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纸醉金迷[zhǐ zuì jīn mí, ㄓˇ ㄗㄨㄟˋ ㄐㄧㄣ ㄇㄧˊ, / ] lit. dazzling with paper and gold (成语 saw); fig. indulging in a life of luxury [Add to Longdo]

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But I'm just wondering if you could do as good work in the midst of all that hullabaloo... as you could if you stayed here.[CN] 但我不知道在纸醉金迷的生活中 你是否能安心创作 还不如留下来 Design for Living (1933)
But I wandered through my playing cards[CN] 但我却迷失于纸醉金迷 New York Stories (1989)
Moon-Lit Chamber was such a luxurious and decadent[CN] 得月楼可真是个纸醉金迷的地方 Peony Pavilion (2001)
I was an attorney in LA livin' life in the fast lane, and...[CN] 我是洛杉矶的律师 过着纸醉金迷的生活 Cars (2006)
What a life of luxury.[CN] 纸醉金迷 Peony Pavilion (2001)
Oh, an endless bevy of bodacious apple-bottomed booty, a lifetime of debauchery.[CN] 数不尽的翘臀小妞 一辈子纸醉金迷 The Revenant (2009)
- # Stay out is all you need to # - # All you need #[CN] # 你只愿纸醉金迷 我们走 # Spread (2009)
Go with him in his top hat and fancy pants and silly name in lights... and good luck to both of you![CN] 走啊 跟他去过纸醉金迷的上流生活吧 祝你们幸福! Design for Living (1933)
When you drop your Escalade For the drop top lced out, rocks hot Droppin' dollars, ladies holler Hey, gotta get that cream You know you got it made When they send in a parade[CN] [貌似大意是说的纸醉金迷的生活,伊恩叔叔的恶心歌,偶就是不翻] 哦,不是吧,你应该还有张票卖 Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)
In the midst of all this pomp and glitter...[CN] 在纸醉金迷的生活中 Design for Living (1933)
4. Fancy Money[CN] [4、纸醉金迷] Tazza: The High Rollers (2006)
They issued me carte blanche to freely dispose of the gold with which I prodigiously indulged my immoralities.[CN] 他们放任我挥金如土 过着纸醉金迷的生活 Mysteries of Lisbon (2010)

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