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他们自己[tā men zì jǐ, ㄊㄚ ㄇㄣ˙ ㄗˋ ㄐㄧˇ, / ] themselves [Add to Longdo]

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The others who came with Calviño don't recognize themselves as part of the system which entangles them in their own acts.[CN] 追随卡尔维诺的其余的人 没有认识到他们本身是系统的一部分 该系统使他们卷入到他们自己的行动之中 Memories of Underdevelopment (1968)
With your own government, your own laws, your own administration... and the freedom to trade with anyone you like... on terms that are dictated only by the prices on the international market...[CN] 也许自己的政府自己的管理 让他们自己选择喜欢的领袖更好 我们要确定的就是在国际 市场上的贸易价格 Burn! (1969)
Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people.[CN] 独裁者们使他们自己自由 但却奴役别人. The Great Dictator (1940)
Anyways, they're full growed and can take their licking's.[CN] 不管怎么说 他们都长大了 可以去解决他们自己的事情 The Big Country (1958)
I think we'd better wait until Joe comes home. Then they can decide.[CN] 等约回来再说, 他们自己会决定的 Cavalcade (1933)
- Let the Americans do their own dirty work.[CN] - 让美国人干他们自己的肮脏勾当吧 Topaz (1969)
Any outfit that has its own undertaker is operating on a pretty big scale.[CN] 每个分部都有他们自己的 地狱使者 这个规模是很大的 The Enforcer (1951)
Helped him pioneer the land they lived on, built it up with their own bare hands, and made things grow until... till they lost it.[CN] 他们自己空手建起来 种了很多东西,直到他们失去了它 失去了它? Saratoga Trunk (1945)
Well, maybe, if you'd stop straightening pictures and let men wear their own pants maybe they'd be able to touch you without askingpermesso.[CN] 也许,如果你停止拉照片 让人们穿上他们自己的裤子的话 或许他们可以 Father Goose (1964)
You should learn to hit back and destroy them at their own game.[CN] 妳应该学会回击 用他们自己的游戏毁灭他们 The Laughing Woman (1969)
Or, in other words, beware of the Hun in the sun... who, for reasons best known to himself... has confined his recent attacks to our channel convoys.[CN] 或者 换句话说 考虑到不知我们究竟从何处起飞 是什么他们自己最清楚了 他们把攻击仅仅局限于我们的海岸护卫队 Battle of Britain (1969)
I have personally ... they have personally, you see?[CN] 我自己... ... 他们自己,你懂吧,自己检查了下她教材61章到65章的内容,我觉得她得个B(高分)应该合情合理 I have personally ... We'll Live Till Monday (1968)
They have to look after their own lives.[CN] 他们要照顾他们自己的生活 Tokyo Story (1953)
Do you think there's a man on earth who hasn't something to conceal?[CN] 没有要隐瞒的事? 人人有他们自己的牛头林 The Red House (1947)
They gave their reasons.[CN] 为什么他们不把它给我? 他们有他们自己的理由 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (1958)
Let them piece the clues and the facts together... into the story we want them to believe.[CN] 让他们自己把零星的线索拼在一起 最后成为我们希望他们相信的那样 The Spy Who Came In from the Cold (1965)
Who've chosen it for themselves.[CN] ...谁为他们自己选择的 The Children's Hour (1961)
He'll fight to prove that what he does not know is so.[CN] 为了证明他们自己知道的... 才是正确的 The King and I (1956)
Doubting themselves.[CN] 怀疑他们自己 Doctor Zhivago (1965)
Help those children grow up to be what they want to be.[CN] 让孩子们长大后做 他们自己想做的事情 Giant (1956)
No, Major. That spirit was just born in them.[CN] 不,少校,那来源于他们自己 Paths of Glory (1957)
Certain cats are wrong because they are, in themselves and by themselves, impure and immoral.[CN] 某些特定的人做错了事是因为 他们自己造成的 不纯净且不道德 Separate Tables (1958)
He's at a very exclusive wake with Jeff and the Martons.[CN] 他和杰夫以及莫顿夫妇也有他们自己的聚会 The Band Wagon (1953)
They want someone to act big, because they haven't got the guts to do it themselves.[CN] 他们希望有人表现的自大, 因为他们自己没有勇气站起来 This Sporting Life (1963)
Actually, my question was whether Moses and the others... felt that they themselves had to obey those laws.[CN] 实际上,我的问题是是否 摩西和其他人... 认为,他们自己必须服从 这些法律 Compulsion (1959)
Madder than a white beast becomes when he finds he's closed in... and the mad beast'll run for the last time... pursued and hunted all over the island... till he falls into one of the great fires that he himself has made.[CN] 侵吞马上就会出现 当他找到缝隙的时候 那是为了他们自己 Burn! (1969)
Anybody crossing our boundaries will grab only enough land to bury themselves in.[CN] 任何越过我们领土的人 只能抢到埋葬他们自己的土地 The Man from Laramie (1955)
All human beings needed to restore themselves,[CN] 所有人都需要复原他们自己 Succubus (1968)
What matters is that men might save themselves,... ..that the whole world might.[CN] 重要的是人们都拯救他们自己 那么整个世界可能就会得到拯救 Europe '51 (1952)
I thought I'd made it clear we're too near the enemy... for pilots to go swanning around on their own.[CN] 我想我已经明确说过 我们离敌人很近 不能让飞行员他们自己这样闲逛 Battle of Britain (1969)
China is going to be one country, not a group of weak provinces left to their own devices.[CN] 中国将成为一个国家... 不会再有一群... 遗弃他们自己部门的弱省。 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (1958)
Witches fly to their meetings and to rise into the air, they grease themselves with marrow and the fat of murdered innocents mixed with fresh blood from under the hearts of virgins.[CN] 女巫飞到她们开会的地方 然后升到空气中, 他们的油脂是用被他们自己谋杀的无辜者的骨髓和脂肪 混合着处女心脏流下的新鲜血液 Witchhammer (1970)
Since humanity had survived, it couldn't refuse to its own past the means of its own survival.[CN] 因为人类已经幸存下来了 所以他们不可能拒绝自己的过去 因为那意味着他们自己的幸存 La Jetée (1962)
They're not very bright bitches who should mind their own business![CN] 他们不是非常明亮的母狗 谁应该留意他们自己的生意! Rosemary's Baby (1968)
now retired from Congress and practicing law realized that the South would fight to mold the new and uncommitted territories to its own image.[CN] 从国会议员退休的林肯先生 现在正从事律师的工作... 他意识到南部将会抵抗... 并企图建立他们自己的疆土与形象 How the West Was Won (1962)
Most of them have tricks of their own.[CN] 他们大多数都有他们自己的小把戏 Shane (1953)
I didn't get to them, Julie, they got to themselves.[CN] I didn't get to them, Julie, they got to themselves. 不是我困扰他们,朱莉 是他们自己困扰自己 Strange Cargo (1940)
In another five minutes he's being covered over with the earth he dug out.[CN] 再过5分钟 他们就被埋在他们自己挖的坑里面了 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
And tell the ladies' garden club to mind its own business.[CN] 告诉他们自己管好自己的事情 A Face in the Crowd (1957)
Minding his own business.[CN] 忙他们自己的事儿 我认为 The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947)
You had to.[CN] 藉着一些他们自己男人。 你有到。 How I Won the War (1967)
They're a menace to themselves and us.[CN] 对他们自己对我们都会带来麻烦 Battle of Britain (1969)
They'll build that road themselves, if it'll take them to their hospital.[CN] 如果公路能通往 医院那里,他们自己 就会动手修 The Ugly American (1963)
- He's big enough. - And bloody daft enough.[CN] 这是他们自己的事... A Kind of Loving (1962)
I have a theory that nobody is responsible for their actions.[CN] 我认同没人愿意为他们自己的 行为负责任这种观点 One Hour with You (1932)
The daughters of the elders who had condemned her were themselves found murdered with every last drop of blood drained from their bodies.[CN] 将她定罪的长老们的女儿们 The daughters of the elders who had condemned her 被他们自己发现被谋杀 were themselves found murdered with every last drop of blood 血液流干而死 之后 drained from their bodies. The City of the Dead (1960)
They don't trust each other or themselves like they used to trust the Lord![CN] 他们不像过去他们相信上帝 一样相信彼此 或他们自己 Tammy and the Bachelor (1957)
You don't suppose they kept it for themselves, do you?[CN] 你全部留给了他们自己,是吗? Father Goose (1964)
I say, this is their mess. Let them take care of it.[CN] 我说 他们惹的麻烦让他们自己去解决 High Noon (1952)
They needed something to fix their hate on... so they'd stop fighting among themselves.[CN] 他们需要些什么来解决他们的仇恨 所以他们停止了他们自己打架 Away All Boats (1956)

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