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粒子物理[lì zǐ wù lǐ, ㄌㄧˋ ㄗˇ ˋ ㄌㄧˇ, ] particle physics [Add to Longdo]

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Now suddenly the particle physicists discovered they'd been studying the wrong thing.[CN] 现在粒子物理学家们突然发现自己在研究是错误的东西. Parallel Universes (2002)
I've been published in journals I received a dissertation-of-the-year award for experimental particle physics.[CN] 我的论文上过同行评鉴期刊 我得过实验粒子物理学年度论文奖 The Benefactor Factor (2011)
I was but a lad, my head filled with dreams of particle physics and candy sweet candy.[CN] 那时我还小 脑子里只有粒子物理学和糖果 甜甜的糖果 Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space (2009)
Professor Rothman urinated in the particle physics wab again, so we're going to move up his wetirement party.[CN] 莱曼教授又在粒子物理实验"司"撒尿了 Professor Rothman urinated in the particle physics wab again, 我们要把他的"腿休"派对提前 so we're going to move up his wetirement party. The Beta Test Initiation (2012)
Ryan Arrow, magna cum laude, Stanford. Ph. D., particle physics, MIT.[CN] 于麻省理工学院取得粒子物理学博士学位 于加州理工学院取得电气工程学博士学位 Knight Fever (2008)
He's highly efficient in computing equipment and particle-physics simulation.[JA] 高度な技術を 最先端のコンピュータや 素粒子物理学のシミュレーション に関して持っている A561984 (2009)
Well, you know, we all see impostors now and then but not posing as subatomic physicists.[JA] ま、あれだ、俺たちはずっと 詐欺師を見てるんだ、今もこれからも 素粒子物理学者の振りはしていないが A Scanner Darkly (2006)
- 'It'. The God particle.[CN] - "它",上帝粒子(粒子物理学的"圣杯"――希格斯玻色子)。 The Big Bang (2010)
Here we have a highly gifted researcher in the field of particle physics whose work has brought him to the precipice of forever changing mankind's understanding of the universe.[CN] 站在这儿的是一位天赋异禀的 粒子物理学的研究者 他的研究使他完善了 人们对宇宙时刻在变的认知 The Large Hadron Collision (2010)
There are two kinds of particle physicists:[CN] 有两种 :粒子物理学家 Particle Fever (2013)
Yes. I am also a particle physicist.[CN] 是,我还是粒子物理学家 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)
He's a research assistant in the particle physics lab, but he also minored in theater at MIT.[CN] 他是粒子物理學實驗室助理研究員 而且 還在麻省理工副修戲劇系 The Loobenfeld Decay (2008)

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