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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
起毛[きもう, kimou] (n) nap raising [Add to Longdo]
起毛[きもうきん, kimoukin] (n) (obsc) (See 立毛筋) erector pili (muscle fiber attached to a hair follicle); erectores pilorum [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
起毛[qǐ máo, ㄑㄧˇ ㄇㄠˊ, ] fluff; lint; to feel nervous [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
There was this wool carder who used to come around once or twice a year... to fix the mattresses.[CN] 有这么一个起毛工人一年 总会过来一两次 来修理床垫 What Time Is It? (1989)
Next day, while walking past the wool carder's shop... in Via Contevete... the shop shutter was down and there was a sign:[CN] 第二天,当我们经过那个 起毛工人的店铺时 就在Contevete路 店铺的百叶窗拉了下来, 上面挂了个牌子: What Time Is It? (1989)
When I was angry or upset, my fur would bristle, and I would turn into a wolf.[CN] 据说我生气闹别扭时 就会竖起毛 变成狼的样子 Wolf Children (2012)
These are... they're starting to pill...[CN] 开始起毛球了... Never Forever (2007)
She has her eccentricities, but she didn't exactly have it easy raising Ralph by herself.[CN] 她有她的怪癖, 但她并没有完全拥有它 不易起毛拉尔夫自己。 Imogene (2012)
This'll put hairs on your chest.[CN] 喝下这杯烈酒吧,包让你胸部也长起毛 Down with Love (2003)
And you concentrate on your job, fluffing pillows and changing bedpans.[CN] 和你专心 你的工作, 起毛枕头和 更换便盆。 Battledogs (2013)
he lifted the towel.[CN] 他拿起毛 Being Julia (2004)
I WAS FLUFFING IT FOR YOU.[CN] 我被它起毛 为您服务。 Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)
Okay, Fluff. It's time.[CN] 好了, Fluff(起毛的), 时间到了 Monster Mutt (2011)
Uh, so he grabbed this towel and he, you know...[CN] 然后他抓起毛巾 就擦 VIP Treatment (2010)
"he lifted the towel.[CN] 他拿起毛 Being Julia (2004)

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