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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
观察哨[guān chá shào, ㄍㄨㄢ ㄔㄚˊ ㄕㄠˋ, / ] sentry post [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Rabenbush Forest, where French units commanded by Lt. Andre Poiret destroyed enemy observation posts.[CN] 此处法军由安德烈・普瓦雷中将指挥 摧毁了敌人的观察哨 Submission (1976)
- Yes, with the perimeter observers.[CN] 复核了,长官, 外围观察哨复核的. The Desert Rats (1953)
Fifteen men crossing a river to capture prisoners from a German post.[CN] 带15个人去河对面的德国人的观察哨抓人 The Last Patrol (2001)
The commander is in the comment rank.[CN] (伊万·奇斯佳科夫 近卫第6集团军司令 苏联英雄) 指挥官坐在观察哨里, Red Star: The Soviet Union - 1941-1943 (1974)
Sir, I think they have an OP dug in on this first rise.[CN] 长官,我认为他们得先挖好炮兵观察哨掩体, 然后才会发起首轮攻击. The Desert Rats (1953)
Our spotters say you got two with that blast.[CN] 观察哨说,爆炸干掉两个 Die Hard (1988)
Griggs, you and Varrick are gonna set up an observation post here. Henick and Ditko, you go here.[CN] 爽快 你和Varrick要在这里搭设个观察哨 The Eye of Jupiter (2006)
One day at the observation point, and let the thankful civilians have some rest from you.[CN] 到观察哨执勤一天 居民对您感激够了 The Star (2002)
Perched high above the valley, an observation post here could see everything that moved for miles around.[CN] 被高高置于山谷之上, 这里的一个观察哨能看到 方圆几英里移动的一切东西 Tough Old Gut: Italy - November 1942-June 1944 (1974)
"Maneuvering watch is set, line handlers are topside."[CN] 机动观察哨已经设置,航线操控手已经就位 Phantom (2013)
I stayed at an observation post on the Rhine watching the Germans washing, playing football, and I said to the sentry,[CN] 我待在莱茵河上的一个观察哨 观看德国人洗衣服,踢足球, 我对哨兵说, France Falls: May-June 1940 (1973)
Okay, he wants us to set up forward observation posts hardwired back to base for communications.[CN] 好的 他想让我们去 设置个前方观察哨 The Eye of Jupiter (2006)

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