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图谋[tú móu, ㄊㄨˊ ㄇㄡˊ, / ] conspire [Add to Longdo]

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The bill before me takes account of the new realities and dangers posed by modern terrorists. According to the Secret Service, they are primarily engaged in activity with economic impact, organized criminal groups, or use of schemes involving new technology.[CN] 我先前的那个法案考虑的是现代恐怖分子带来的新现实和危险 {\fnTahoma\fs14\1cH3CF1F3}The bill before me takes account of the new realities and dangers posed by modern terrorists. 或是利用新技术图谋不轨的 {\fnTahoma\fs14\1cH3CF1F3}or use of schemes involving new technology. The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014)
Dale Barbara stands accused of the attempted murder of Julia Shumway.[CN] 戴尔·芭芭拉被指控 意图谋杀茱莉亚·沙姆韦 Curtains (2013)
Someone's trying to get to you, doctor.[CN] 有人对你图谋不轨 医生 Crazy for You (2014)
I tell you how I'd do it, then you arrest me for intent to commit a crime.[CN] 我跟你说我要怎么做 你好以图谋犯罪逮捕我 Borrowed Time (2014)
And George Atzerodt's intended victim,[CN] 阿茨罗德意图谋杀的 Killing Lincoln (2013)
Oh, keep it up, wise guy. You might see an attempt at murder.[CN] 继续努力啊 聪明人 你可能会看见意图谋 A'ohe Kahi e Pe'e Ai (2014)
Late king had told you to find a potential traitor and that person you found was Kim Jong-seo.[CN] 就说 前任皇上吩咐你 通过观察面相 找出试图谋反的人 结果发现 金宗瑞有这方面的倾向 The Face Reader (2013)
Just trying to make a living.[CN] 只是试图谋生。 Absolute Deception (2013)
Brick, that is gonna take forever.[CN] Darrin这家伙图谋不轨久矣, Flirting with Disaster (2015)
Somebody tried to kill Tom Burke.[CN] 有人试图谋杀Tom Burke The Mystery of the Red Runway (2014)
Maya Hartwell, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Alec Sadler.[CN] 玛雅・哈特威尔 你因试图谋杀艾力克・赛德勒被捕 Last Minute (2014)
Otto Aguilar and Peter Shumway, and for the attempted murder of Julia Shumway.[CN] 奥特·阿吉拉尔和彼得·沙姆韦 并意图谋杀茱莉亚·沙姆韦 Exigent Circumstances (2013)
Homeland - 4x09 "There's Something Else Going On"[CN] 国土安全 第四季 第九集: 另有图谋 There's Something Else Going On (2014)
Which Fiona not only neglected to do, she actually tried to kill her successor.[CN] 但菲奥娜不但玩忽职守 甚至还试图谋杀继任者 The Seven Wonders (2014)
We're thinking we'll take you both to jail and charge you with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.[CN] 我们要把逮你们俩 抓进监狱 控告你们图谋 妨碍司法公正 Penguin's Umbrella (2014)
He's been charged with the attempted murders of Mrs. Shumway and myself.[CN] 他被指控企图谋杀 沙姆韦夫人和我自己 Speak of the Devil (2013)
You're not trying to wipe us out, so you must want something.[CN] 也不是大举进攻铲平我们 你肯定是有所图谋 才来找我的 New World (2013)
Those records are sealed.[CN] 哇 还有企图谋杀 Ouch, attempted murder. The Accountant (2016)
I've got you on breaking and entering, assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, and attempted murder on that guy you strangled.[CN] 你目前成立的罪名有 非法闯入私宅 用致命武器威胁警察 企图谋杀你绑起来的那个男人 Phobia (2014)
They were scheming away.[CN] 他们在一起图谋 Jimmy's Hall (2014)
Bunch of BEs, gets out, clean for a year and a half, and now it's armed robbery and attempted murder?[CN] 之前犯的是入室抢劫 出狱后从良了一年半 然后现在突然就持枪抢劫意图谋杀了? Homecoming (2013)
I would assume he's up to no good.[CN] 我怀疑他就是图谋不轨 I would assume he's up to no good. Who You Really Are (2015)
I thought one of your little birds might have knowledge of my sister's intentions to--[CN] 我觉得,你豢养的某只乌鸦 也许知道我姐姐的图谋 And Now His Watch Is Ended (2013)
were found guilty of double murder, racketeering, attempted extortion, theft, attempted murder, armed robbery, burglary, money laundering and forgery.[CN] 被认定有罪 双重谋杀,敲诈勒索, 企图勒索,盗窃, 企图谋杀,武装抢劫, Pain & Gain (2013)
Looks like she intended to hurt you, Deputy Pike.[CN] 看来她对你图谋不轨,派克警官 The Bag Man (2014)
Attempted murder, therefore, is a bogus, inaccurate charge.[CN] 因此意图谋杀这一罪名 属错误的不实指控 Pilot (2014)
You didn't try to murder her or something, did ya?[CN] 你没有试图谋杀她 什么,做过吧? Goodbye to All That (2014)
And is the Dutch Tulip Man up to something... or is he just completely misunderstood?[CN] 荷兰郁金香男是否有所图谋... 或者他彻底被误解了? The Fault in Our Stars (2014)
This guy that tried to kill simon stagg today, he could...[CN] 今天试图谋杀Simon Stagg的人 - 他可以... Fastest Man Alive (2014)
Assault, drug possession, attempted murder...[CN] 伤人 藏毒 企图谋 Partners (2014)
Today Justin Ogilvy, the co-founder for attempting to murder his partner Logan Pierce in what can only be described as a bizarre case.[CN] 今天 Justin Ogilvy Friendczar网的创始人之一 被指控意图谋杀他的合作伙伴Logan Pierce - 有些友谊注定就长不了 One Percent (2013)
♪ Here I plot revenge and flight[CN] ? 我在这里图谋报复和飞行 Goddess (2013)
"and I end up in prison.[CN] "我图谋己欲 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)
Try to find out what she's planning, Mr. Reese.[CN] 想办法查出她的图谋 里瑟先生 Try to find out what she's planning, Mr. Reese. Guilty (2015)
The two attempts on Turk's life came at the school, so maybe Ed had a-an altar at the school?[CN] 学校里发生了两次试图谋杀Turk的事 所以也许Ed在学校里有一座祭坛? The Book of Shadows (2014)
End your life?[CN] 图谋杀害你? And Now His Watch Is Ended (2013)
I pushed you?[CN] 百吉饼又一次试图谋杀中东薄饼 A bagel trying to kill a lavash, once again. Sausage Party (2016)
He's been charged with the attempted murders of Mrs. Shumway and myself.[CN] 他被指控企图谋杀 沙姆韦夫人和我自己 Exigent Circumstances (2013)
I think Amanda might be making a play for the black box.[CN] 我觉得阿曼达对黑盒有所图谋 Masks (2013)
The alleged attempted murder of Curtis Green allowed the authorities to obtain an indictment against Dread Pirate Roberts, charging him with drug offenses, attempted witness murder and Murder-For-Hire.[CN] 被指控企图谋杀柯蒂斯格林 允许当局收到起诉书 对抗可怕的海盗罗伯茨, Deep Web (2015)
How? They robbed the DARPA lab?[CN] 雇佣兵在城市里流窜 我们却不知道他们有什么图谋 Little Boy Lost (2016)
Your uncle is up to something.[CN] 你舅舅有所图谋 Castle Leoch (2014)
Dereliction of duty."[CN] 企图谋杀外国领导人未遂 Scuttle (2016)
And he's planning something.[CN] 它正图谋着什么 The Last Exorcism Part II (2013)
For the attempted murder of maria martinez.[CN] 企图谋杀Maria Martinez的案子 Allegiance (2014)
Yeah, well, five B-and-Es, four murders and one attempted.[CN] 是的 五件入室抢劫中 四件是谋杀 一件是企图谋 Passed Pawns (2013)
So this guy's up to something and I'm betting it's nothing good.[CN] 他应该是有所图谋 我看肯定不是什么好事儿 Lady Killer (2013)
The prophets dispatched agents of their own to uncover the origin and intentions of the Shadow Cabal.[CN] 于是 先知派遣了他们的长者战士 去查清暗影一族的起源以及他们的图谋 SAGA: Curse of the Shadow (2013)
He was going to kill my partner.[CN] 他企图谋杀我的搭档 He was going to kill my partner. 你的搭档? Mr. Nice Guy (2015)
Uh, Patrick Adamson was acquitted of attempted murder yesterday.[CN] 呃,帕特里克・亚当森 被无罪释放 企图谋杀昨天。 A Daughter's Nightmare (2014)

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