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Pay attention to what I'm saying.[CN] 注意聽我說 Adam's Rib (1949)
And no one – Do you hear?[CN] 聽我說 沒人... Les Visiteurs du Soir (1942)
You mustn't talk Russian to me.[CN] 請不要對我說俄語. Grand Hotel (1932)
So, no fooling around, all right? And I'm counting on you.[CN] 我說真的,全指望你了 La Poison (1951)
I told you I'd get those pearls tonight, didn't I?[CN] 我說過今晚我就會拿到珍珠, 對不對? Grand Hotel (1932)
I said we've find an honest one.[CN] 我說了找個可靠的 Ride the Pink Horse (1947)
Believe me, you have not.[CN] 聽我說, 你沒有. Grand Hotel (1932)
I told you I worked for the government.[CN] 我說了為政府工作 Ride the Pink Horse (1947)
Say, mister...[CN] 聽我說,先生 À Nous la Liberté (1931)
- This lady I've been telling you about.[CN] 我說的這個女士 剛才說到的 Adam's Rib (1949)
Don't tell me you don't speak Japanese.[JA] 日本語がわからないなんて言わせないわよ 別跟我說你聽不懂日文 Cape No. 7 (2008)
She's swell, I'm telling ya.[CN] 你聽我說,她真的很棒 Applause (1929)
- Did you hear what I said?[CN] -你沒聽見我說的話嗎? The Uninvited (1944)
Listen to me.[CN] 聽我說 亞當 Adam's Rib (1949)
I tell you, my mother would never hurt me.[CN] 我說過了,我媽媽不會傷害我 The Uninvited (1944)
I said you'll have to wait downstairs.[CN] 我說了你得在樓下等 Ride the Pink Horse (1947)
Look here, young lady... if you want to talk me out of Windward House, save your breath.[CN] 聽著,小姑娘... 如果你想跟我說溫德沃別墅的事 那就別白費口舌了 The Uninvited (1944)
Listen, all sailors ain't a bunch of bums.[CN] 聽我說,不是所有的水兵都是混球 Applause (1929)
But Stella was crazy to make friends with you. She told me.[CN] 但史黛拉說她非常想跟你做朋友 她跟我說 The Uninvited (1944)
Haven't I told you not talk to me with a cigarette in your mouth?[CN] 難道我沒告訴過你嗎? 不要一面抽煙一面跟我說話. Grand Hotel (1932)
Anything you have to say to Hugo you can say to me, Mr. Gagin.[CN] 任何你想跟雨果先生談的 都可以跟我說 Ride the Pink Horse (1947)
I said to him I want to see him important, so if we could have lunch together?[CN] 我說我有重要的事找他 可以一起吃個午飯嗎? Adam's Rib (1949)
- I say....[CN] - 我說 ... Grand Hotel (1932)
Adam, don't you want to talk to me?[CN] 亞當! 不想跟我說話嗎? Adam's Rib (1949)
So I said to him, "Don't you live there no more?"[CN] 我說「你不再住那裏了嗎? 」 Adam's Rib (1949)
You know, I had a hunch you weren't telling me the truth.[CN] 你知道嗎,我有一種預感,你沒跟我說實話 Applause (1929)
Nurse Holloway threatened me with legal action... when I used the words 'criminal negligence."[CN] 「霍洛韋威脅我說要告我」 「特別是我用了'過失犯罪這詞'」 The Uninvited (1944)
Speak to me![CN] 對我說話! Grand Hotel (1932)
I said "How is everything?"[CN] 我說"都準備好了嗎?" Ride the Pink Horse (1947)
I said, "come over here".[CN] 我說"過來" Ride the Pink Horse (1947)
Listen![CN] 聽我說! Les Visiteurs du Soir (1942)
I said I don't want one, thanks.[CN] 我說我不想喝 Adam's Rib (1949)
- Why do you bring this matter to me?[CN] -你為什麼來跟我說這些? The Uninvited (1944)
I told you, Mr. Hugo's not in![CN] 我說了他不在! Ride the Pink Horse (1947)
In the meantime, I have your word... and you have mine.[CN] 在此期間,我說話算數... 你們也一樣 The Uninvited (1944)
Please think over what I told you.[CN] 好好考慮下我說 Ride the Pink Horse (1947)
I said I won't wear them.[CN] 我說過我不戴它的. Grand Hotel (1932)
Only the other day, you said so.[CN] 可你親口對我說起過的 À Nous la Liberté (1931)
Tell me.[CN] 跟我說 Corrections Class (2014)
- I've told them a thousand times -[CN] -我說過幾千次了... The Uninvited (1944)
Now you listen to me, young lady.[CN] 現在聽我說,小淑女 Applause (1929)
Dr. Scott tells me she went into a trance tonight.[CN] 斯科特醫生跟我說 她今晚參加了降神會 The Uninvited (1944)
When I came here to live, did I ask you for a cheap room?[CN] 我來這兒登記的時候, 我說過要一個便宜的房間嗎? Grand Hotel (1932)
Say, you better finish your change, beautiful.[CN] -我說,你還是趕緊換裝吧,美人 Applause (1929)
Supposing I met you next year and I said:[CN] 假想一下, 我明年遇到你, 我說: Grand Hotel (1932)
You told me on the telephone about disturbances at Windward.[CN] 電話中你們告訴我說溫德沃的失常 The Uninvited (1944)
Did I?[CN] 我說過嗎? Grand Hotel (1932)
I said you were blunt, not that I didn't like it.[CN] 我說 你的言語太露骨了 但我沒說我唐突 Les Visiteurs du Soir (1942)
You're aging fast, that's all.[CN] 我說你年紀大了 Adam's Rib (1949)
Now listen to this very carefully.[CN] 仔細聽我說 Adam's Rib (1949)

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