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Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
ดินดำ[n.] (dindam) EN: gunpowder ; explosive ammunition   FR: poudre [m] ; explosif [m]
ดินอีหรอบ[n. exp.] (din Īrop) EN: imported gunpowder   
ดินปืน[n. exp.] (dinpeūn) EN: gunpowder   FR: poudre à canon [f]
ดินประสิว[n.] (dinprasiū) EN: saltpeter ; potassium nitrate ; gunpowder   FR: salpêtre [m] ; poudre à canon [f] ; nitrate de potassium [m]
ดินระเบิด[n.] (dinraboēt) EN: explosive powder ; dynamite ; highly explosive gunpowder   FR: explosif [m] ; dynamite [f]
ดินสำลี[n.] (dinsamlī) EN: guncotton ; highly explosive gunpowder ; dynamite   
ฝนตกหนัก[n. exp.] (fontok nak) EN: heavy rain ; heavy rainfall ; downpour   FR: fortes pluies [fpl]
ข้าวกล้อง[n. exp.] (khāo klǿng) EN: brown rice ; milled rice imperfectly cleaned ; unpolished rice ; half milled rice ; husked rice   
ความอ้วนพี[n.] (khwām uanphī) FR: embonpoint [m]
ปากกระบอกปืน[n. exp.] (pāk krabøk peūn) EN: muzzle ; gun muzzle ; gunpoint   

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
特定非営利活動促進法[とくていひえいりかつどうそくしんほう, tokuteihieirikatsudousokushinhou] (n) (See NPO法) Law Concerning the Promotion of Specific Non-Profit Organization Activities (1998); the NPO Law [Add to Longdo]

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