 滞留的名字。 Mandrake (2010)
The masochistic aspects of her condition are much more deeply rooted than any anal fixations we may have uncovered.[CN] 她的受虐人格 比我们所发现的任何肛门期滞留症状 更根深蒂固 A Dangerous Method (2011)
Sometime Bob would go down the ghetto and, you know, pass through and thing like that and would never lock his car up.[CN] 有时候,鲍勃走到乡镇 临时滞留或只是简单地传递 从不锁车。 Marley (2012)
I'll see if I can clear the holdup.[CN] 我去看看,如果我可以清除滞留 Dominoes (2014)
But all it says here is that she was fined $300 for loitering on April 2012.[CN] 但这里只说她在12年4月因为非法滞留 被罚了300美元 Chapter 13 (2013)
Tow that family that is stranded in the rain?[CN] 拖了家人,是 滞留在下雨吗? Eenie Meenie Miney Moe (2013)
Some men are stayers.[CN] 有些男人是滞留 Imogene (2012)
Thousands of passengers are stranded, with some being told it could be a week before they get another flight.[CN] 上千名乘客滞留 有些甚至被告知... 可能一周后才能恢复飞行 The Rite (2011)
They won't miss a few.[CN] 在机场的海关滞留处藏着50箱的好货色. Allied (2016)
"he doesn't hold on to anything for long.[CN] I said, "Spider Raymond, 他不会让东西在手上滞留很久 he doesn't hold on to anything for long. Now Is Not the End (2015)
Uh, my wife Barbara is stranded at the airport, needs a lift.[CN] 我妻子芭芭拉 滞留在了机场 Passed Pawns (2013)
If something goes wrong, you'll be stranded in the middle of Poland with Russians coming one way and Germans the other.[CN] 要是出了差错 你会被滞留在波兰中部 俄国人和德国人会分别从两个方向攻进来 Episode #1.2 (2013)
I checked the flights, and I can actually get an earlier flight... that would give me a five-hour layover in Chicago... so let me know if that's something that you'd like me to do.[CN] 我查过航班了,我可以赶上更早点的飞机 如果可以在芝加哥滞留5个小时的话 如果你想让我做点什么,请给我电话 Contagion (2011)
I'm just glad we were able to make this layover work.[CN] 我只是很高兴我们能够使这个临时滞留的工作。 Between Us (2012)
Any military-age male who is still here... is here to kill you.[CN] 任何滞留此处的服役年龄男性 都是来杀你们的 American Sniper (2014)
Over 50% of marriages fail because of infidelity. So, right before we got married..[CN] 一半婚姻 滞留因为不忠。 10 Rules for Sleeping Around (2013)
The unsuccessful evacuation of our armed forces from Dunkirk has resulted in over a quarter of a million of our troops stranded in occupied France.[CN] 我军在敦克尔克撤退失败 导致我军超过二十五万人 滞留在沦陷的法国 Jackboots on Whitehall (2010)
Mr. Lin, you have been charged with loitering, punishable by a fine and jail time of up to one year.[CN] Lin先生 你被控街头滞留罪 处罚包括罚款和一年以下刑期 Communication Breakdown (2014)

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