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思路[sī lù, ㄙ ㄌㄨˋ, ] train of thought; thinking; reason; reasoning [Add to Longdo]

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- Yeah, well, the last time you called the shots, we were all covered in termites.[CN] 我理解你的思路 Squirrels Part I (2016)
Okay, follow me on this.[CN] 行,跟着我的思路 Halloween V (2014)
Even if Jane's theory is right, that's at least 5 miles.[CN] 即使Jane的思路正确 Even if Jane's theory is right, 也至少有5英里的范围 that's at least 5 miles. The Silver Briefcase (2014)
Today, tomorrow... and every day after that[CN] 思路太局限了啊 The Fate of the Furious (2017)
So I guess I have a lot to ponder.[CN] 但我不知道说什么好 你最好理清思路 Zoolander 2 (2016)
A small incision was made in your scalp to give the impression of a bullet graze.[CN] 为了触发全新的剧情 他们消去了你的记忆 由此你便投身于协助我们的思路 Inferno (2016)
I love this direction.[CN] 我喜歡這個思路 Simon Roberts Was Here (2014)
Said it helps him feel clean.[CN] 說這讓他思路清晰 Cabin Fever (2015)
First, you blatantly disregard my orders[CN] - 帮我理清思路 Baby Made a Mess (2014)
Like you, their office addresses are now mailbox stores.[CN] 轻松破解系统后 Not before the ease of breaking into the system itself 给了我另外一条思路 gave me another thought. Pick Your Poison (2016)
Brigette thinking:[CN] Brigette思路 Thank You (2014)
No. Too detailed.[CN] 我喜欢你的思路 Travelers (2016)
Chris, come on, be present, focus.[CN] 克丽丝 快点 跟上思路 集中 Chris, come on, be present, focus. Project Almanac (2015)
I'm coming up empty.[CN] 我啥思路都没 The Mystery of the Red Runway (2014)
- Excuse me?[CN] 我能为你争取几分钟 I can buy you a few minutes 如果你想理理思路的话 if you wanna get your head together. A Flash of Light (2017)
Although I'll be damned if Jason isn't the sweetest man I ever met.[CN] Brigette思路: 雖然我會該死的,如果傑森 是不是最甜蜜的人我見過。 Thank You (2014)
I find it useful to know what women are thinking, to get inside their minds.[CN] 我覺得這樣可以瞭解女性在想什麼 摸清她們的思路 Simon Roberts Was Here (2014)
You already have a string? - We are currently negotiating.[CN] 你已经有思路了麽 我们目前在协商 Look Who's Back (2015)
I repeat, left most track.[CN] 我会找到一个工作思路,并把它放在最左边的轨道。 Train to Busan (2016)
Don't let... just keep your mouth shut and just listen to what I'm gonna say.[CN] 阿尔贝托 你可以跟着我的思路来吗? Hell or High Water (2016)
Let me try and understand something here.[CN] 讓我理一下思路 Revelation (2014)
So I take it you've deduced the coffy was poisoned while you were murdering the old man?[CN] 我们来理一下思路 So I take it you've deduced the coffy was 咖啡在你杀了那个老人的时候被人下毒了 poisoned while you were murdering the old man? The Hateful Eight (2015)
-Well, when its ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽n itñ' a philosopher here, with me.[CN] 几点了? 哲学家,清一下你的思路 L'diable in Perchonne (2014)
I am brimming with new ideas about how to get kip on the supreme court.[CN] 我充满了新的思路 如何让基普最高法院。 Arguing in Agreement (2014)
Get down. Do not move asshole[CN] 你需要换个思路 xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017)
Long story.[CN] 我看她还在缕思路 I'd say she's still processing. Casus Belli (2017)
I was trying to find some perspective.[CN] 我只是想理理思路 Three Monkeys (2015)
On 63rd, near lex.[CN] 六十三街 靠近莱克思路 On 63rd, Near Lex. A Sin to Err (2015)
No. It was Julian who did bubbling. He was not right in the head.[CN] 那是因为朱力安讲得含糊 他思路不清 Youth (2015)
I can't believe he would let himself get shot to keep us off the scent.[CN] 真不敢相信 为了干扰我们的办案思路 他连自己都开枪打 The Mystery of the Red Runway (2014)
Bike lock. I like where you're head's at.[CN] 我喜欢你的思路 I like where you're head's at. Choke Hold (2014)
You know...[CN] 我的思路记下来了吗? Okja (2017)
If you're lost, Dad, let me recap.[CN] 老爸 如果你搞不清楚状况的话 我来简单理一理思路 House Rules (2014)
-You ouhgt to take a shower, that will really clear up your mind.[CN] 你应该去洗个澡,会是你的思路清晰。 L'diable in Perchonne (2014)
It does not really seem like a confused man to me.[CN] 在我看来 他不是一个思路不清的人 Youth (2015)
And let me tell you, that is much more important than being focused.[CN] 我告诉你 你的思路要开阔一些 Ride Along 2 (2016)
So the theory is[CN] 所以思路是 So the theory is The Silver Briefcase (2014)
- Oh. Thank God he's okay. - Oh, well...[CN] 我有点跟不上思路 Office Christmas Party (2016)
Your e-mails are always... so articulate.[CN] 你的邮件思路很清晰 Your e -mails are always... so articulate. Page 44 (2015)
Look around, take photos, be the fresh eyes we need to help this case.[CN] 四处看看 照些照片 我们这件案子需要些新思路 就靠你们了 It's All Her Fault (2014)
[Yelling] I can't even think straight when I'm...[CN] 我思路不清了 I can't even think straight when I'm -- 好吧 马克·索拉诺 All right, Mark Solano, Episode #1.3 (2014)
Hey. I, uh...[CN] 也许是俄语字母 打开思路 New Colossus (2016)
Our boy Tomas really knows what he's doing.[CN] 托马斯这小子思路很清楚啊 Honor Among Thieves (2014)
Well, you're not gonna take that.[CN] 我现在都没法理清思路 I can't even think straight. This Is Your Brian on Drugs (2015)
So fresh that their Ideas must continue ah ? .[CN] 那么新鲜,他们的 思路应该去那里。 Frankenstein vs. The Mummy (2015)
Our enemy has strange methods.[CN] 我们的敌人思路诡异 Our enemy has strange methods. M.I.A. (2015)
I borrowed a page from the NSA playbook and I ran everyone on that plane's text and emails from the past week against icky keywords, late hate and death and suicide, and here's what I found.[CN] 猜猜看 我借用了国土安全局的思路 用关键词过了机上每位乘客上周的信息和邮件 包括憎恨 死亡 自杀 发现如下 A Thousand Suns (2014)
You'll have a pretty good idea.[CN] 一时间一个清晰的思路 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)
- Agent Coulson?[CN] 假如黛西跟我们思路一致 也许我们能先她一步 Ghost Rider: The Ghost (2016)
- Okay.[CN] 他喜欢你的思路,好吗? Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016)

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