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蚀刻[shí kè, ㄕˊ ㄎㄜˋ, / ] etch; engraving [Add to Longdo]

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These etchings are thousands of years old and they reveal a fertile grassland,[CN] 这些蚀刻画已经有了上千年的历史 向我们展现了当时肥沃的草原上 Sand, Wind and Stars (2013)
ID numbers are etched at a depth between five and seven microns.[CN] 序列号蚀刻在5到7微米之间 The Ice Man Job (2009)
Oh, I see you bought some new etchings for your collection. God![CN] 你的藏品里又加了一幅蚀刻版画啊 天哪 Episode #1.1 (2014)
There's chemical etching, which is the most common, going back to metallurgical examinations in which etching solutions were applied to cross sections of metal.[CN] 有化学侵蚀方法 这是最常见的 通过把蚀刻溶液 涂抹在金属截面上 Chasing Ghosts (2014)
NARRATOR: Much of the Zuni people's history is etched in the rocks in the New Mexico desert.[CN] 许多苏尼历史都被蚀刻在了 The Visitors (2010)
Tell me about the etchings at the end of the book.[CN] 最后请告诉我关于这本书的 蚀刻版画 The Valdemar Legacy II: The Forbidden Shadow (2010)
Using nanoblation, the UV laser pulses irradiate the etching.[CN] 利用纳米技术让UV激光波照在蚀刻 The Ice Man Job (2009)
Like a Rembrandt etching. And it is so much quicker.[CN] 就像林布兰的蚀刻画 而这快多了 Brazil (1985)
- It's an Etch A Sketch.[CN] -它是蚀刻一个草图。 What Love Is (2007)
With the receding of the waters, erosion sculpted the rock into an elaborate graveyard, a labyrinth of 1,500 islands of fossilised plankton.[CN] 海水消退后 被水蚀刻的岩石形成错综复杂的墓地 1500座化石构成的岛屿犹如迷宫一般 Planet Ocean (2012)
-The Etch A Sketch is from you?[CN] -蚀刻艺术是你们送的? The One with Mrs. Bing (1995)
For the first time, we're putting cameras into space and looking down on the Earth, allowing us to discover places and things we've never seen.[CN] 你们每个人的名字都会 跟之前伟大的超凡战队一起蚀刻 Kong: Skull Island (2017)

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