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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
行儀作法[ぎょうぎさほう, gyougisahou] (n) etiquette; good manners [Add to Longdo]
作法[さほう, sahou] (n) manners; etiquette; propriety; (P) [Add to Longdo]
文章作法[ぶんしょうさほう, bunshousahou] (n) methods of writing; rules of good writing; writing style guide [Add to Longdo]
作法;不作法[ぶさほう, busahou] (adj-na,n) ill-mannered; rude [Add to Longdo]
礼儀作法[れいぎさほう, reigisahou] (n) etiquette; courtesy [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
作法[zuò fǎ, ㄗㄨㄛˋ ㄈㄚˇ, ] course of action; method of doing sth; practise; modus operandi [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
It is not good manners to laugh at someone when he makes mistakes.ある人が間違いをしたからといってそれを笑うのは無作法である。
Don't take any notice of those rude boys.あんな不作法な少年たちのことなど気に留めるな。
It is bad manners to eat with a knife.ナイフで物を食べるのは不作法だ。
You must not misbehave so.そのように無作法をしてはいけない。
He should apologize for being rude to the guests.その子はお客様に無作法にしたことで謝るべきだ。
To talk during a concert is rude.コンサートの最中に喋るのは無作法である。
It is rude to stare at strangers.じろじろ見るのは無作法である。
The boy doesn't know how to behave.その少年は行儀作法を知らない。
The clerk was dismissed on the grounds of her rude manners.その店員は無作法が理由で解雇された。
It's very rude of you to say a thing like that.そんな事を言うとは、あなたは無作法だ。
How dare you behave so rudely?よくもまああなたはそんな無作法な振る舞いができるものだ。
It is rude to talk when your mouth is full.口いっぱいに物を放り込んで話をするのは無作法だ。
Greetings are the basis of good manners.挨拶は礼儀作法の根本である。
It is rude to stare at strangers.見知らぬ人をじろじろ見るのは不作法である。
It is rude to stare at strangers.見知らぬ人をじろじろ見るのは無作法である。
It is rude to speak with your mouth full.口にものをほおばったままで話すのは無作法である。
It is bad manners to speak with your mouth full.口に物をほおばってしゃべるのは不作法だ。
It is up to parents to teach their children manners.子供に行儀作法を教えるのは親の義務だ。
Manners make the man.行儀作法が人を作る。
My mother is strict with manners.私の母は、礼儀作法に厳しい。
My mother is strict about manners.私の母は行儀作法にやかましい。
It is bad manners to do so at table.食事中にそんなことをするのは無作法なことです。
I am not used to being spoken to in that rude way.私はそんな不作法なやり方で話しかけられることになれていない。
It is bad manners to make noises at table.食事中に音を立てるのは不作法だ。
It is bad manners to make a noise while you eat.食事中に音を立てるのは無作法です。
It is bad manners to point at people.人を指差すのは無作法だ。
You can teach good manners to children without resort to punishment.全く罰を与えなくても子供達にちゃんとした礼儀作法を仕込めます。
Some Japanese are shy even to the point of appearing rude.日本人の中には無作法にみえると言っていいほどに、内気な人がいる。
He is impolite, not to say rude.彼の態度は無礼だとは言えないが無作法だ。
His rudeness was conscious, not accidental.彼が不作法なのは意識的であって、偶発的ではなかった。
It was impolite of him to do so.彼がそうしたのは無作法であった。
Had he been there, he would have told you to mind your manners.彼がそこにいたならば、彼はあなたに行儀作法に気をつけるように言っただろうに。
I admire his aristocratic manners.彼の貴族的な作法には感心する。
His manners proclaim him a gentleman.彼の礼儀作法を見れば彼が紳士であることが分かる。
She complained to me of his rudeness.彼の無作法について彼女は私に文句を言った。
I can't abide his rudeness.彼の無作法には我慢ならない。
I can't put up with his rudeness any more.彼の無作法に私はもう我慢できない。
His gross manners offended his companions.彼の無作法は仲間を怒らせた。
He's so rude. I can't put up with his bad manners.彼はとても粗野だ。彼の不作法には我慢できない。
He is very much ashamed of having behaved so badly.彼はあんなに不作法にふるまったことを恥じている。
He is ashamed of having behaved so badly.彼はあんなに無作法にふるまったことを恥じている。
He has no manners at all.彼は行儀作法を全く知らない。
He is so impolite that everyone hates him.彼はとても不作法なのでみなが嫌っている。
He is unconscious of his bad manners.彼は自分の無作法に気づいていない。
He is awkward in his manners.彼は作法がぎこちない。
For all his city ways, he is a country boy at heart.彼は都会人の作法を身につけているけれども根は田舎育ちだ。
He excused himself for his bad behavior.彼は自分の不作法を弁解した。
They are angry at your ill manners.彼らは君の悪い作法に腹をたてている。 [M]
He is rude, but I love him all the same.彼は無作法だが、それでも私は彼を愛する。
He apologized for his rudeness, but she wouldn't forgive him.彼は無作法だったことをあやまったが、彼女は彼を許そうとしなかった。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Do you agree?[CN] 你同意他的作法吗? The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)
Few go to greater extremes than lesser flamingos.[CN] 小红鹤的作法最为极端 Birds (2009)
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law![CN] 你所说的一切 都可能用作法庭控告你的 证据! 21 Jump Street (2012)
- That's what a civilised society does.[CN] 这是文明社会的作法 Judge, Jury, Executioner (2012)
You know, our last conversation was so rudely interrupted and I still have so many questions for you.[JA] 我々の最後の会話は 不作法に中断された 及び あなたへの 非常に多くの質問がまだある 我々と一緒に来て貰う A House Divided (2014)
Charm class was a way of proving to the Appeals Board that I was working on my decorum.[JA] 作法教室に入れば 委員会の印象が変わるかと Predestination (2014)
As you will no doubt soon discover, not everyone agrees with our methods.[CN] 你們不久後將發現 不是人人都同意本處的作法 The Maze Runner (2014)
- He is. And the best thing about him is he's been watching us, and he loves what we're doing.[CN] 没错,最棒的是他一直关注我们,他欣赏我们的作法 The Intern (2015)
And I believe that you want to help, but this ceremony or whatever, we can't be a part of it.[CN] 我也相信你此行的目的是帮助我们 但作法什么的,我们不能参加 The Grudge 3 (2009)
Believes very deeply in a code of honor.[JA] 非常に約束を守る作法を信じてる The Scientist (2013)
I know what I am doing.[CN] 我有我的作法 Step Back to Glory (2013)
"Charm class isn't helping this situation."[JA] "作法じゃ打開できない" Predestination (2014)
He actually knows how to show some respect.[JA] 礼儀作法を心得てる人だ Girl in New Orleans (2013)
A filthy, godless heathen.[JA] 不潔な罪深い無作法 12 Years a Slave (2013)
Who cares? "The wolf way."[JA] オオカミの作法を誰が気にする? The Jungle Book (2016)
Not wise to upset me considering your position, human.[CN] 考虑到你现在的处境 激怒我可不是聪明的作法,人类。 Hunter Prey (2010)
Normally, I'd agree with you.[CN] 通常我会同意你的作法 Against the Dark (2009)
Don't wait too long. You don't want him to do what Lauda just did.[CN] 別等太久,免得他仿效勞達的作法 Rush (2013)
Maybe you think we were smart doing that other thing... but we were dumb.[CN] 你大概以为我们之前作法很聪明 但我们很白目 Killing Them Softly (2012)
"Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.[CN] "你所说的一切 都可能用作法庭控告你的证据 21 Jump Street (2012)
It was a despicable and cowardly act.[CN] 这是卑鄙小人和懦夫的作法 Blind Spot (2011)
You wanted to demonstrate that I don't have a monopoly on boorish or outrageous behavior.[JA] 無骨で無作法な態度を取る独占権が 僕にあるわけじゃ無いことを 証明したかったんだろ The Marchioness (2013)
I'm gonna have to teach you about respect, aren't I, son?[JA] 行儀作法を 教えてやる The Lone Ranger (2013)
It's ungentlemanly.[JA] 無作法 The Grand Experiment (2014)
Free-range rude.[JA] 野放しの不作法か。 Tome-wan (2014)
At one time, I can either be their coach or their father.[CN] 我不懂你的作法 Dangal (2016)
BEHAVIOR COACH AND MEMBER OF THE KNIGGE SOCIETY[JA] ( 作法師範、ニンゲ協会員 ) どうも Look Who's Back (2015)
I just mean that, where men are concerned, they've got their own agenda.[CN] 我只是说,扯到男人时 女人有自己的作法 The Counselor (2013)
Your undertaking betrayed that code.[JA] あなたの事業はその作法を裏切った The Scientist (2013)
Yes, but you're typically quite rude.[JA] ええ でも あなたは 概して かなり不作法だわ The Woman (2013)
What you do is let them have the upper hand.[CN] 他的作法就是先讓對方佔上風 In Time (2011)
You may have found that rude.[JA] あの不作法を見たかもしれないな。 Mizumono (2014)
Do you know no manners?[JA] 不作法な連中だな! Rurouni Kenshin Part I: Origins (2012)
Cotelettes de veau en surprise, et crême renversée au caramel.[CN] 和制作法式焦糖布丁的食谱 Julie & Julia (2009)
I do my thing, and one day you wake up wondering:[CN] 我只要一作法 某天你醒来就会疑惑 Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)
All right, now, there's two ways we can do this.[CN] 好,我们有两种作法 Killing Them Softly (2012)
That's actually impolite and insulting.[JA] 不作法な奴等だ Warm and Dead (2013)
You know, you shouldn't talk with your mouth full. It's very rude.[JA] 口にものを入れたまま話すな とても無作法 Kick-Ass 2 (2013)
Mmm... You know I'm not releasing any more neurochemicals, right?[JA] 正直さを不作法さと混同する 私はもう神経化学物質を放出しないわよ このホクロ The Woman (2013)
'Cause you're rude.[JA] それは 君が不作法だから The Woman (2013)
He... within the bounds of good taste, he must be treated as an extension of myself.[CN] 合乎礼仪的作法是 必须向对待我一样对待他 Django Unchained (2012)
If that was something positive, it's fine.[CN] 然后你这样对她说了 但这样子的作法还是不对 All Screwed Up (2015)
You must understand, a Japanese Εmperor has never called on a foreigner, so there are certain proprieties I'd better make you aware of.[JA] ご理解いただきたいのですが 日本国天皇は 外人を訪問した事がありません それ故、いくつかの礼儀作法について あなた様にご承知おき願いたいと存じます Emperor (2012)
It was a despicable and cowardly act.[CN] 這是卑鄙小人和懦夫的作法 Grace (2011)
Didn't your momma ever teach you any manners, young lady?[JA] ママに行儀作法を 習わなかったか? Room (2015)
The tape shows you've overdone it this time.[CN] 根据录影画面,取缔超速驾驶时 你的作法也太过火了吧 Redline (2009)
I know it's bad form to say that, but in my case, it's a fact.[JA] こんなことを言うのは 不作法だとわかってるが 僕の場合 それは事実だ The Red Team (2013)
Bad form.[JA] 無作法でしょ The Sacred Taking (2013)
- THESE RUDE EPREUVE TAKE MORE AND MORE OUT OF YOU[JA] こんな無作法な検診は ますます作法 Highway of Tears (2014)
It's a desperate solution.[CN] 这是不顾一切的作法 A Christmas Tale (2008)

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