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But nobody's in their right mind right now.[JA] ですが 今は正気じゃないんです The Hour of Death (2012)
You're out of your mind.[JA] 正気じゃない Alien (1979)
You are beyond insane![JA] 正気じゃないどころじゃないぞ! Episode #1.2 (2003)
I don't know why there are artists in Kells when all that man wants us to do is to build this crazy wall.[JA] 私たちが この ケルズの村に居るのは何のためだ。 彼が求めるのは 城壁の設計だけ。 正気じゃない 巨大さだ。 The Secret of Kells (2009)
Once you are declared insane, then anything you do is called a part of that insanity.[JA] 一旦正気じゃないと 宣告されたら... あなたの行動は 全て異常だと思われる Shutter Island (2010)
That's insane.[JA] 正気じゃない Deadly Departed (2007)
They think you're crazy enough to come back home.[JA] 正気じゃないから 家に戻ると思うさ The Lie (2009)
This is insane.[JA] 正気じゃない Knight Rider (2008)
It's been insane here.[JA] ココは正気じゃない Halloween: Part 2 (2011)
His ideas are insane.[JA] 彼の考えは 正気じゃない The Red Team (2013)
People keep using that word. It is crazy. Perhaps.[JA] 皆その言葉を使い続けてる 正気じゃないわ、たぶんね Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 1 (2005)
That's insane.[JA] 正気じゃない Episode #1.2 (2003)
This is crazy![JA] こんなの正気じゃない. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
No, you wouldn't. Mom, you look crazy.[JA] エバは着ないよ ママ、正気じゃない Enough Said (2013)
Maybe I'm crazy now.[JA] たぶん正気じゃないわ。 The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)
Hey. Don't listen to him. He's a crazy man.[JA] 言うことを聞くな 正気じゃない Sin City (2005)
This is crazy.[JA] 正気じゃない Terminator Salvation (2009)
Actually, this is insane.[JA] こりゃ正気じゃない Paddington (2014)
Tom is out of his mind with worry. They're drunk out there.[JA] トムは正気じゃない 連中も酔ってる Straw Dogs (1971)
I reckon you have to be barking mad to put your own name in the Goblet of Fire.[JA] 自分の名前をゴブレットに 入れるなんて正気じゃないよな Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)
Listen. this is too dangerous.[JA] 正気じゃない 危険なのよ The Dark Knight (2008)
I know she's a little cuckoo, but she's our last living elder.[JA] 彼女が正気じゃないのは 分かってる でも長老の中で 最後の生き残りなの Fruit of the Poisoned Tree (2013)
You're insane.[JA] あなた 正気じゃない While You Were Sleeping (2012)
I knew it was crazy.[JA] こんなこと正気じゃないけど Mean Girls 2 (2011)
You're not in your right mind, Junior.[JA] お前は正気じゃないんだぞ ジュニア Thicker Than Water (2013)
The man who killed Emily Hammond is organised, but not sane.[JA] エミリー・ハモンドを殺した奴は 正気じゃないし 計画的だ Episode #3.1 (2013)
Hi. I'm Shellie's new boyfriend and I'm out of my mind.[JA] 俺がシェリーの新しい彼氏だ 今は正気じゃない Sin City (2005)
She's clearly lost her mind.[JA] 彼女は明らかに正気じゃない Boy Parts (2013)
It's insane.[JA] 正気じゃない Frankenstein's Army (2013)
- This is completely mental.[JA] - 本当に正気じゃないよ。 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010)
You're insane, actually.[JA] あなた、正気じゃないわ。 The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)
- Who talks like that?[JA] - 正気じゃないみたいだな Mirror Mirror (2012)
Crazy. But, of course, the cars are faster.[JA] "正気じゃないけど、 そう、車はバイクより速いんだ" Grand Prix (1966)
She ain't right in the head.[JA] 奴は正気じゃない Hounded (2012)
You can't be here right now. This is insane.[JA] 正気じゃない The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
This is not the research we're interested in. This is sick.[JA] これは研究対象にはならない 正気じゃない Brainstorm (1983)
She's crazy! Who?[JA] 正気じゃない Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker (2007)
Crazy?[JA] 正気じゃないのか? The Lie (2009)
- You're crazy.[JA] - 正気じゃない Mean Girls 2 (2011)
You don't have to do this, please.[JA] こんなことしないで... こんなの正気じゃない The Incredible Hulk (2008)
I'm out of my mind.[JA] 僕は 正気じゃないんだ Fugue in Red (2011)
She's out of her mind.[JA] 正気じゃない Enter Nowhere (2011)
See, she's clearly lost it.[JA] ね? 正気じゃない Enter Nowhere (2011)
A-are you insane?[JA] 正気じゃないのか? The Desert Rose (2013)
- But that's insane![JA] 正気じゃない TS-19 (2010)
You're insane.[JA] お前は正気じゃない 君は大変裕福な男だ Big Game (2014)
That's insane.[JA] 正気じゃない Blood Brothers (2013)
You're insane.[JA] 正気じゃない Pilot (2012)
Fuck/ng fang-bangers are crazy, every /ast one of you. Thank you. Fuck/ng fang-bangers are crazy, every /ast one of you.[JA] 牙フリークは正気じゃない Escape from Dragon House (2008)
This is insane.[JA] 正気じゃない Episode #1.2 (2003)

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