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So, what, he had these drawn up and then when he didn't need them, he saved them, just in case?[CN] Vachs先生及其置业周围方圆45米范围内 你们都不可以靠近 禁制令即时生效 Worth Several Cities (2016)
"No girls allowed"- type deals.[JA] "女人禁制" タイプだ Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)
I find that amusing... since it was Marcus Aurelius, the wise... the all-knowing Marcus Aurelius, that closed us down.[JA] 皮肉な話だ グラディエーター闘技を ローマで禁制にしたのは そのアウレリウス皇帝なのに Gladiator (2000)
Paul modified his behavior in response to the restraining order.[CN] Paul在收到禁制令后就改变了他的举止 Manhunt (2014)
Identify yourself now.[CN] 解除禁制 The Thinning (2016)
Find and clear. Burn all contraband.[JA] 禁制品を探し出して燃やせ The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)
Is it Tabu perfume?[JA] 禁制の香水かしら? Unholy Night (2012)
After the restraining order was put in place, there was very little contact with Paul, but there are a couple of recent entries where she states that she feels like she's being watched, but she wasn't sure it was Paul.[CN] 在禁制令发出之后 她跟Paul之间就基本没有接触了 但最近有几次她写到 Manhunt (2014)
I filed the report and got a restraining order.[CN] 我既提交了报告 又拿到了禁制 Love Is a Battlefield (2014)
Since the new embargo, he's been shopping for a new weapons supplier.[JA] 禁制以来 新規の 武器供給源を探してる 6 Bullets (2012)
I'm not lying. The woman filed a restraining order against me.[CN] 我没有撒谎 那女人对我下了禁制 Love Is a Battlefield (2014)
We obtained a restraining order against her ex-husband, and he was being a good boy until last night.[CN] 我们申请了对她前夫的禁制令 一直到昨天晚上为止 他的表现都挺好的 Love Is a Battlefield (2014)

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