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ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Get--[CN] 获取 - Megan Is Missing (2011)
You can take but you must give back![CN] 你可以获取 但也得有所贡献 The Code (2001)
He can't even gain the trust of those he helped[CN] 革离甚至不能获取 他想要拯救的人的信任 Battle of the Warriors (2006)
It can be studied on this electronic diagram which rotates to afford an overall view, or can be stopped at any section.[CN] 这可以从 这个电子图表中获取 它可以让你一览全局 也可以着重某一方面 The Andromeda Strain (1971)
Learning that information and getting a visual I.D. Of "The Man" is our top priority.[CN] 首要事是解开和获取 那人的可视I. D The Coup (2002)
What are you laughing at?[CN] 无论是付出还是获取 都不够 Scenes from a Marriage (1973)
Suitable casings are canisters, fire extinguishers, or a tightly sealed pressure cooker.[CN] ...要去各大连锁超市获取 可以用作填充容器的东西有: What to Do in Case of Fire (2001)
I believe there is much about KARR to which I don't have access.[CN] 我相信还有更多Karr的信息 可我不能获取 我们没有太多时间了 Knight of the Living Dead (2008)
So whoever told me about getting Medicaid in one day was bullshitting me?[CN] 所以,谁告诉我有关获取 医疗补助在一天内被bullshitting我吗? Gridlock'd (1997)
You know that crap about getting Medicaid the same day?[CN] 你知道吗,废话有关获取 医疗补助在同一天? Gridlock'd (1997)
Get-- Get--get out.[CN] 获取 - 获取 - 脱身。 Eyeborgs (2009)
I used the opportunity to learn where the U.S. government kept its stash of Rambaldi artifacts.[CN] 并利用那个机会来获取 美国政府隐匿兰巴迪装置的地点 The Telling (2003)

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