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ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I want to talk to your commanding officer![JA] 指揮官と話がしたいんだ Source Code (2011)
No, I would not Ike to leave a message. I would Ike to talk to hm.[JA] じゃなくて 話がしたいんだ Any Day Now (2012)
I really need to talk to Alyssa.[JA] どうしてもアリッサと話がしたいんだ Life as a House (2001)
Just wait, David! Don't go! I gotta talk to ya![JA] 待てよ 話がしたいんだ Jumper (2008)
I still don't understand why you want to speak with me.[JA] なぜ あなた達は 私と話がしたいんだ? 令状があるんです グーラさん Lesser Evils (2012)
- You wanna talk about the rain again, we...[JA] - お前はまた雨の話がしたいんだろ、俺ら... Rescue Dawn (2006)
I need to talk to you, please. May I?[JA] あなたと話がしたいんだけど いいかしら? Red is the New Black (2012)
You wanna talk about it, or you just gonna act weird?[JA] 話がしたいんだけど さっきの事について My Bad (2010)
I'd like to speak to The Prohet for a minute.[JA] 預言者と少し話がしたいんだが... Surrogates (2009)
I want to talk to him.[JA] 彼と話がしたいんだ. Source Code (2011)
I need to speak with you.[JA] - 話がしたいんだ The Augments (2004)
Susan, did you wanna talk now?[JA] スーザン 話がしたいんだったね? Always Bet on Red (2012)

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