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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
世人[せじん, sejin] (n) the people; the public; the world [Add to Longdo]
世人[とせいにん, toseinin] (n) gambler; yakuza; person without a legitimate job [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
世人[shì rén, ㄕˋ ㄖㄣˊ, ] (common) people [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
All we have sinned and falling short of the glory of God![CN] 世人皆有罪 辜负上帝给予的荣耀 The Tall Man (2012)
GUESS THEY'RE TELLING PEOPLE NOW.[CN] 他们在向世人宣布恋情 Secret of the Wings (2012)
People will talk when they hear... your daughter broke the school rules and is working at a cafe.[CN] 名门高中青叶台学园的大小姐违反校规 在饮食店打工 被世人知道了 肯定有好戏看了 For Love's Sake (2012)
But the world will never forgive him for this grave sin.[CN] 但世人不会原谅他的罪 OMG: Oh My God! (2012)
We're damned! We're all going to Hell.[CN] 世人皆被诅咒 The Tall Man (2012)
Dying's a scandal, but we all do it.[CN] 死亡也不光彩 但是世人难逃死亡 Cosmopolis (2012)
He says, "The world's gonna come looking for the Death stuff."[CN] 他说,"世人将会来寻找死亡乐队的音乐" A Band Called Death (2012)
The world will not remember what we said here.[CN] 世人不会记得 我在这里说什么。 Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012)
He's well-known around the world.[CN] 世人皆知哦 Thermae Romae (2012)
We're talking about a lifestyle that most people would call deviant.[CN] 我们谈论是一种生活方式 一种被世人视为不正常的生活方式 Any Day Now (2012)
It warns you're a dangerous man.[CN] 这将警告世人你是个危险的男人 It warns you're a dangerous man. Les Misérables (2012)
And into the arms of you, of all people?[CN] 转而投向你和世人的怀抱? The Raven (2012)
A dirty scandal![CN] 那是世人不能接受的 A Muse (2012)
And an offence to pride, to Christian humility and common sense itself.[JA] そしてキリスト教徒を卑下し 誇りを傷つけている これは 世人共通の認識である The Mill and the Cross (2011)
I was fooled and I think the world needs to know what kind of guy he is.[CN] 他玩弄了我 世人需要看清他的真面目 {\3cH202020}I was fooled and I think the world needs to know what kind of guy he is. The Blackout, Part 1: Tragedy Porn (2012)
; Want to make the world dance J ;[CN] 只想让世人共舞 Chronicle (2012)
You're at the threshold of salvation.[CN] 你站在救赎世人的门坎 OMG: Oh My God! (2012)
God so loved this world that He gave His only son.[CN] 神因深愛世人而賜與我們祂的獨子 Life of Pi (2012)
I will get it printed in the Times that you are cheating the people.[CN] 我要跟蘋果爆料說你欺騙世人 Vicky Donor (2012)
♪ The teachers and the doctors and the lawyers ♪[CN] *世人声称* Durant, Nebraska (2012)
No matter how reckless they may be, no one can conceal the Sun and the Moon from the people...[CN] 就算朝廷再怎麼愚昧 日月星辰之奧秘都應被世人所明察 Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer (2012)
This chamber has the opportunity to show worldwide[CN] 摄像机里的能告诉世人 HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami (2012)
The world thinks that some anti-government wacko did it.[CN] 世人都以为是反政府极端分子干的 Rogue (2012)
But bad things happen to good people and they still need to have their story told.[CN] 好人遭遇了不幸 他们的故事需要被世人所知 Sinister (2012)
I'm gonna take you out and show you off to the world.[CN] 讓我帶妳去展示給世人 The Hunger Games (2012)
I hear there is boast talk in the streets.[CN] 竟在街巷口 妄想提高世人氣燄 Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer (2012)
Moody, let's face it, I was put on this earth for a reason.[CN] Moody 直面现实吧 我降生到这个世界上是有缘由的 是来为世人指引方向的 Raw (2012)
He said the world's gonna come looking for this music one day.[CN] 他说有一天世人会来找这些音乐 A Band Called Death (2012)
You were advertising all through the trial, you were showing the world what you can do.[CN] 你是利用审讯宣传自己 给世人展现你的能耐 The Reichenbach Fall (2012)
..He is worshipped, prayed to.[CN] 该接受世人祈祷 OMG: Oh My God! (2012)
? before the world you know was like it is[CN] 你知道在世人面前 就像是 Love Bite (2012)
I think people need to know what kind of person he is.[CN] 我觉得世人需要看清他的真面目 {\3cH202020}I think people need to know what kind of person he is. The Blackout, Part 1: Tragedy Porn (2012)
♪ The people stood amazed[CN] *震惊世人* Durant, Nebraska (2012)
Hondonians and Earthlings[CN] 在世人和外来翁 The History of Future Folk (2012)
Write your wills, say your goodbyes. Tomorrow it's done.[CN] 写下你的心愿 向世人告别吧 一切已成定局 Superman vs. The Elite (2012)
Because He loves us.[CN] 因為神愛世人 Life of Pi (2012)
"There's enough in the world for everybodys need"[CN] 但世上之物足以满足世人所需 Four Horsemen (2012)
That takes stones, big people-loving stones.[CN] 那可是需要能力的 热爱世人的能力 A Good Shoot (2012)
You know what the world calls a person like you?[CN] 你知道世人怎样称呼你这种人 Liar Game: Reborn (2012)
He says, "One day the world's gonna come looking for this,[CN] 他说,"有一天世人会来寻找它 A Band Called Death (2012)
Unknown, alone, until one brief moment when the world found us.[CN] 無人知曉,自力更生,直到有一天... 世人發現我們 Big Miracle (2012)
One day, I'm telling you, there is going to be a plaque right up on that wall reminding everyone that this was the day we took our shot and we showed the world what the Hootkin 450 could do![CN] 未來那片牆,會有紀念碑刻著... 我們勇敢把握機會... 向世人證明這台無敵好用的那一天 Big Miracle (2012)
The Marsupilami is not in danger of extinction.[CN] 马苏比拉米从未出现在世人面前 HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami (2012)
All you have to know is that He loves us.[CN] 你只需要知道神愛世人 Life of Pi (2012)
The special city where Joseph brought Mary... to bring the Savior of the world.[CN] 特殊的城市, 约瑟把玛丽... 带给世人的救主。 Black Nativity (2013)
Soon, very soon, I shall be known.[CN] I shall be known. 很快,无需时日,我将为世人所知 Being Flynn (2012)
Yamato Calendar famous throughout the land.[CN] 從此廣受世人之推崇 Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer (2012)
I want to sacrifice my life to wake up the common people.[CN] 我愿意用我的血给世人提个醒 Guns and Roses (2012)
Why can't Earthlings and Hondonians just live together?[CN] 在翁多外国人和世人 这不就是我需要住在一起? The History of Future Folk (2012)
You want your theory to be accepted?[CN] 你要世人接受你的理论 Kon-Tiki (2012)

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