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Think we solved the battery mystery.[JA] 電池の謎が解けた The Watch (2012)
- Yeah, you want to explain empty boxes of nine-volt batteries and these?[JA] - 9V電池の空き箱と これが何か説明してちょうだい? Krieg Nicht Lieb (2014)
When the... the fuel cells go dead?[JA] 電池の"寿命"が尽きる? ARQ (2016)
Like that bunny on TV with the battery, I just keep going and going and going.[JA] 電池の切れない人形のように 俺はひたすら前へと進む Jersey Boys (2014)
The policeman took your battery.[JA] 奪われた電池のことだが Automata (2014)
We should turn it off to save power. No.[JA] - これはオフにして電池の節約だ Swiss Army Man (2016)
This thing right here is connected, like some kind of massive accumulator. It's, uh...[JA] こいつは巨大な蓄電池の 一種につながっている Search and Recover (2013)
Batteries must be running down.[JA] 電池の消耗だろう And Then There Were None (1945)
So you put solid oxide fuel cells into the belt?[JA] 燃料電池の場所はベルトだね? All Star Team Up (2015)
I want you to locate the batteries and perform a level 3 gift-wrap incision.[JA] 電池の場所を確認し―― 3段階の包装突破を 実行してくれ Arthur Christmas (2011)
But I don't see your battery backup.[JA] でも 電池の バックアップが見つからない RAM (2014)
Looking at the grid patterns, it's something in the neighborhood of solar paneling or communications paneling.[JA] 格子図形から見て 太陽電池のパネル材の近くにある物で 通信のパネル材だ Battleship (2012)

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