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But underneath that narrative lies the psychology that drives you.[JA] でもその下には― 本性といえる 内面世界がある Cover (2015)
But ironically, it is your friend Mr. Lockhart who we have to thank.[CN] 那麽多年以来, 我一直致力於保护你, 使你免受外面世界的污染。 A Cure for Wellness (2016)
This is Slivko. Do you read?[CN] 我认为地下存在巨大的空间 与地面世界隔绝 但有一些通道 Kong: Skull Island (2017)
More than a year after it was first unveiled to industry insiders, the NeXT Computer is finally available in stores.[CN] 距NeXT電腦首次為業內人士所知已有一年多了 如今終於面世 Steve Jobs (2015)
They are learning that babies in utero... experience more of the outside world than they ever thought possible.[CN] 他们了解到子宫里的宝宝... 体验外面世界大大超出了他们的预计 Annabelle (2014)
Lissa felt more in danger here in your secure environment than on the outside as an anonymous teenager.[CN] 莉莎在你构建的防护圈中感觉更危险 与作为一个匿名青年生活在外面世界相比 Vampire Academy (2014)
Did the whole thing in two weeks and now it's ready to show the world![CN] 所有工作兩周搞定 現在就要面世 Bad Dad (2013)
When you applied to the FBI, we constructed psychological profiles of you... breakdowns of your mental strengths and emotional weaknesses.[JA] FBIに志願する者は― 内面世界を探られる 精神力と感情的 弱点の分析よ Cover (2015)
You have no idea what's been going on out there?[CN] 你不知道外面世界都发生了什么 The Great Escapist (2013)
- So, I know we didn't get off to the best start, but a couple of the rooms have just become available, and I nominated you both to get them.[CN] - 所以,我知道我们没有下车 以最好的开始, 但一对夫妇的房间有 刚刚面世, 和我都提名你 让他们。 Dead on Campus (2014)
♪ I'm gonna take it to the world outside ♪[CN] 我要把它 到外面世 Don Peyote (2014)
The world awaits you, Suzanne.[CN] 素珊,外面世界正在等妳 The Nun (2013)

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