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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[露, lù, ㄌㄨˋ] dew; leak; bare, exposed; to reveal, to show
Radical: Decomposition: 雨 (yǔ ㄩˇ)  路 (lù ㄌㄨˋ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] rain,  Rank: 841

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[ロ;ろ, ro ; ro] (adv,n) dew; (P) [Add to Longdo]
[ロ;ろ, ro ; ro] (n) (abbr) (See 西亜) Russia [Add to Longdo]
;わ(io);顕[あらわ, arawa] (adj-na) (1) exposed; scanty; bare; unconcealed; naked; (2) public; open [Add to Longdo]
に;わに[あらわに, arawani] (adv) (uk) openly; publicly; frankly; expressly; overtly [Add to Longdo]
にする;わにする[あらわにする, arawanisuru] (exp,vs-i) to lay bare; to expose; to reveal [Add to Longdo]
に濡れた[つゆにぬれた, tsuyuninureta] (adj-f) wet with dew; dewy [Add to Longdo]
の間[つゆのま, tsuyunoma] (adj-na) instant [Add to Longdo]
の宿[つゆのやど, tsuyunoyado] (n) (arch) house covered with dew; place covered with dew [Add to Longdo]
の宿り[つゆのやどり, tsuyunoyadori] (n) (arch) house covered with dew; place covered with dew [Add to Longdo]
の命[つゆのいのち, tsuyunoinochi] (n) life as evanescent as the dew [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[lòu, ㄌㄡˋ, ] to show; to reveal; to betray; to expose, #3,332 [Add to Longdo]
[lù, ㄌㄨˋ, ] dew; syrup; nectar; outdoors (not under cover); to show; to reveal; to betray; to expose, #3,332 [Add to Longdo]
[lù chū, ㄌㄨˋ ㄔㄨ, ] to expose; to show; also pronounced lou4 chu1, #4,176 [Add to Longdo]
[lòu miàn, ㄌㄡˋ ㄇㄧㄢˋ, ] to show one's face; to appear (in public), #12,105 [Add to Longdo]
[lù tiān, ㄌㄨˋ ㄊㄧㄢ, ] outdoors; al fresco; in the open, #12,171 [Add to Longdo]
[lòu liǎn, ㄌㄡˋ ㄌㄧㄢˇ, / ] to show one's face; to make one's good name; to become successful and well known; to shine, #26,566 [Add to Longdo]
宿[lù sù, ㄌㄨˋ ㄙㄨˋ, 宿] to sleep outdoors; to spend the night in the open, #35,705 [Add to Longdo]
[lù diǎn, ㄌㄨˋ ㄉㄧㄢˇ, / ] dew point, #38,181 [Add to Longdo]
[lù yíng, ㄌㄨˋ ˊ, / ] camp, #38,564 [Add to Longdo]
[lù shuǐ, ㄌㄨˋ ㄕㄨㄟˇ, ] dew; fig. short-lasting; ephemeral, #39,959 [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
You ought to have come to my wedding reception earlier.あなたは私の結婚披宴にもっと早く来るべきだったのに。
The dew fell this morning.けさはがおりた。
The outdoor spa at this hot-spring is wonderful.この旅館は天風呂がすばらしいのよ。 [F]
The dew has fallen on the lawn.しばふにが降りている。
Such secrets are always eventually revealed.そのような内緒事はいつも結局は暴される。
The magazine disclosed his family jewels.その雑誌は彼の恥ずべき秘密を暴しましたね。
The hut kept the rain and dew out after a fashion.その小屋はどうにか雨をしのげた。
The political scandal was brought to light by two journalists.その政治スキャンダルは2人のジャーナリストによって暴された。
Now you've given yourself away.ついに正体を暴したな。
His confusion betrayed his lie.ろうばいしたため、彼のうそが暴された。
Murder will out. [Proverb]悪事は必ず見する。
We should lay on a second coat of paint for better protection against the weather.を十分しのげるように、ペンキを二回塗るべきだ。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
If the main issue is Franny's exposure to Mr. Quinn, that problem has been resolved.[JA] もし主な問題がクイン氏への フラニーの暴であるなら 問題は解決しています Imminent Risk (2017)
If I'm with him, he's sure to remember all kinds of bad things.[CN] 否则他就不会出那种表情了 Emotions (2017)
He rarely comes out as Hugo now.[CN] 出了你的欲望"  ()
Now, I'm sure a lot of you have heard about a certain senator who, it was revealed, has been involved in some very unsavory business.[JA] もう、あなた方の多くが聞いていると思う 暴された特定の上院議員について、 非常に不愉快なビジネスに関わっていた。 The Circle (2017)
She just told everyone your deepest, darkest secret![JA] 君の秘密が暴された Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
You'd rather die than expose your country's crimes?[JA] あなたはむしろ死ぬだろう あなたの国の犯罪を暴する? 11:00 p.m.-12:00 p.m. (2017)
I might even play you my song. Whoa! It's been a long time coming.[JA] 今日こそは 自作の歌を披しよう Feed (2017)
He never tried anything, didn't try to touch me, didn't play with it, he just whipped it out and let it hang the whole dinner... the whole lunch.[JA] それも触らなかった 取り出して 昼食中ずっと出よ After Porn Ends 2 (2017)
Minami Shirakawa.[CN] 她即使到最后一刻 也一定没有出这种悲惨的表情 Emotions (2017)
Rachel, come on, our schedules are crazy right now.[CN] 我更多时间是在想 谁在向布莱顿透内部信息 而不是在想 Divide and Conquer (2017)
- Thanks, Nathan.[CN] 要么你打赢案子 我们得利 要么你事情败被抓 Brooklyn Housing (2017)
We were living together, we had a practice together.[CN] 我是绝对不会向他透这些事的 我向你保证 Brooklyn Housing (2017)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[ろ, ro] -Tau [Add to Longdo]
[ろ, ro] OFFEN, ENTBLOESST [Add to Longdo]
[ろしゅつ, roshutsu] Entbloessung, Belichtung [Add to Longdo]
出症[ろしゅつしょう, roshutsushou] Exhibitionismus [Add to Longdo]
[ろてい, rotei] Enthuellung, Aufdeckung [Add to Longdo]
[ろてん, roten] -Bude [Add to Longdo]
[ろけん, roken] Entdeckung, Aufdeckung, Enthuellung [Add to Longdo]
[ろけん, roken] Entdeckung, Aufdeckung, Enthuellung [Add to Longdo]

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