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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
营利[yíng lì, ˊ ㄌㄧˋ, / ] for profit; seek profit [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Was taken by a non-profit internet archival service.[CN] 这是有关一个非营利性 互联网归档服务。 Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013)
You turned down a six-figure salary at Google to start your own non-profit.[CN] 你拒绝了谷歌六位数的薪水 建立自己的非营利组织 Chapter 3 (2013)
My bank account was suddenly signed up for a recurring automatic donation to the nonprofit called "The American Cancer Coalition Fund."[CN] 我的银行账户忽然开始 自动循环捐款给一家非营利组织 名叫"美国癌症基金" The Perfect Mark (2013)
Well, it's just that I have a friend who works in non-profit and he tells me all the time how hard it is raising money and flaky donors bowing out all the time.[CN] 是这样,我正好有个朋友也在什么非营利机构里工作 他告诉我总是很难筹款,而且那些古怪的资助者总是出问题 Wine and Bear (2013)
I'd be willing the wager that Hayden's name is on that nonprofit.[CN] 我赌海登的名字肯定在那家非营利组织中 The Perfect Mark (2013)
He's going from nonprofit to government to have people kiss his ass.[CN] 他从非营利组转投到政府 唯一原因 Before Midnight (2013)
What if project "get Wells soon" was a legitimate nonprofit?[CN] 如果项目"获得威尔斯很快" 是一个合法的非营利 Believe Me (2014)
I have this idea to start like a nonprofit clothing line.[CN] 我现在要启动线 服装的非营利组织 House Party: Tonight's the Night (2013)
- If we create a non-profit society, we can reap the tax benefits of said society.[CN] - 如果我们创建 一个非营利性的社会, 我们就可以收获了税收优惠 说社会。 Are You Here (2013)
What organization is that exactly?[CN] 有个非营利组织要给她超屌的工作 She's already got this awesome job lined up at this non -profit. Why Him? (2016)
The opera is not conducted like any ordinary business.[CN] 迪斯先生,歌剧院 和一般的营利事业不同 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
The non-profit sector, are they able to meet the increased demand when you have a great recession?[CN] 非营利部门, 是他们能够 以满足增加的需求 当你有一个伟大的经济衰退? American Winter (2013)

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