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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
鈍器[どんき, donki] (n) blunt weapon; (P) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
As my colleague is fond of remarking, this country sometimes needs a blunt instrument.[JA] 私の同僚がよく言うように この国には時々 鈍器が必要ですが His Last Vow (2014)
Okay, C.O.D. is multiple craniocerebral injuries due to the blunt force trauma to the head.[CN] 死因是鈍器作用於頭部 所造成的多重顱腦損傷 Killer Moves (2014)
All right, everyone. Multiple blunt trauma protocol. - Let's go.[CN] 好了 傷者多處鈍器外傷 動作都快點 Song Beneath the Song (2011)
Trajectory indicates blunt force.[JA] 鈍器だろう Gone Girl (2014)
There's some serious blunt force trauma to the back of her head as well.[CN] 鈍器所傷之處 直到她的後腦勺 Bloodhounds (2011)
Intracerebral hemorrhage from blunt-force trauma is what bounced him from this mortal coil.[CN] 鈍器傷造成的腦內出血 才是讓他一命嗚呼的元凶 Helpless (2013)
Forensics lists cause of death as blunt force trauma.[JA] 検死の結果鈍器による損傷 The Accountant (2016)
The blunt force trauma that killed Doug says that she has serious violence issues.[CN] 殺死Doug的鈍器傷 說明她有嚴重的暴力問題 Gabby (2014)
the cross-shaped fractures indicative of someone that was struck from the left with a hard-shaped object.[JA] 十字型の骨折は 左から鈍器で叩かれてます 左利きの男と争ったのか? The Carrot in the Kudzu (2014)
But according to the injuries, our victim was beaten by a right-handed man wielding a blunt force weapon.[JA] 怪我からすると 鈍器で右利きの男性に 殴られてるようですが The Repo Man in the Septic Tank (2014)
Looks like she died from blunt-force trauma to the head, and then she got stuffed in the machine to wash away any physical evidence.[JA] 頭部の鈍器による傷が死因らしいが 物的証拠を洗い流すために 洗濯機に入れられてた Dirty Laundry (2013)
"C.O.D.: massive blunt force trauma consistent with high speed impact."[CN] 死亡原因 高速撞擊導致嚴重鈍器損傷 Boston Brakes (2014)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
鈍器[どんき, donki] stumpfer (als Waffe benutzter), Gegenstand [Add to Longdo]

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