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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[胎, tāi, ㄊㄞ] embryo, fetus; car tire
Radical: Decomposition: 台 (tái ㄊㄞˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] flesh

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[たい;はら, tai ; hara] (n) womb [Add to Longdo]
[たいきょう, taikyou] (n) prenatal care; antenatal training [Add to Longdo]
児(P);[たいじ, taiji] (n,adj-no) embryo; fetus; foetus; (P) [Add to Longdo]
児死亡[たいじしぼう, taijishibou] (n) fetal death (foetal); embryonic demise [Add to Longdo]
児性別の判定法[たいじせいべつのはんていほう, taijiseibetsunohanteihou] (n) determination of a child's sex before birth (e.g. by ultrasound) [Add to Longdo]
児切迫仮死[たいじせっぱくかし, taijiseppakukashi] (n) fetal death due to distress [Add to Longdo]
児認知[たいじにんち, taijininchi] (n) recognition of an unborn child (for the purposes of claiming nationality) [Add to Longdo]
[たいせい, taisei] (n) (1) viparity; (adj-no) (2) viviparous; zoogonous; live-bearing [Add to Longdo]
生学[たいせいがく, taiseigaku] (n) (See 発生学) embryology [Add to Longdo]
生動物[たいせいどうぶつ, taiseidoubutsu] (n) viviparous animal [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[tāi, ㄊㄞ, ] fetus; litter; tire (of a wheel); abbr. of 輪|轮 [Add to Longdo]
[tāi ér, ㄊㄞ ㄦˊ, / ] the unborn child; fetus; embryo [Add to Longdo]
[tāi pán, ㄊㄞ ㄆㄢˊ, / ] placenta [Add to Longdo]
[tāi miàn, ㄊㄞ ㄇㄧㄢˋ, ] surface of tire; tread (of tire) [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
Surely he can not enter a second time into his mother's womb to be born!もう一度、母のに入って生れる事が出来ましょうか。
My baby kicks very hard.動が激しいです。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Today I had to get up at 5:00, make lunches, make breakfast, drop the twins off at school, and get across town lugging a baby and a sick child.[CN] 今天我不得不5點起床 做中飯, 做早飯, 送雙胞上學 拖著一個生病的孩子和一個嬰兒穿越城市 Every Day a Little Death (2005)
It's a separation of the placenta from uterus.[JA] 盤と子宮が剥がれ掛けていた。 Go Getters (2016)
You friggin' abortions![JA] くそったれな堕の時間だ! The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)
He was born with severe fetal alcohol syndrome.[CN] 他天生患有严重的儿醇中毒综合症 (母亲怀孕时大量饮酒的结果 会造成孩子心理和生理缺陷) Death Be Not Proud (2005)
Subjecting a fetus to zero gravity during its entire gestation...[JA] 児は無重力の中にいる... The Space Between Us (2017)
Then the embryos they were carrying took the infection as well...[JA] それから児に 感染が及んだ The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)
Let's not appear as fucking triplets, huh?[CN] 咱们别走得跟个三胞似的,嗯? Something Very Expensive (2005)
You're being ridiculous. Know what? The twins are gonna need braces.[CN] 你有点反应过度了 知道双胞 I Wish I Could Forget You (2005)
"She was very beautiful, "the most beautiful and kind and clever and amazing woman in all the world. "One day, she was walking in a forest[JA] 「彼女は世界で最も美しく 優しく賢い女性でした」 「ある日のこと彼女が森に散歩に行くと 突然彼女は怪物に襲われてしまいました」 「怪物はいまいましい堕をして 彼女を食べたかったのです」 The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)
Of course, we are. Are we the same, dammit?[CN] 我们当然不一样 又不是双胞,靠! The Unforgiven (2005)
Rise and shine, you friggin' abortions. Let's go.[JA] 体を起こせ、いまいましい堕だ さぁ行くぞ! The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)
Through the placenta.[JA] 盤を通してね The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[たいじ, taiji] Embryo, Foetus [Add to Longdo]
[たいどう, taidou] Kindesbewegung (im Mutterleib) [Add to Longdo]
[たいばん, taiban] Mutterkuchen, Plazenta [Add to Longdo]

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